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If she DOES leave it like that I hope she at least locks her icons in place lol

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Jesus Christ what an wallpaper o_0

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More like:

Who doesn't want this Wallpaper

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Always a big fan of lewd mini chapters, these last two have been great good job kishi!

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And here, wet have the triumphant return of Nao

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Mecha ?

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And a powerful ally, they are.

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Is it just me, or is this series getting kind of ... dumb?

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What in the Valkyrie Drive???

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Is it just me, or is this series getting kind of ... dumb?

The mini chapters are goofy extras that dig into characters that are often minor supporting characters in the main story, but also, this particular story is about Midori intentionally fucking with Hibiki's expectations, as friends do, so of course it's stupid. That's the point, and it's why Hibiki gets pissed off.

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I'll say this for the manga club- they're very creative, if nothing else. Anthropomorphizing getting old? Why not do it backwards? xD

But seriously. It takes a certain amount of imagination to even conceive the ideas for some of the things those girls have drawn. Up to and including the literal anthropomorphization of a metaphor for a meeting. And that's not even touching on Shizuka, who somehow accurately called the it. I mean, you can't really understand crazy if you're not a little crazy yourself, right? But somehow that tracks for her xD

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i've always found those series where one person transforms into a weapon for the other to use unsettling. like, sure objectification is bad but man, the idea of literal objectification is kinda horrifying to me

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Fingering the trigger..

Marion Diabolito
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Hibiki is Midoriri's Shizuka.

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I see Mio has her hands full these days.

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This pairing really is in stratosphere now. The other hopefuls in the series have a lot of catching up to do :P

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Man, when a character in this manga tops, they REALLY top.

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And to think, in the early chapters Shizuka used to brag about going commando.

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Man, when a character in this manga tops, they REALLY top.

Shizukas' on top , MIO is THE TOP

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This chapter is absolutely the sweetest and romantic in all 300 and some!

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The headline says The Ideal GIRfriend, btw

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Oh boy, a Mio x Shizuka chapter. Tissues at the ready everyone!

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I don't think it's so much of a virgin's empire for these two anymore :smirk:

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