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joined May 24, 2014

Hopefully the new manga gets translated it has 5 chapters as of today

It's now on mangadex. It's about prostitution.

Marion Diabolito
joined Jan 5, 2015

I re-read this once, I think it works as a graphic novel. She's not a Mary Sue and her time-travel fixit powers are quite limited. The other manga they're talking about doesn't really have an arc, and that's what makes this one better for me. I got engaged in the plot and rooted for the MC (both versions) despite her flaws.

joined Apr 11, 2022

DAMN. that's so sweet, I love when the FMC works for the happiness of herself and the girl she loves and gets it!!!.

WAHHH yuri truly is the bestt ToT

joined Dec 16, 2015

I still want a bonus chapter where the past versions of Senpai and Nanasawa timeslip into the future and there is a four-way with their older selves.

joined Mar 8, 2016

Anyone been able to find the print volumes omake scanned anywhere? I spent (too much) time searching but couldn't dig anything up.

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