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Whatba good anthology

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The hair coming out of the hood, amazing

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This anthology is great.

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Okay, number one, hot. Number two, this is unapologetically romantic and cute and dramatic, and I love it. This is exactly the kind of fluffy nonsense that my brain has going on in the background 24/7.

Number three: the hair in the hood!!!!!! Cute!!!!!!!!

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author really put their whole character designussy into a oneshot. Fuyuki has a mole on her knuckle, that is some superfluous detail (unless the author knows someone with a mole on their knuckle)

Also did they seriously just fuck for the first time on the rooftop zero prep? Alright sure

  • spent a while wondering why the good girl valedictorian character had an eye covered and she's a reference to Narmaya, Camilla, or Elira... place ur bets

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The art is great. It feels crisp.

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The dialogue was spot on. Lovely story.

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That was damn great!

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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I love the expressions and little movements the author draws, really nice

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Also did they seriously just fuck for the first time on the rooftop zero prep? Alright sure

Left up to your imagination. Could have been a vigorous makeout and groping session. (At least enough groping that Koharu has to tuck her boobs back in.)

I notice on page 13 that Fuyuki is "marked", hickeys on her neck. Also that she has upper ear piercings, along with multiple rings, "bad girl".

Hmm, also Koharu's leg going in the groin on 11. Certainly possible that at least one of them orgasmed, if only from Fuyuki grinding on Koharu's leg.

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I wanna see more of them.

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If I had feelings for someone, and they knew and felt the same for years, but didn't do anything, I would be furious.

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Oh, this is so sweet. A bit dramatic to stage your confession for right before graduation though lol

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It’s so nice to see a full story from Birdhatter after all of the great Fate comics

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This is soooo fun

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Bird Hatter making more great Yuri comics, I love to see it, and this might be the first BH Yuri work that I've seen and isn't Fate? Lovely all around.

Thanks for the translation! This Anthology is on a roll so far <3

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Didn't expect Bird Hatter to make a oneshot yuri. It's nice.

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I see “good girl” in the title, I click~

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this went right onto my favorites list.

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So good

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Internalized homophobia?

But other that that, it was awesome!

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I love their character designs

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Moar Bird Hatter plz

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if Asa Mitaka got a girlfriend

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The best thing i've read on here in ages

The hair out the hoody was piss funny

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