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joined Oct 15, 2018

gosh fINALLY!!! and Touko's confession was amazing, and perfect, and amazingly perfect! I'm so happy for these kids, can't wait to see the next chapters and how they'll be now that they're on the same page

joined Aug 16, 2017

finally I can die happy after reading chapter 40 c:
AWW I love you too, yuu!!! yuu is too adorable I really feel senpai why she couldn't bear it HAHAHAHA

joined Apr 7, 2016

I really love how they didn't show the kiss at the end of Ch. 40. Like...there wasn't any reason to, you know what I mean? They confessed, they were (finally!) honest with each other and with themselves, and they're together. Even though no kiss was shown, it was one of the most tastefully done kiss scenes I've ever read in all my years of reading manga.

joined Dec 12, 2017

Today was a good day.

joined Mar 28, 2014

This was a very well done chapter - totally worth the two-month-wait. Liked the part with reflections in the window and Nanami closing the curtains.

joined Nov 5, 2017

In case anyone here still is confused/doesnt know. This isnt the end. There is one more volume left in the series! Its the beginning of the end lads.

joined Jan 19, 2019

I’m so happy! This joyful feeling... it won’t stop for a week, I’m sure! Nakatani-sensei promises and delivers, as aways. I can only hope all other conflicts (social and familiar acceptance, their friends reactions, Sayaka, Midori-san and Manaka-san’s relationship, etc.) get to be resolved until the last chapter.
By the gods, I can’t stop smiling! There I go read it again!

joined Jan 5, 2018

About time this place uploaded it lmao

joined Feb 17, 2019

Bitch I almost cried. I'm so fuckin happy with this ending.

joined Mar 29, 2013

Loved the chapter, especially how Yuu phrased her confession. +1 Kuddos

joined Oct 22, 2018

Now, kinda tangental, since it has nothing to do with this chapter, but still on-topic, because it is about YagaKimi:
I remember some people making predictions how is YagaKimi gonna end. Well, yesterday, just before going to sleep, I developed a crazy prediction of my own. I know for sure it's an incorrect prediction, but I still wanted to share it. However, because of the hype surrounding chapter 40, I'ma wait until this time tomorrow to actually post the prediction here. I hope y'all don't mind for me doing it, to put it mildly, fashionably late.

joined Apr 23, 2015

That was nice. Such a good read.

joined Apr 23, 2019

how dare they not show us the kiss

joined Apr 23, 2019

In case anyone here still is confused/doesnt know. This isnt the end. There is one more volume left in the series! Its the beginning of the end lads.


joined Aug 24, 2016

'bout F*CKING time

joined Apr 16, 2012

Yes finally! trough why the hell did they cut out the kiss dammit!

joined Nov 12, 2018

Finally, I was waiting for it about 2 weeks and it was worth it. We are also very slowly getting to the end of this manga, I hope when it's gonna end there will be a 2 season of the anime adaptation.

joined Apr 13, 2019

Yes finally! trough why the hell did they cut out the kiss dammit!

There's actually something sweet about how they've kissed on panel so many times with only one of them being the one to initiate the kiss, but the first time they're really kissing each other we don't get to see it. I guess it's the rule of what you don't see being more effective than what you do see being used to illustrate just how beautiful the moment is.

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joined Jan 17, 2017

That was an excellent depiction of nonverbally asking consent to kiss tbh, like wow that gave me butterflies

joined Feb 23, 2016

Now the next chapter of the continued kiss please... you can’t do this to us Σ੧(❛□❛✿)

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joined Sep 6, 2018

The closing of the curtains... just like you’d see in a play. Brilliant. This mangaka is gifted in her talents. May she continue her work, for there will always be readers looking forward to her future publications.

I’m going to keep an eye out for the anime version of this manga in dubbed english.

I’m sure there will be a time jump for next chapter... a sort of epilogue. I’d like to see the minor characters get their loose ends tied up too.

joined Dec 28, 2018

Still doing cliffhangers huh, this is the happiest chapter i've ever read

joined Oct 30, 2018

I love how the reflection in the mirror during Touko's confession is akin to the positioning during the first time she confessed to Yuu (i.e. hand-holding, staring at the window and hands shaking) and how Touko closed the curtains as if symbolizing that this confession is nothing like the first.
Chapter we've all been waiting for is already here but now I'm already looking forward to the next one! asdfghj

joined Jul 29, 2017

I would say that the off-panel kiss was the big surprise here. Given how methodical the storytelling has been, most of the big moments have been satisfying but not particularly surprising in their presentation.

I’m thinking primarily of the performance of the play and of Sayaka’s confession/Touko’s response—we knew these scenes were coming well ahead of time, and they played out very solidly, but much as we would have expected. (Yuu’s confession is something of an exception to this, especially the point-of-view panels where Yuu covers her eyes and the replay from Touko’s POV.)

The same is true of this sequence, except that where the original kiss in that room was depicted for the audience as well as inadvertently seen by Maki, here it takes place (for now) off-panel—a kind of reverse-callback to that early scene. (I would be very surprised, however, if we don’t get a replay of it from one or the other’s point of view, if in fact the next chapter doesn’t pick up exactly where this one leaves off.)

We’ve been given a number of Big Damn Kisses in this series all along; it’s kind of a sly move to make the one we’ve been waiting for happen (just) off-panel.

joined Dec 18, 2016

Emphasis on her feet lifting off the ground, anyone?
Also it's cute af. Yuu on her tiptoes because of the height difference.

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