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So wait, then the OG Ouka was the idol in the third chapter all along? Because the dude in the train called her the same as the idol and they look similar...
Now I also think that the trans person is just another version of Chihaya that exists in Oukas mind. That's why they can also travel between levels (I think that was already theorized before)

Last chapter felt kinda rushed, but oh well
I think too the characters got what they wanted in the end, even though it's still a twisted end.

joined Dec 13, 2018

Jesus Christ. It all finally makes sense, but hell, what a tragedy.

joined Dec 30, 2017

I honestly want this as an anime. Tough, I don't think that will happen...

joined Jan 30, 2013

So everyone was the same person,, or am I missing something

joined Aug 21, 2017

Man, I was thinking "How is Sayman gonna body me this time?" and by god, he did with that twist ending. Absolutely brutal

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So everyone was the same person,, or am I missing something

Everyone was a construct in Ouka's head, and the real Ouka was in fact the idol Kareha that popped up in various chapters (hence why the true Ouka in the final chapter referred to herself as an NPC who got to occasionally see her constructed Chihaya and Ouka interacting)

Merrick is the personification of the true Ouka's subconscious, both constructing the various worlds to support her fantasy, while subtly pushing Chihaya to the true solution.

The trans lady is likely another incarnation of Merrick, one who may have "gone rogue" compared to the other Merricks. My reasoning for this is that Merrick is usually referred to as male through most of the story (though that may be a translation thing) but the final Merrick we see when Ouka returns to the train is a woman.

joined Apr 11, 2016

... holy shit, that was intense and a whole new level of fucked up.

joined May 2, 2019

Maybe I'm just not used to these inception style plots, but that ending leaves me scratching my head. Not even sure WHAT kind of ending it is, exactly, be it "good," bad or something else entirely. And though the last page says "end" and the manga status is "completed," other websites are claiming that there might be two other chapters which haven't been translated yet? That might just be some kind of common error in record keeping, but given this is a Dowman Sayman work, I really wouldn't be shocked if somehow "end" wasn't "the end."

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Still makes more sense than the plot of Kingdom Hearts.

joined May 2, 2018

I honestly want this as an anime. Tough, I don't think that will happen...

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Pretty bad end. It's not love when they just use each other. By the way I like plot.

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Hmmm, interesting. The whole ouka is actually the kooky prison inmate in the forums earlier was actually the right route... The ending is very open ended, and as my interpretation, the end where Chihaya shoots Ouka may be some sort of a relapse, but real Ouka feels some level of guilt over it, perhaps not finding a firm foothold in her reality as per the ending.

I have very mixed feelings about inception stories that loop since the 'true' ending of the loop being unshown makes the story seem incomplete. But nice trip while it lasted.

joined Apr 1, 2013

Well damn. That was one hell of a trip and that was guuuud

joined Nov 21, 2019

That was definitely a twist ending. By the way, was anyone besides me surprised that the girl from the second chapter never showed up again after that? I honestly thought there was a larger story to tell with her.

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Don’t tell me this is the whole end.. noooo. I’m confused

joined Aug 18, 2015

What the fuck am I reading indeed.

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I don't even care about the love or not part coz the plot is just too good!!!
this is totally one of my favourites

joined Aug 4, 2018

What the fuck am I reading indeed.

That's some good tagging, all right.

joined Mar 21, 2019

What the fuck am I reading indeed.

That's some good tagging, all right.

It's a Dowman Sayman manga, that tag is pretty much gonna be included by default.

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Let me see if I got this right.

When a loop starts, a Chihaya and a Fake Ouka are created.
The only way to go to the next level is to follow the hole that the Fake Ouka created.
Once the loop ends, Fake Ouka turns into a Merrik and tags along current Chihaya, allowing her to change levels as she pleases.
I believe one Chihaya says that if you lose your Merrik you are stuck in that level.
Some Chihayas don't have Merriks, so probably they lost hers or it's her first loop.

I'll read everything again to see if I missed something.

joined May 1, 2013

Wait, why was the hero of the last chapter some random Chihaya, and not the Chihaya we've been following all along?

joined Apr 27, 2014

I didn't like the end, not one bit..then again it seems to be something expected from this I gotta go check out their work and see if it's all like this or if they have something I might like more

joined Jan 10, 2020

Does that mean Chihaya didn't exist in the real world? Because Ouka said she wanted to create a lover that would continue to chase her forever. The Chihaya in the levels was just a fantastical character that she created as a personification of who she wished to be in the real world. Does that mean Chihaya created her and was thereby trapped by an illusion?

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Wait, why was the hero of the last chapter some random Chihaya, and not the Chihaya we've been following all along?

How do you know the Chihaya we've been following has always been the same one?

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LOL damn, this manga's great. I love all the twists and it's pretty interesting if you think about it. I wonder if it's the push and pull of consciousness of Ouka's mind that keeps her in a coma and what brings her out of it. Since both Chihaya and Ouka are a figment of the real Ouka's imagination, I wonder if they're the embodiment of some kind from Ouka's consciousness (or lack thereof). Maybe it's all metaphorical, maybe I'm reading too much into it. But it's interesting nevertheless.

Is this the end? It feels like the end and I'm fine with this ending. The chase goes on but instead it becomes the other way around, and who knows, once Ouka wins, maybe it reverses again, another push and pull, a neverending cycle of life, death, and the will to live. Who's to say that Ouka's sanity isn't already shaky, who's to say that any of what she's thinking is real.

Anyway, that was fun :)

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