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Should sax robot be legal? Morally speaking

Speaking seriously
I guess that depends on how "human" the robot is.
But I am thinking positively, I am thinking of a robot that is only dedicated to its utility, I hope that such a robot can end prostitution and rape crimes or even porn
But on the other hand, I am concerned about the social isolation and addiction that it could cause.
Perhaps even for other people that situation is another level of objectifying women.
But of course I'm just theorizing. I am not a scientist or a philosopher at all.

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This was pretty funny (and hot), but I always hate the unrealistic cliche of "beautiful woman somehow can't find a relationship". I refuse to believe a successful and beautiful woman like the MC couldn't find someone just because she's a slob.

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Idk but it somehow reminds me of onaho series lmfao. But it's enjoyable so I'm in

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if this actually existed irl that would be funny

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I was waiting for her to clean the room.

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God I wish that was me

We were all thinking this

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What's up with Yuri Hime lately. Are they turning into a straight up hentai magazine?

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I'm horribly worried.
One day, they will send her the bill.
A perfect sexaroid? I dread to think about the number on the price tag.
Poor mc-chan will need to get two more jobs to pay her debt.

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This is really cute.

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"you're a bottom aren't you" lmao

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Finally this is here.
I read it in Spanish weeks ago, I was eagerly waiting for the English version!

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A yuri OL X Android!? Holy shit sign me up right now!

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robo yuri hell yes

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Lol what's going on with the recent Yuri manga
So it's basically a high tech vibrator in human form however it was a fun read but I think I enjoy Hitozuma to jk more even though it's NTR

How can people have this kind of confusion differencing cheating from netorare? It's not that hard. People nowadays calls every tipe of cheating "NTR": "uuu Calli called Gura cute, haha NTR LOL", sure, I can get they're joking (even tho they don't really get the difference) but people often doesn't get at all the difference and just calls every cheating/infidelity situation "NTR"

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Finally this is here.
I read it in Spanish weeks ago, I was eagerly waiting for the English version!

Reaaally? Which site? Or just mangadex? I will check it out to see if I can get to read new chapters faster

Nathaniel Kamb
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I think there are various reasons for these robots to be illegal, some of the reasons i could think was: 1) because lots of people would stop trying to search for a real life partner, and instead save money for one of these, 2) the objectifying that might mean making sex robots (be it male or female) it´s a concerning matter, 3) people could use the same excuse they make with children hentai, basically "thanks, you just saved a piece of metal" of the sorts, 4) crimes could get committed by the robots, at some point it would be basically impossible to know who is making these robots, being smart enough, and having a sample of a totally working robot is all you need to be able to make another (a- apart from the materials of course).

However, depending on how it´s managed, theoretically, it would be possible to create them with minimum danger, like making them exclusively for industrial purposes, without any sex functions, emotions, or the like, etc.

However, here we have a cute yuri of a relationship between a hard worker and a sex robot, i don´t think we´ll get into these serious topics, so let´s just enjoy : ]

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inb4 discussions on sentience and morality

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this sounds crazy enough to be a mira story but different enough to be a different author i like it

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Poor itou-chan, all head over heels for the MC. I wonder how that's going to pan out.

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industrial espionage mate

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Chapter 1.. so glad that there's gonna be more of this!

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This is probably a lost cause but I am going to root for the Itou to get with the MC at the end lol.

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And they were roommates! I just have to make that joke one time because of the tag. But this one is...I'm loving it. It's erotic and wholesome at the same time. And I love it when they mix.

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