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Shipping your own mom? hmmmm lol
I'm interested but wary... I don't like showbiz yuri, it's all like "This is the super famous super model who's super beautiful and appears in all the magazines...and I'm just her assistant, but wait... An even more super famous super model who's super beautiful shows up...and she's her ex!" and I'm like geeeeeeeeet me out of heeeeeere hahaha but this time, it's her daughter!

Ohoho, I see, you're hoping for a Taiyaki-flavored development! I see, I see.

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So funny with the sparkles being so bright.

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looking forward to next chapter :3

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Interesting premise. I'm uncertain of 'morals' here, and the translation notes at the end.

It's more referring to how the daughter is shocked since she's never seen gay stuff before haha ^^ With Shi Yi Er's track record of GL manhuas, I doubt they'd go with the homophobia route of all things. Expect this to be a cute and wholesome story between mom and daughter lol

The translation notes at the end are too long to fit into limited space, so I'll just expand on them a little bit here.

IRL "fanservice" mostly involves same sex people posing together in intimate and homoerotic ways, so the real person shippers can go wild and thus attract a lot of attention and popularity (usually positive) towards said actor. Most of the time, it's done by (presumably) straight people where some might even have a romantic partner of the opposite sex. Everyone knows it's just an act, but the shippers have fun with it anyway.

At first glance, the mom's presumably straight and is only playing up the homoerotic tension for popularity, but since it's Shi Yi Er (who's works have all been GL), I can't wait to see how it plays out when she eventually falls in love with one (or many?) of her co-stars.

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Oh wow, is this real thing in Asia?
Well, Kpop do it a lot

Yes! It's exactly what you're thinking of lol

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I really like the art style of this. I am still curious if this will go an incest route. Either way I am looking forward to more of this.

Doesn't seem like it. I feel like its gonna go the route of pretty open gay daughter and closeted gay mom who is led out of the closet with daughter's assistance. And maybe the daughter will also get a love interest

It's not incest! The mom's love interest(s) will be one of her female co-stars, and I'm also hoping for a love interest for the daughter! Imagine the power of a gay mom and a gay daughter hh

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this is amazing please keep us updated. Also #3 replacement meal, I feel like its a common euphemism that something is so good it makes you forgot to eat.

Ahh, it's not quite that! You know how fan content are sometimes called 'food'? The term 'replacement meal' is used when you consume fan content of other ships as a substitute when you're in a dead fandom with no content lmao

So let's say you have one ship, one puppyish white-hair, and a black-haired tsundere. You come across art of another unrelated ship that has similar dynamics to yours, thus you've eaten a replacement meal in the sense that instead of squealing in joy from fanart of your OTP, you're gaining that satisfaction through another similar ship's fan content.

Hope that explains it ^^

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Yes, yes, yes. Everything I've ever looked forward to. A wholesome book about a closeted mother and a supportive open minded daughter. This definitely won't go into the incest route as the daughter seems super supportive of her mom's love life, in a way where she doesn't feel the need to be "number 1" or feel a weird kind of admiration for her mother. Chapter 1 overall, seems very wholesome and adorable.

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was very unsure of what i was getting myself into, and i still am to a degree... but like, where's it going from here??

i'm hooked and i have no idea what the actual story is gonna be yet.

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this kid really just wants a second mom, haha.

also love the reference to her earlier work with the two bird plushies, when the mom talked about how friends would get matching presents

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I feel exposed and attacked and triggered lo/

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Some good shipping advice

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Mom yuri?

Mom yuri.

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is she... you know, ahem

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This is adorable. Supportive daughter shipping her gay mom is not something I realized I wanted before now.

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when you're mom gay

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I can relate to that shipping advice xd specially when it comes to the Vtuber stuff kofkoftakamorikofkof

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If this is going to be about the daughter trying to ship her daughter with someone or trying to find out by her mother's love life, this could be really funny so I am looking forward to more.

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Okay I am all aboard this. Man I live for these Chinese Manwa (is that how they're called?) There's just this whole vibe about them that just works for me, maybe it's the colour or the personality, it just feels a bit more down to earth to me as well. I really dig it, it's not just me who gets this feeling right? Anyone know what this feeling is?

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This is so God damn cute love children being supportive of their queer parents, can't wait for more!
Also go auntie Ren!

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Daughter wingmanning for lesbian mother is the sub-genre I never knew I needed...

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At this rate,forget the mother trying to explain to the daughter that she isn't a lesbian,the daughter is going to turn her into a lesbian.

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She STILL didn't deny it

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