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Is it possible the author could throw 50 chapters of fluffy romance into the garbage?

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I've seen Harry Potter Marriage Law fanfiction tropes die out because of ethics, expect trope-inversion, no-comfort, and darker stuff of course. Similar with Soulmate fanfiction. So shall reader desire for this. To speak frankly, this sub-culture and genre has a long way to go. Maybe 50 years.

Lol, expecting fictional indulgence of dark kinks to "die out because of ethics".

If the Marriage Law "died out" I suspect it was just a passing fad, or a victim of JKR's undermining of her own fandom.

Though as far as HP and love potions go, a rather sweet Harry/Luna fic did throw in an somewhat ethical use as background detail: granting that pureblood families did a bunch of arranged marriages for whatever reason, love potions could be used consensually to make the marriage stronger. "We want this marriage to work for alliance/economic reasons, and it will work better if we're in love, bottoms up!"

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dew it.

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I don't know what you're talking about, Usagi Drop only has 24 chapters.

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Be hilarious if it turned out it was nothing like a love or lust potion, and the heart shape and pink colour were purely coincidental. Like, "Oh, this is the rare potion that can cure my poor sick aunt's heart disease!"

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Naughty girl, what are you thinking?

"Eh? What are you talking about? I'm totally not having any naughty thoughts!"
(panicky hides the love potion behind her back)

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Nothing can go wrong.

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more likely to be like the skirt lift incident. resolved immediately at the start of the next chapter and then forgotten

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cue fake love potion scene

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"you obtained everything you have now through your own hard work"

Elsa's like you're right, it was a lot of hard work pursuing you and stopping you from yeeting yourself out of my life, so I suppose I can take credit for all of that

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I like where this is going.

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It's Chekov's gun, regardless. I foresee a sweaty, blushy, encounter before realizing it doesn't work.

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Yabe, don't do it.

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I doubt she'd try to poison Eve. There's litterally no reason for her to medically abuse her

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ah yes, I completely forgot this was next xD
can't wait to see how it's drawn out

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I am shocked both the head nun and Yvonne are keeping their big secrets from Elsa. She's proven to be open-minded. Head nun's secret she'll divulge to potential enemy Yvonne but not Elsa? Eventually, we know, future Elsa will know about the system at its worst and will change the past so it no longer gives inescapable fatal or disfiguring choices.

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How dare they cut it there!! I have to wait a week to see what happens next? this is criminal behavior

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alright nice to see that Elsa actually thinks about the consequences of using a love potion and decides against it, AND then we still get our fun because accidents exist. huzza

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I got so worried at the introduction of the love potion... Elsa's probably going to have a hard time building back trust, but I'm really glad she's actually thinking about the consequences of using it!

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How to get a love potion storyline without making one of your characters seem like a monster for stealing the other's free will and right to consent.

Also, bonus points to Elsa's towel for managing to stay on through all that.

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Ah good ol love potion cliché, i never get tired of it

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How much the whole scene ends in a missunderstanding?

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