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Wow, it's kind of hard to look at some of my earlier work haha

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Started reading this on a whim, so glad I did.

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Gasps this made it's way too dynasty?! Did not see that coming

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Ayy! It's good to see this series here.

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Looks very nice.

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I initially read the description as "White people have slowly accepted the fate of their race" and was like "okay, fair enough".

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Reminds me of “Second Variety”— Figures that what’s left of civilization would be....

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The art is pretty nice

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Slightly more furry than YKK.

Looking East
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This is beautiful. My thanks to those that translated and uploaded this. I've been trying to get Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō uploaded here for a couple of years now and although this doesn't appear to have any yuri elements, it has that same wonderful bittersweet post apocalyptic flavor that Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō did.

Despite being a huge iyashikei fan, I was unaware this title even existed. It's rare I find new stories like this. This made my day.

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After reading the first few pages, I was like "Oh... Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō if Alpha went on the roam the world searching for her master instead of staying in a Café."

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Though I don't think Alpha ate. It was part of why she could stay in business with almost no customers, she didn't need much. These are some Ridiculously Human (or Canine) Robots.

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I love it

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I really love this story. I hope it continues to get translated and updated here. The artwork is very good as well.

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Seeing the name Mute made me think of *Mute from Analogue: A Hate Story, although apart from the name there doesn't seem to be any similarity (and I doubt one inspired the other in any event).

Interesting story so far.

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Really interesting! I'm liking this so far. Totally didn't expect this to be a food manga in disguise haha

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Note at the end of chap 8

I hope you're okay

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