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Is it only me thinking when this title finally gets the depressing as fuck tag?((( it breaks my heart(

It has the drama and angst tags, I believe that's enough. Sure, one of the characters is (likely) going to die, but the story is written in such a heartfelt way that it doesn't feel depressing, just sad.

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If Kaori dies, and neither of them confesses before that, I will be on the news

I feel this on every level.
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I'm literally waiting for this series to conclude before I can bring myself to work through it...

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Kaori is very insistent on everyone getting along after she's gone. By force, if necessary. Although in her defense, it does seem to work out well, Ruri already decided to come with the intention of getting over her fears, and actually spending some time with just the two of them should help her not just with this, but to feel better about herself in general.

Yep, she's extremely emotionally intelligent and is trying to use her situation as a catalyst for change in the relationships and lives of those around her that will have to fill space with her loss.

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I- I started reading this yday and have now caught up with all 27 chapters and I am not okay ;( this might be one of my new favourite GL manga. I love how they have dealt with trauma, and all the characters that have been introduced are very well written. It’s a simple premise done masterfully imo. Im so glad I finally decided to read “the summer you were there”. Last night after finishing chapter 26 it took me a few hours before I just started bawling my eyes out when I was getting ready to go to bed. I know where this story is going and I know we’re at the finish line, but I don’t want it to be over. Just like Shizuku I want this story to last. <3

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I had thought this was just for Ruri, but Shizuku herself is healing through the time they spent together as well. ^_^

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That was a very touching and even heartwarming moment between these two. Seeing how Shizuku, and even Ruri, have grown and decided to move forward.

Whether directly or not, none of this would have happened if not for Kaori. It's amazingly bittersweet how especially in her condition, she shone a brilliant light over the life of so many, and it's oddly satisfying to see her "work" bear fruit.

This is kinda me projecting personal feelings unto the work, but I think that now, going forward, I want to see Shizuku open up and confess to Kaori, and try to treasure every moment with her. I want to see her acknowledge how she pretty much turned her life around, and make sure to always remember and cherish her and let her know that she always will.

I also want Kaori to fucking live but that's besides the point. This chapter has been wonderful, and I am anxiously looking forward to the two's alone time.

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My chest is hurting and yet I'm happy. It's a contradictory feeling. I'm glad I read this story.

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So like this is one hundred percent going to be their last date right

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So like this is one hundred percent going to be their last date right

99.99%, let me a little hope :(

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Please please let there be a confession during their date. Pleaseeee

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This feels like an eerie calm before the storm. You know it's coming, but it hasn't come (yet), so you're just sitting there anxiously.

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Now to enjoy themselves,maybe for the last time,with the sins of the past on their way to heal,the dread of the future will become just a bit more bearable.

Do all that you can,do all that you want,before it all closes on you.

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With the amount of tension this series dishes out already it could easily transition into a horror manga

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This chapter was rough ... I pretty much started crying in the middle of the chapter while typesetting it... (._. )

As mentioned in the announcement page — KimiTsuzu has been nominated for in the NEXT MANGA AWARDS this year too!

This might be the last chance for KimiTsuzu to rank in the award, as the series is coming to its conclusion, and the cutoff for participation is at 5 volumes.

You can vote for KimiTsuzu (and a few other mangas you like) here: You only need Twitter or Facebook account to vote. Voting ends July 10th, 2023.

And with that, until next time~

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It hurts so much bros. Thanks for the chapter.

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No, no, no. Say it now! I've seen this played out before. Don't wait for tomorrow. Say it now!

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something tells me she's not gonna be able to say that thing she wants to say tomorrow

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Im feeling sad unhappy heartbroken depressed miserable sorry bad melancholy upset

I wish it had a way to save kaori, it hurts too close to home, my mom can die anytime soon, shes fine but sometimes shes not, and the doctors told us that her situation is not good, but it has chances if she receive a transplant, i wish i could give my heart to mom, similar to shizuku...

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Ha ha ha ha this isn't what a date supposed to make you feel. I feel like I'll die first before kaori with this amount of pain this chapter has :')

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Usually the "I won't say 'I love you' until it's too late" trope simply aggravates me to no end but in this case you know she's not going to say it before Kaori dies and that's just going to break my heart.

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Can we all admit we breathe a sigh of relief when we don't see that "Tragedy" tag, and then after finishing the chapter become paranoid the next chapter will contain what we've all been expecting this whole time. We heard it at the very start, there's no real happily ever after for these two.

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every time i brace myself and every time it hurts more than i expect it to T.T

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Imagine Shizuku dies instead of Kaori bc she can’t bear to lose Kaori now at this point and she’s desperate enough to do something stupid to cause her to be able to transplant a necessary organ.

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