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joined May 2, 2018

I liked their dynamic ^^

joined May 7, 2022

Idiot couple worthy. They share half a braincell.

joined Aug 17, 2012

Idiot couple worthy. They share half a braincell.

I agree with that, lol

Cute story though

joined Nov 6, 2018

This is why we need a Small Breasts tag.

joined Jul 23, 2019

The cicadas were so noisy during all the story! Their "Min min min!" is constantly in the background in most panels. Pity it wasn't translated.

But I wonder what kind of beastie was going "Ji ji ji ji-wa!" all the time, usually along the cicadas? I don't know that onomatopoeia.

joined Jan 21, 2023

Nanatsu Fuji keeps delivering the GOOD SHIT as usual! Thank you, mighty goddess of incorrectness!

joined Jan 18, 2021

An absolute riot. Took a trope and stood it on its head!

last edited at Oct 22, 2023 7:18PM

joined Sep 1, 2017

I've always said women are just as hung up on breasts as men. Just in a different way.

joined May 3, 2014

I've always said women are just as hung up on breasts as men. Just in a different way.

OFC since it does define a lot for women in terms of body image.

joined Feb 17, 2013

So all the women who dont like their big breasts just need to pair up with all the girls who dont like their small ones, and everything will be fine :) It all balances out huh.

joined Oct 16, 2013

Oh Nanatsu Fuji you keep on writing these naive idiotic characters that always find themselves in ridiculously sexual situations

joined Apr 16, 2022

The solution to mutual jealousy is yuri. An inspiring message

joined Feb 11, 2018

Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki!: Speed-Run Edition.

joined Jan 19, 2015

gals bein pals is always lovely

joined Oct 2, 2021

And thus began their life together of daily fondling each other's boobies

joined Aug 18, 2015

momi momi~

joined Jul 8, 2019

Damnit, Chiaki! Your manga ended, stop possesing characters!

joined Jun 22, 2018

"they're not gay, they're just friends"

joined Jul 22, 2014

They're some fools, still that some crazy sweat sliding down the side of her head.

joined Jan 3, 2020

Both explanations they give are actually technically true (well, the fat burning thing isn't exactly true because very little fat burn is localized, but when working out women usually lose fat on the bust and hips first, so it ends up being true anyway), but the effects are miniscule unless you are doing something fairly atypical (in the fat burning case, that would be doing actual exercise and in the hormone case, that would be taking large amounts of artificial hormones).

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Part 2 is 'can we stimulate brain cell growth by eating each other out?'

joined Sep 27, 2017

I love that they agreed to have future fondling sessions haha

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