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Kogasa a blacksmith huh, that's new!
Would be interesting if Reimu find a way to keep that creature alive in a safe controlled environment.

Didn't she forge needles for Reimu in WaHH? Or was it one of the fairy stories

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I'm beyond confused and not in a fun way

Exactly, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh at 2 schoolgirls sitting next to a passed out drunk rabbit (human? WTF?!) or not. It's absurdity is equal parts amusing and concerning

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P. 13 - 15 is disturbing as well. I'm not sure if this will be sugar or poison

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Reisen not bullied, what a great change of pace

Yuru Yuri discussion 03 Sep 05:52
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In case it's still not clear after 13 years:

We need to protect Akari at all costs

I'm afraid we have to sacrifice her for the AkariXChina, otherwise nobody can keep the lid on that crazy.

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This is like an acid trip but in a good way. Even the usual setup - > payoff style works so well here. Had to laugh at the quintuple take. Sadly newer chapters are severely lacking in best girl anri :(

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This has the best color pages. The backgrounds blend so well with the characters, and even though everyone wears bright colors it never looks tacky.

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That felt like one of those "no homo...right" moments.

Not gonna lie, I think this would be kind of a weird conversation even if you were dating.
"I regularly imagine having organs that I don't, and what it would be like to have someone lick them."

i mean,i'm not trans or something but having a dick woud be nice
imagine all the posibilities
going to the bathroom STANDING UP

Overrated if you have to clean your own toilet. It splashes more, so you'll have to clean more often. I'd rather take the 2s to pull down my pants.

On the other hand outside it's a good gimmick.

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I had an annoying friend like Amane who had to sadly move away one day and we lost contact after a while. Sure they can be exhausting, but you miss them when they are gone :(

Overall this Manga probably didn't reinvent the wheel, but I'll miss it purely because it reminds me of a more carefree time. Quite nostalgic for me.

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I think we're coming up on the ending of the first light novel. Don't know how far the manga will go though.

Wait there's a LN?

I think the manga will probably stop at ch 12 considering how rushed this feels :/
Shame I really enjoyed their dynamic

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Himawari and sakurako also got isekai'd?

We all know who's at fault there.
Sakurako does something stupid, Himawari tries to stop it but trips, they ded

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Man every series is ending lately and this feels like it has maybe 2-3 chapters left. :(

Yuru Yuri discussion 02 Jun 03:13
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The moment you realize that Akari will become a long, long girl going by her sister.

Also Himawari not only best, but also tallest girl.

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Fun fact: 99% of all castles appearing in manga are actually the exact same castle.

In German there is a difference between a real castle "Burg" for defence, often with multiple wall rings to protect part of a town and what Neuschwanstein is; a "Schloss" which is more for prestige and houses important people. It is not for defence, so think of it as a Manor on steroids.
Thinking about it, the English equivalent term is probably palace, lmao.

Another fun fact: building that castle ruined the finances of the state in the short term, but ofc it has since become an international tourist attraction feeding the region. The reigning King "drowned" shortly after completion in a lake. There were also rumours that he was homosexual fitting the yuri theme quite nicely.

So make what you want of it. Was he crazy, did someone kill him because he was gay/ruined the finances? Whatever it is he left us a real fairy tale castle to enjoy :)

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Yuru Yuri discussion 28 May 03:30
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Lmao prez. I'm sure if you asked, you'd be carried like that without gaining weight

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As much as I may be rooting for them, I pray to god Mikoto obliterates the shit out of Bakazaki

Join me in reading the next chapter to Prodigy's "smack my bitch up"

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How to handle a confession:
The virgin-zaki: can we pretend it didn't happen
The blue gigachad: gotta save the whole world, I'll be back

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Dont blame them if you are too chicken to confess girl.

She put her tongue in her mouth in the last one cut her some slack

And the girl on the receiving end STILL thinks they're just friends. Which is the main point here, you have the two girls who are in love with the other two girls that are both EXTREMELY DENSE.

Dense? When they sparkle it's actually hawking radiation

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Another adorable chapter! I like how Mahjong has kinda replaced danmaku battles here. It opens up so many possibilities!

Taoism vs Buddhism dispute: Mahjong.
Remilia nagging at Patchouli to get out of her old dusty library once in a while: Mahjong.
Eirin having enough of Kaguya’s NEET tendencies: Mahjong.
Yukari peeping in on Reimu taking a bath, Reimu throwing a Mahjong set in her face.

Thanks scanlators for the many TNs and making it easier for me to follow what the heck is going on.

Now we need a millet soup crossover where Alice&Remi force patche to play Mahjong against Marisa. Bonus points for Koakuma teaching Shanghai how to play.

I'd die on the spot from happiness, no regrets

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Oh my god...

She was holding the book....


Also the pen materialises from one panel to the next. Literally unplayable

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This was really great- thanks for translating it ! I really like Komachi so its nice to see her get a long story.

This is by the WHH mangaka right, and set after it- meaning WHH is finished? Its translation has not been updated in 2 years- I wish some group would pick it up if its not being worked on by a group- which it certainly doesn't seem to be.

WaHH is actually finished and translated, the last 3 (?) chapters just weren't uploaded here.

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Oho seems like someone’s unhappy with the decision she made. Tho it might be because she wants to be a better dancer and knew kiki couldn’t get her there. Or cause she knew Kiki wants to be the follower and somehow figured it’d work out if she left her. Or a third vague crush reason but hopefully not.

Pretty sure she's pissed that her best friend of how many years still won't confide in her.

Nah she can go f**k herself after the stunt in the first chapter.

I hurt both of us for your sake is probably the dumbest cliché and very unhealthy.

Edit: like someone said earlier she needs a hell of an redemption arc. But not the "I did what's best for you" kind. The "I'm sorry I hurt you" kind.

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Ooof 05/2020. Little did he know.

Very cute, even though the characters feel way off from official stories.

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Wow I really, REALLY love that cover art!

Yep it looks great, I'd say they were going for this poster as inspiration:

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Alien Covenant flashbacks.

I'll do the fingering...