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Man they really have to make a cute girl doing cute things manga for every hobby, huh. This seemed a cut above some of the others though. The way the mangaka draws spittle and tears like blood is....interesting

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I can't play GUilty gear well T-T I don't have main there

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I mean, near the end of Yuzumori-san we've seen that Ejima like fighting games so.

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Ejima Eri? subscribed at Sonic Speed

Her comedic sense sorta reminds me of Higashiyama Shou which is entirely meritorous. Also, didn't they play "Iron Sempai" in Yuzumori-san too? Nice callback.

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So, did a little etymology digging, and Shirayuri can easily be translated as "Gay Thoughts".
Oh, and there's a vtuber named Shirayuri Lily.
Truth be told, her name is probably Shiroyuri, aka White Lily.

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Looks interesting so far, though some of the translation choices are a bit odd. I know they've got to take some liberties when translating Japanese to English but hearing them say things like vidya feels a bit odd. Though the translator seems to be affiliated with /v/, so I probably shouldn't be too surprised that the translation is a bit memey.

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A shared universe then!!
Well now that I finished the chapter, to be honest I didn't realize that it was Ejima Eri until like 20 pages, then it hit me.. It's the way she draws the eyes even if they're smaller now, and yup it has those crazy or even bizarre reactions from her work too, she's not scared to make their cute characters look ugly too hahhaha... And that was the most scarier kabedon I've seen xD

The first comments worried me a bit but now I'm relieved, I think I'll enjoy this very much! also .... 70 pages DAMN

This reminds me of another manga about a pianist who couldn't play anymore and decided to play fighting games instead, they had crazy talks about gamers being faster than the speed of light xD

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I like how this pretty much takes a bunch of dialogue and scenes from some Dangerously Cheesy HOT BLOODED shounen manga and gleefully drops them into a thoroughly incongruous context. :D

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That's why the art was so familiar it was the same author who made Yuzumori san! There shoumd be a comedy tag, its actually quite nice

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That's why the art was so familiar it was the same author who made Yuzumori san!

She's also the author of Hyper Girls Battle Orgia. I'm guessing this one will be more similar to HGBO than to Yuzumori-san.

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I like this mangaka, but there's not enough substance here to draw me in. I'd say 4/10, wouldn't read again.

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Well, I like it more than the last attempt at FGC x yuri, at least. Not really drawing me into the story, but the comedy is decent

Kinda fun how π4U has elements of so many different fighting games; character designs are pretty KoF, presentation and naming like SF, GG-style cancels, and fatalities straight from MK

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Expected a Raspberry Pi 4 in the first chapter. Was disappointed.

Oh well, I’ll stay for the extreme gaming.

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god the humor- sasuga ejima- i died from laughter

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The fatalities combined with the ridiculous combo hits reminded me of Killer Instinct. I love how over the top it got. Next chapter prediction: the girls avoid expulsion when they discover that the headmistress is a secret gamer herself!

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Yay~ finallyyy <3

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ah yes this weird manga

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YES. Yuri and fighting games is here. Tho my primary reason for liking this is the artist, Ejima Eri who made Yuzumori-san and I really liked that one. That victory pop-off was really good.

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In a lot of ways, this was amazing. Honestly one of the most depressing - though to be clear, comparatively unimportant - side-effects from COVID-19 is the complete shutdown of the 2020 fighting game tournament circuit, which was showing huge potential to be a memorable one early in the year.

Thanks /v/ (wow that sounds weird to say). Though maybe a bit less board jargon in the translation next time.

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Yuri, Fighting Games, and Ejima Eri. Now thats-a-spicy-a-trifecta. The game mechanic "explanations" seem a bit wonky. Puts on glasses, and voice gets nasally I've never seen a game let someone use a parry to cancel an attack, during a combo/hit confirm. Especially, if it's based off of Street Fighter 3, although it reminded me of FADCs from SF4. However, the emotions and reactions to playing fighting games is so fucking perfect. The pop-off, the over the top shit talking, really wanting to have a match with another person who plays, and even the heartbreaking feeling when a game starts to feel more like a chore. Definitely, a niche demographic, but I'm glad this exists for me to enjoy.

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Cheerios??? Really??? Cheerios??? I mean what are you, a1yr old in a highchair?

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It looks like a sexy party was starting and they're about to bust a move
I laughed pretty hard at this entire page, that dogshit line was art

I love it, can never get enough of the video game yuri, we need more of this genre

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This was pretty damn stupid, but that's kinda what I like about it so far lol. It doesn't take itself too seriously it seems.

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GGWP means Good Game Well played, in case it wasn't obvious XP

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