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This is good. And the girls are cute.

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By the way, in this game is possible to unlock the Mother Diya route? Asking for a friend...............

I second this request

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This is gonna hurt

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Ohhhh they already have a GL manhua where there is a "system". I mostly read those kind of stories in chinese GL novels and loved them so much!!! So I'm also looking forward to how this story turns out(≧▽≦).

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Oooh, the art in this one is so cute, and the story is super interesting too, can't wait to see how the next chapter turns out. Thanks for translating!

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Thank you for the chapter.

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There's some light BDSM potential in staging bullying scenes without genuine malice and Elsa consenting to it, or in the case of getting doused in water, seemingly enjoying it.

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Well this is a twist I wasn't expecting and am now very much looking forward to. More please!

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she was really enthusiastic about that water, wasn't she? I understand people get excited by all sorts of things, but does that really do it for her?

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she was really enthusiastic about that water, wasn't she? I understand people get excited by all sorts of things, but does that really do it for her?

Do you think it counts as literal watersports?

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No wonder Elsa ends up falling for her instead of the actual LIs

Listeriosis International Society? London Interdisciplinary School? Local Irrigation Services? Luxembourg Income Study?

Love interests

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Just throwing out a wild guess, I think the punishments the system gives are equivalent to what "villainess task" Yvonne has to do. Since the first chapter involved literal murder (and the points given are either 50 or 100), that's why she got exiled for going against it.

The second chapter's rewards were only a piddly 5/2/0 points. So I'm guessing if she ignored them this time, the punishment wouldn't have been as severe. But hey she wouldn't have gotten the "waterworks cg" if she did that so win/win?

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"I'm not a masochist."
Throws Water In Face
(Hearts in eyes) "You call that bullying!?" Ahegao Face

I dunno guys, I think she may be a masochist.

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Not too fond of the villainess system, even less so after she's already exiled, but it does work as an interesting way to keep the story going.

Now I wonder whether there exists a yuri equivalent for Ore no Shibou Flag ga Todomaru Tokoro wo Shiranai. There seems to be for almost everything, after all.

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yeah, the system is shitty but otherwise this is god tier villainess x heroine yuri.

cute, grumpy tsundere villainess x devoted power bottom M heroine is hnnnnnnnnnngh.

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hmm,she's a Masochist indeed least she's happy

i wonder...will the villainess system disappear or not if both of them start going out or get married

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"CG1:the person of your destiny"


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i wonder...will the villainess system disappear or not if both of them start going out or get married

It seems to be designed to ensure she fulfills her role, so it seems unlikely. Although on the other hand, we have seen love magically create happy endings before.

Oh Elsa, honey, you Are a masochist indeed.

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There’s a pretty wide gap between slapping someone and scarring their face. Not worth the 3 points.

Maso heroine is cute.

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This is amazing, thank you for picking it up! I guess the heroine ends up learning about the so-called villainess system and tries to get Yvonne to bully her so she can avoid those punishments.

It looks so promising.

I think she is just a masochist.

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picked up , i can't believe she already has heart pupils by ch02

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chapter 2 page 5 is peek yuri.
doesnt get better then this

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Already sold, both the MC and main heroine are so cute

Some of those options are disturbing though, I wonder if we'll ever get a serious chapter about that. Hopefully not

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I kinda like it but also it makes no sense. Having pop up messages like that with tasks means you wouldnt have been reborn on some other world- its literally inside a game and nobody is real right? Or is this fantasy world literally run by some super computer in orbit somehow lol?

She would be very detached from everything and not really care for her 'family' or others if she knew she was trapped in a game and if she ever got out anything that happened inside it wouldnt matter right? (except for the mental impact)

I like the art and characters and story in general, but I can't reconcile the details of the setting into something that makes sense to me.

It would have been so much better to have it in a real fantasy world setting- like her 'tasks' were deilvered by little cherubs/devils from 'god' or whatever wanted her to act in this manner.

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