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People have a lot of really strong opinions about side characters in their first introduction. I tend to think of all of this as just more information and nice expansion of the world. Of course Takamine has friends. And so of course those friends are going to care about her. We found out some interesting things here:

A) At least two of Takamine's friends are straight, while it seems Takamine might be aware she isn't.
B) Takamine's friends view her as someone that goes with the flow, or rather someone that is really accommodating.
C) To at least one friend, Takamine is giving the impression that she's changing. She read the mood between Takamine and Sakura accurately.

That's actually pretty important information, and information that wouldn't have been gleaned as easily without other people getting involved.

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This chapter set off my "SQUUEEE" detector! I love that the friends are so friendly. If a bit nosy. I get it though. Seeing your, usually stoic friend suddenly INTERESTED in not only something, bur SOMEONE is pretty novel to a friend group. Especially, if you don't have any romance going on in your own life.

Our heroines, very tentative relationship is so darn cute, it HURTS! Them both mooning over each other's first names was adorable. Plus, with names like Shiori and Sakura, they're pretty much hard-coded to be Yuri.There's probably going to be a lot more trying to parse "what is this feeling?" but, I'm here for it.

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What an adorable chapter. I'm not worried about her friends; they're a funny bunch and I think they'll help more than anything, including the stoic one. Can't wait to see how this develops!

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Knight Heron's notes on the location of this story are a huge cherry on top of their translation work. I'm greatly enjoying this is developing but fear that Takamine's friends are going to throw a wrench into her relationship w/ Sakura.

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Knight Heron's notes on the location of this story are a huge cherry on top of their translation work. I'm greatly enjoying this is developing but fear that Takamine's friends are going to throw a wrench into her relationship w/ Sakura.

Throw a wrench but also move it along, I'm willing to bet. Inducting Sakura into the friend group will give her and Takamine more excuses to spend time together and figure out their feelings, but also unintentionally ruin the moment a few times as friends do.

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Yuri goggles, on


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Yup, the lilies are definitely blooming now ;) I just love how gentle the pacing and the art is once again in this chapter, it really feels appropriate for these two.

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This was a really sweet chapter. I accepted it would end up on a bit of a sad note, but I was pleasantly surprised it didn't.

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Very cute chapter, nice quiet atmosphere and the art is impeccable as always

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Props to Takamine for cutting Sakura's cycle of anxious overthinking with some silly GIFs. :-)

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This series really radiates a sense of calm and sweetness that's refreshing to read after a long day no matter how simple it all is :) love these characters

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The stickers-only-messages reminded me of the time me and my partner used to send stickers and emoji over for no particular reason.

And yeah, there truly is a certain emptiness when you and the person you always talk to stop talking to each other...

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This is so, so, so cute. I have the widest grin on my face even after reading the chapter for the sixth or seventh time. As another comment mentions above, this radiates such a soothing warmth and sweetness, it's such a joy to read.

That may be me reading too deeply into it, but I felt a bit of a sulk in Takamine on page 15, and I absolutely love how she just sent her a sticker, it was such a mundane and natural response and felt like such an organic answer to Sakura's hesitation over that earlier in the chapter, and the two conversing through stickers and what seems like messages was incredibly adorable. The chapter's final frame with the last sticker in particular was heartmelting. Sakura's crush is absolutely showing and I am loving every second. "Maybe it's because she goes to another school...?" my foot.

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love the chill and sweetness it still has going on.

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Hi, I’m the cleaner-redrawer for this series. As such, I see it before almost anyone except, naturally, JQ. I also do not understand Japanese. So every month I misinterpret what is happening and expect deep aaaangst. So far it’s worked out. I love this series. I love this couple.

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i like trains

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Oh these two are just so precious!

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it's a pretty straightforward yuri, but nevertheless it's refreshing. good vibes!

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I can't believe this girl miss her friend so much she even got hallucinations about her

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Ackk they are so cute I can't help but smile

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I haven't had this feeling for the longest time... Been so loong T-T

The Phantom Heartwarms feeling you had when you're reading an adorable slice of life Yuri, nowdays its mainly action and lewd things. When i read this series, i remembered the reason why i like yuri so much.
Thank you so much for the author, translator and the uploader T-T

Also could anyone recommend a heartwarming series like this

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I loved this chapter; thanks for the translation!

This is definitely the kind of Yuri series I like most.

Also could anyone recommend a heartwarming series like this

There's a ton. Here's an easy example:

Very similar vibes (though slightly different because you get the thoughts of one character).

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That was cute as fuck, good job Takamine, goddamn.

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Ok, finally some character depth, hopefully it'll make this interesting to read, because I'm sorry but (and I hope I don't piss anyone off) I see no chemistry at all between the main couple

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Oooh, some meat. Not gonna lie, part of me hoped for pure fluff, but I am mot complaining. It was more implicit up to now, but Takamine is holding some serious self hatred right here, and hopefully we'll start delving into what exactly happaned in the volleyball team and with Hirose (correct name?). I also like that Sakura noticed something is amiss, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I will also say that cutting the chapter at that point is pretty much like torture.

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