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When they said she was taking her monthly break and the Vivi went to her apartment and there was an intense smell of blood, I thought the story might have been going...somewhere else.

Oh Thank Goodness I was not the only one... that first day is murder for some girls eh?

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of "monthly visits" and "red wings". I'm incredibly relieved and glad that that wasn't the case at the same time it felt like a lost opportunity XD

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Panties Day, huh?

Implying every other day is no-panties day...

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"Cat eyes", huh? Any betters that she'll turn out to be a catgirl or some other feline-based demihuman?

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The landlady who loves to tease people and has "an interest in making sexual stimulant", eh? I don't like where this is going. :))

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I assume you've got a general idea... but I may as well show you.

I'm a furry.

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I like the landlord character. Also, apparently Neji's first original work isn't on here, so I'll have to seek it elsewhere.

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Neji is a goddess.

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That interest in making sexual stimulants ... sounds like a future chapter where A fends of B because they don't want to take advantage of them ^^;

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I like the landlord character. Also, apparently Neji's first original work isn't on here, so I'll have to seek it elsewhere.

It's het furry-on-human and there's a reason why she describes Mine as a "what-if scenario", but it's still a decent showcase of Neji's talent as a furry/nonhuman artist.
If you're interested, you can find all the RAWs here:

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Everyone in this apartment is some kinda monster girl, aren’t they?

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Werewolf lady = the one good landlord

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This artist has a massive monster girl fetish, and I'm here for it.

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I can't unsee 6 fingers on Vivi's hand on the last page of chapter 2.

I'm not the only one who noticed!! (I'm a month behind in my yuri!)

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Werewolf lady = the one good landlord

Lmao yeah, I saw it and thought, “I’m going to take youw wesouwces uwu” but then based on the whole, “I modified your room to be two stories out of the goodness of my heart,” actually it seems like her deal is taking care of and housing people. Which is alright by me.

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