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The YuriWitch
joined Dec 23, 2020

Wow. She's better at manipulating people than any other chick I've seen in a yuri manga. Her heart's as dark and cold as black ice...

joined Dec 5, 2019

Shortie is the best ever. So much pain and so much craziness I love It.

And It is true that for miss tall short hair has not considered her feelings for even a moment

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joined Jul 6, 2020

Lesbian fight club

joined Jan 30, 2013

Bro this rlly is lesbian fight club. I'm so confused and annoyed by everyone lol

joined Jul 24, 2020

well that's some healthy relationships, nothing cant get worse from that XD

joined Jul 22, 2017

Hwayeon gets more interesting by the chapter. I love her

joined Apr 7, 2016

Hwayeon annoyed me before, but now I genuinely dislike her. I've met people like her before, and all of them were the literal definition of emotional vampire. I really hope MC realizes this soon and gets away from her. Honestly, having Jisoo in her life seems to be good for her, whether that's romantic or friendship. While she may have started off pursuing Jeongwon because she reminded her of an old friend, she seems to genuinely like Jeongwon as her own person now.

joined May 18, 2021

This manipulative bitch ticking me off, I love this so much tho?!?? I don't think i've seen such an accurate portrayal of an abusive relationship on quite some time, really makes you wanna slap a hoe <33

joined Jun 6, 2013

So the scanlating group says they are in urgent need of a proofreader. I'm guessing that person needs to know Korean? If they just need to know English, I could possibly help proofread.

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joined May 1, 2018

I love this series and if they need help with this series then I can offer it. The invite link for the discord is expired tho so I can't really reach them. I can read and understand Korean and Ive used Photoshop and illustrator before so I could help cleanup and proofread. Anyone know how to contact them?

joined Aug 22, 2013

Actually, what she's feeling is Envy, Jealousy is feeling like something you already have is under threat, whereas Envy is wanting something that you can't have.

That's an interesting distinction that I can see being useful, but I don't think those words actually are distinct that way in either dictionary definitions or usage.
I have a similar thing--I like to see a distinction between ethics and morals, where ethics are grounded in some kind of philosophical principle, while morals are based in community standards, religious strictures and similar authority-based foundations, and may from an ethical position be completely arbitrary. Note that religious texts can contain ethical principles, like "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". So in this scheme, for instance, disapproving of gays is a moral position, not an ethical one, since all the justifications for it ultimately come down to "God says" or "That's what the community thinks", but nobody ever advances any actual reasons why gayness is a bad thing.
I think it's a useful distinction and I think there's some basis for it in usage, but in the end I can't really defend it. Pity.

I completely agree with you on the separation of these concepts. There is also morality and spirituality. Many people also confuse these words. Sometimes morality and ethics are used interchangeably. I recommend looking at examples on this topic on where, in addition to essays, you can read summaries and research papers on ethics. When a distinction is made between the two terms, speaking of morality, they mean mainly external behavior, and by morality, a system of intrinsic motivation. For me, ethics is a discipline that studies morality and ethics, and spirituality in secular vocabulary often means a person's cultural life.

How can we thumbs up a thread?

joined Feb 16, 2021

Was this dropped?

joined Feb 16, 2021

For anyone that wants to apply I got the link just email them I’m assuming

OrangePekoe Admin
joined Mar 20, 2013

bebop posted:

Was this dropped?

Ah, no it hasn't been dropped! I would expect to see regular releases (or a mass release?) in the near future.

joined Jul 6, 2020

Ah everyone better dig in and get comfortable because this triangle is about to get messy, and stay messy for a looooooong time

joined Oct 2, 2021

Hwayeon's a really entertaining little muddafarkar.

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Hwayeon is the real centerpiece of this story. Take her out of it, and it immediately turns into a wholesome College romance between a depressed tomboy and an adorkable biker girl.

joined Dec 12, 2021

i feel bad for soojung, even if she got rid of a POS :(

EDIT: holy cake, hwayeon is so ... i don't have words.

She got angry at the motorcycle girl, being that the girl tried to help her

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joined Mar 4, 2018

Reading this series sure tires me out.

joined Dec 5, 2019

Trouble or bust!!!!!!

I love that toxic girl so much is insane.

Actually her and biker girl are turning out to be more interesting than MC, maybe they ditch MC and get together themselves in a enemies to lovers ark

joined Feb 18, 2015

What a cliffhanger!

joined Jun 6, 2013

... Seriously? That's where the cliffhanger is? Damn.

joined Sep 7, 2021

From Chapter 1 I can already tell then I am gonna hate this, but I guess I'll keep reading it anyway, because it seems kinda kinky. XD

joined Jun 22, 2018

man, the side-view shots in this chapter reminded me just how insanely long their necks are

joined Jul 6, 2020

Communication? In my college age messy love triangle manhwa? I somehow doubt that things will be resolved but good luck Jeongwon with resolving all these tangled lines

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