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Firefly Fanatic
joined Feb 22, 2019

SHE KNEW!!!!!!!

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What a twiiist! Blessed chapter over in under 30 seconds.

joined Mar 10, 2018

Is she just super nervous when she's physically around other people then? I love the twist, just not sure how much sense it makes.

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Wait, what? Who are these people? How are they even related to the story/mcs? Did I miss a chapter or something

More like several. They've been a prevalent new couple in the recent chapters.

Yeah...looks like I did miss a lot of chapters for some reason...

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That was a great twist

joined Mar 14, 2016

Huh. I take back everything I said before. That was fucking genius.

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So turns out author-san isn't the innocent one. Nice reversal. I have renewed hope for this couple. I honestly wasn't really interested in them before.

joined Nov 23, 2014

Oh thank goodness she knew, now it's so much better.

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Wow her eyes could kill xD it only for her eyes only

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Thank you very much for all your work so far, Secret Society Blanket! I wish you the best.

Now for the chapter: I like these characters infinitely more than the main ones.

joined Dec 20, 2018

Ah, now that was a laugh I truly needed. Brilliant! :D

Random Wanderer
joined Dec 3, 2016

Wait, she knew?! That changes everything!

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Kinda wish the author would just spin these new characters into their own thing instead of ignoring the main characters.

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She knew?! When? This is one of my favorites on this site please keep this going.

joined Jan 8, 2016

Ahhhh, her knowing and them talking about it so nonchalantly when they've just reframed the whole story in a couple of panels.

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...but where did their nipples run off to, tho?

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Now that's what you call a twist...

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The kiss on the phone is too cute. It's giving me all kinds of warm fluffy feelings.

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oh my god theres another layer >////<

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Wasn't expecting that twist... a little creepy, but I get it. Getting the chance to work with someone you admire in a field you're passionate about is great, wouldn't really count as stalking (given she's applying the normal way and is qualified) but the romantic angle makes it... ehhhhhh...

Still, cute

joined Jun 1, 2018

Am I the only one who has absolutely zero idea what’s going on? I can’t tell the new characters apart, I don’t understand their relationship to one another, no idea.

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Nobody talks about Minami hair?


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ch 49, pg 02, "because a bit of a junkie playing it at night," ? maybe "became"?

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