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It's a weird ending and I feel like it wouldn't take much for it to make more sense? It's strange to have both "Nana's efforts in the past has given them this future" and "Senpai doesn't know about this, it never happened for her" in the same ending.

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Writing timeline stuff can already be scuffed enough without the writer going "eh I dunno" and throwin' stuff at a wall

I do not get how the time travel stuff here works at all. I guess I'm not supposed to. It's not that big of a deal lol

This was... interesting, I think. I wonder what happened to senpai's husband. I dunno, fuck him tho.

Sorry for off topic, but I remember reading the manhwa your PP is from, but can't remember it's title, could you remind me?

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Yes! A story with the courage of its convictions to the last—absolutely zero fucks to give about “timelines” or “making sense” or any of that horseshit. You can just outsource that stuff to the readers.

Nana wanted to get it on with senpai in high school, and by god she does. She wants to be lovers with senpai in the present, and by god she is (nice place, too).

All’s right with the world. (Or it will be once that rocking-horse gets fixed.)

Jeanne Mathison
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...This mostly what the last few chapters were leading up, but why did she end up in a third timeline?

Yeah, it's a rushed ending that leaves a fuckton of questions unanswered.

Like: if Seto doesn't know about Nanasawa's timeslip accident, it means she never met adult Nanasawa when she was a teen. But then, how did teen Seto and teen Nanasawa get together?

Or: if this timeline had a Nanasawa who had been together with Seto for 10 years, where did she go? Or rather, where did her memories of 10 years of being together with Seto go? Because this Nanasawa doesn't remember anything of that; she woke up in the morning in what she thinks is a strange house and has zero memories of the life she's been leading for the past 10 years.

And: is it really that simple for Seto to accept that her lover, the woman with whom she had been living since their high school graduation, has basically lost all the memories they made together for the past 10 years?

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Well at least it’s a happy ending

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Anyone else get the feeling that older Seto may have been toying with Nanasawa about not remembering? She seemed like she was playing coy when she basically said "well I don't remember this but I bet you did a bunch of lewd stuff with me back then". And lastly, Nanasawa gets all pervy with Seto's younger self but just freezes up with her present day self? What's up with that?

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My rule of thumb is to not spend more thought analyzing a piece of fiction than what the creator spent making it. The series has been quite silly from the start so the mangaka is clearly not that bothered with making sense. All in all, a lighthearted ecchi comedy with a happy ending for both MC and her love interest. The same can't be said for the other timeslip series by Aoto Hibiki, which has a much more thought-out plot (not necessarily a good one) but leaves too much of a bitter taste for readers (not to mention the outrage).

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I'm visibly confused by her lack of memory...having a threesome with the future and present form of your girlfriend isn't something you just forget, and yet there were no signs she was pretending she doesn't remember... Seems like a rather glaring omission.

Rather, what, did she end up in a third timeline? So all her individual effort to push Senpai on was actually for nothing and a nameless version of herself got together with Senpai? It's such a weird and frankly disappointing choice to end the series on... If they were going with a weird ending, might as well had her leap back into the future where she has another version of herself older and they continue their threeway. lmao

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Considering the main focus of this story was always the boob-groping and lewd acts, I'm not surprised they glossed over the back to future ending. I think I would have preferred if MC had disappeared from the past and returned to a future where senpai and her past self were living together and they remembered her and they just all resumed their poly relationship. I'm not that into poly but I think it would have been a more satisfying ending instead of senpai immediately accepting her suddenly amnesiac gf's random-ass ramblings about time travel.

All in all, while the ending leaves a lot to be desired, the manga was so unpretentiously horny and wish fulfillment-y that I'll give all the vauge hand-waving concerning time travel a pass.

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That stupid rocking horse sent 7 kids back in time, before park workers closed it down.

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I am more confused on people being discontent with the ending than the ending itself. I rather enjoyed the ending. The whole reason this happened was as a result of a sorta "what if things were different with her Senpai" in the past after reuniting with her in chapter 1. So when the fast-forward happened after basically doing everything she wished she did instead in the past and got the result she wanted, to me it makes sense I guess...Yeah in theory there are 3 timelines as a result of this, the one she left and presumably is now missing from (or could be back in this one and changed), the one she was time warped back to (she even stated to everyone else that was their timeline and she was the outsider in the last few chapters), and the timeline she is placed back into as a result of her past deeds being a completely new and alternate reality as a result. Not to mention depending on what you believe in with time travel and time lines, or whose you base yours off of from fan fiction etc, there could be an infinite amount of possibilities due to one difference in an action and she could be on one of an infinite amount...ULTIMATELY DON'T THINK TOO MUCH INTO IT DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY OF TIME TRAVEL POSSIBILITIES!!!

Enjoy the happy ending for a change ^_^ I get tired of bitter / sour endings.

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I think this is a case of a bunch of people trying to make sense out of the nonsensical. In the end it does not matter, the girl gets the girl and we were just along for a wild ride on the way to the outcome

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expected but cute :^)

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Ending needed to be more gonzo frankly. I want the time loop to spiral out of control leading to an orgy between the two main characters at like every year of their lives, all together. Fucking each other, fucking themselves, then fucking each other, then fucking the very fabric of time itself.

Instead we got this which is dumb but boring and doesn't lend itself to thought or creative interpretation because we're supposed to take it at face value but also conveniently ignore that the POV character just committed like 24 chapters worth of statutory rape.


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And then an evil Nana will show up later on and will rape senpai but another Nana will show up to joi..I mean stop it. I'm watching too much MCU. Lol

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It wasn't bad but not great either. It was good enough to read it.

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i've seen enough. I'm satisfied.
Not. extra please

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There's definitely gotta be an extra to show us what the other characters are up to.

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I'm 5% disappointed that the younger self didn't time slip forward as a joke in the end, but okay. Fun nonsense series overall.

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"Wow so you traveled into the past, changed the future and now have amnesia as a result? Damn, that's crazy. Anyway, wanna fuck?"
I'm glad the manga ended just as quality as it started. Looking forward to the mangaka's next work.

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Alternate ending: MC comes back wih the same shit she was in, made a realization from past or alternate timeline. Ends up confessing her feelings to future divorced senpai, current senpai doesn't know what to feel MC thinks of backing down but knowing her senpai gal just needs a push and seduces her, cuz if her younger self fell for it why not the older one. (Lol) So seggs, senpai's self esteem is down but MC doesn't care and thinks that if she was only braver in the past for this senpai she wouldn't be a self doubting mess now. So while doing seggs MC keeps repeating good things about her senpai making the lady cry and orgasm at the same time cuz why not. Time skip senpai instead of becoming an actress became a manager instead to guide girls who were like her before cuz "all it takes is for someone to believe". And MC is trying her best to be promoted in her current job. The end. Extra story : both ladies go on an onset trip (cliche but who gives a crap. *I do *cough) they talk about the past, with senpai telling MC that she had a crush on her before she just didn't know what it was she felt and now that she does she's very happy. Upon arriving they had seggs on the hotspring (oh yeah baby) they drink and watch the moon together with the senpai saying "the moon is lovely tonight". With MC blushing and nodding as she looked at the love of her life, and with the feeling of knowing that they'll be together forever loving and doing seggs. End.

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It's a good ending compared to so many others. I think many are thinking too much about the timetravel stuff but the only thing that left me disappointed was the exclusion of selfcest

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Writing timeline stuff can already be scuffed enough without the writer going "eh I dunno" and throwin' stuff at a wall

I do not get how the time travel stuff here works at all. I guess I'm not supposed to. It's not that big of a deal lol

This was... interesting, I think. I wonder what happened to senpai's husband. I dunno, fuck him tho.

Sorry for off topic, but I remember reading the manhwa your PP is from, but can't remember it's title, could you remind me?

It's from Sadistic Beauty: Side Story

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Cute simple end. Decent way to end a lighthearted comedy.

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Ok I dropped this series like a few chapters in but I wanna know how she ended up having a threesome with herself

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