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Hello, Doctor? yes it's me again...It's about the sugar levels
Y-Yes I know you told me yesterday but-
Yes... I'm aware
Alright, I'll wait the ambulance, just tell him "at the usual place" please and sorry again for the troubles

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Some weird stuff but idc, inject that cute shit in my veins

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Is there any reason the dark-haired girl's arms disappeared in the last few pages? That was weird as fuck.

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P. 13 - 15 is disturbing as well. I'm not sure if this will be sugar or poison

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At first I thought this was dream sequence or something... now, now I think the "What the fuck am I reading!?" tag should be added.

Purple Library Guy
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That was a tiny bit surreal. Cute, but . . . um.

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art style is so cute wdf

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this feels... unnerving

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You're all making me feel weird for thinking that it was just cute +_+

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What's with all the product placement?
I think Maho has a fetish for watching her friend eat.

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the npcs are bunnies, i hope the vendors too

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Is there any reason the dark-haired girl's arms disappeared in the last few pages? That was weird as fuck.

Her friend got hungry. I think she's just holding her arms behind her back.

the npcs are bunnies, i hope the vendors too

The vendor we saw was a human. That said, I'm not sure the bunnies are as simple as just NPCs being represented as bunnies, since one of the MCs had to squat down to interact with them and some of the buildings in the background were definitely ... unusual.

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Cute but odd.

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What the hell did I just read??

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Yeah this definitely needs a good ol' What the fuck am I reading?

I mean it's cute but weird lol. Hell maybe a Subtext is also in order, judging from that last page on chapter 2. Or just the entirety of chapter 2.

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Yeah "comedy slice of life" my ass, in before the eldritch creature behind the simulation is revealed.

If it really is just a comedy slice of life then like... what the hell man.
I think the main thing that unnerves me is the way the panels flow, it's like watching a Chris Nolan movie with the amount of time weirdness, and it doesn't work like a 4-koma where each page is a separate story. There's a random panel of the background with the NPC bunnies at the end of one page that seems to suggest like "oh this is the end of this segment and we're transitioning to a new place" and then it cuts right back to the same thing.

Like this is either the most genius psychological horror I've ever seen or a cute but nonsensical yuri bait.

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It looks gayer than plenty of supposed-to-be-gay things...

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She was just pretending...nice haha
HEY THE POLICE IS HUMAN, who called the purity police here?!

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Oh,so it's not a secret horror backdrop where normal humans are being systematically replaced.

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Some very important notes were added to the credits page (page 17) of chapter 2!

Edit: Also a translation for page 09 has been added. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I'm beyond confused and not in a fun way

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I'm beyond confused and not in a fun way

Exactly, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh at 2 schoolgirls sitting next to a passed out drunk rabbit (human? WTF?!) or not. It's absurdity is equal parts amusing and concerning

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Based scanlators = Putting cultural notes at the end of each chapter

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Sugar overload

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