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Oh, it's back.

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No! Please don't hurt Hashimoto! She's such a precious bean!

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Poor hashimoto she’s just too good

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Ah got picked up, at least we're going to see the ending of it, since i recall it ended with 18?


joined May 26, 2020

They are gonna eat that poor girl alive...

joined Oct 2, 2021

Came for the gratuitous violence, stayed for the hatesex

joined May 10, 2021

Very glad to have this back!
Thanks a bunch Mr. TLteam!

joined Jul 10, 2016

What the fu--

I thought I'd have to blow someone to get this to update again. What magical soul must I thank that kept me from sore knees and a need for mouthwash?

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Damn... that's a low blow

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joined Jun 21, 2021

Junko talks all big but she sure had a close eye on Kayo the entire time, Especially when she was talking with Sakakibara. Methinks someone's projecting a tad~

joined May 25, 2023

god I love this so much

joined Mar 4, 2017

The nice thing for this author is they can end it any chapter they want by just having them agree to go to couple's therapy.

joined Aug 12, 2021

"God you piss me off" immediately starts trying to have sex with her lmao.

joined Jan 2, 2022

Tsundere to violent proportions. Both so obviously obsessed with each other. I'm not even sure if they're making each other jealous on purpose or by accident, but it is hilarious.

joined Dec 20, 2018

The way I see it, just pure comedy this time. :D

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Do they count as useless lesbians?

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Sal had an objective when writing this and she stuck to it lol

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not to project too much, but I kind of got trans vibes off of Satomi? She’s probably just older, but it’d be neat if that was the case

you kinda do tho, that will be an stereotype of trans people not blending in because they are too different, plus since she is just an old women that is even worst XD so you got me confused since i know trans people don’t just look old but i guess you didn’t though the character is drawn as old

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Purple Library Guy
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Do they count as useless lesbians?

Well, they both seem fairly useful to the COMPANY . . .

joined Aug 23, 2022

This is so unapologetically funny jajajahahaja

I'm mad at myself cause didn't give this amazing manga the opportunity before because of the violence, but author jajajaja

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I wouldn't wish these two on anybody but each other. (Satomi seems like a sweetheart, so I wouldn't want her mixed up in their mess!)

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I feel a bit bad for her. hopefully some violent hate-sex will cheer her up again uwu

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Junko's expression on page 21 was incredible. Sakakibara is a real one though, covering for Kayo. Feels weird having such a decent character in this series.

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truly a rollercoaster of schadenfreude

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