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Interesting! I will definitely be keeping an eye on this series. I’m a sucker for yuri in isekai <3

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this is super interesting! keep up the good work!

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Someone posted videos of the translated manhua up to chapter 8

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Ooohh, i like the look of this. Please continue.
But don't bully her too much miss villainess. Wholesome bullying only please.

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Someone posted videos of the translated manhua up to chapter 8

For what it's worth, these YT channels usually just use machine translation and are very awkward to read.

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very interesting, I hope it will be more and more interesting

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This is a cool concept so far, I'm into it

I love all the villainess yuri out there, god

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Thank you for the chapter and new series. I love villianess yuri and isekai yuri, this has both. Yay!

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I’m so glad someone picked this up Ive been keeping up with the raw chapters on bilibili hoping these would get translated. The ART IS BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU FOR PICKING THIS UP I OWE YOU MY LIFE

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I will gladly take some villainess yuri.

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Yesss I'm excited about more otome villianess yuri!

Especially since a certain animated series seems to be quickly abandoning its yuri paths. Shoulda left it at one season.

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oooh im liking the premise and am always up for villianess yuri. from the title i pray there to be some s&m play LOL. like come on, wont that be a great way to get around the villianess system without punishments hahahaha

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Wow. That's a lot of stuff happening in Ch 1. Seems like someone took "My Next Life as a Villainess" and combined it with "My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy." And yet, it was a lot better than such a concept would have me expecting.

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Yea!!! More otome, let's go!

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Huh, so the isekai'd villainess is intentionally sequence-breaking by being nice to the heroine, and the system doesn't know how to handle it and instead pulls up story events that should have come much later in the plot (like her getting exiled after she had actually committed a crime)? In that case, respect to Yvonne for sticking to her guns despite being hurt by the very world she inhabits. No wonder Elsa ends up falling for her instead of the actual LIs -- a willpower like that is helluva attractive...

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Ooo an isekai vilainess yuri story? ALL MY YES.

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i've never seen something like this "villainess system" before,cool!

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so,Elsa will be an M?

i mean,that title XD
and the cover

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By the way, in this game is possible to unlock the Mother Diya route? Asking for a friend...............

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A reverse "I favour the villainess"? I dig it.

Also, is it weird that I would be kind of interested in playing a game with a "villainess system"? :D

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Chad villainess

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I'm already a sucker for this genre, but it's always nice to see an author doing something a little bit different too. More please, thank you!

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Wow this first chapter really hooked me. Can't wait to see more of it :)

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This is what I needed in my life, can't wait

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Thank you for picking this up!

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