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5 funny chapters then chapter 6 so blueee... Still interesting

joined Mar 19, 2020

This premise is prime territory for an eye ball licking scene to happen.

This is true but why would you say it?

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Maybe it’s just me but I don’t care for the art style.

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It's like that other manga, but less brutal

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There are definitely ways to make your eyes water without inflicting physical pain. Maybe they should research some more methods XD

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Just use onion spray lol

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Just use onion spray lol

I mean crying from onion spray would just bother me more personally, I'd rather take the pain

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There are definitely ways to make your eyes water without inflicting physical pain. Maybe they should research some more methods XD

Let's be honest, they both get off on the SM aspect here way too much to bother.

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This artstyle is somehow similar to Mochi

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Someone is excited for a date.

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Someone is excited for a date.

its me.

i'm the excited one

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Maybe it’s just me but I don’t care for the art style.

Really? I think the art style is quite good actually! Maybe not the absolute greatest I’ve ever seen, but it’s nice.

Softer, rounder faces, and there’s something really expressive in the characters’ eyes and mouths. And the hair is just nice, I especially like Kokono’s hair for some reason.

It’s a bit different, but it’s nice. To each their own, though, of course.

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Seems like partner abuse just masked with cute art and supernatural bs lol.

Closer to BDSM....and well, as Ch6 shows, its kind of a coping mechanism for her.

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What a bunch of cuties <3

joined Apr 9, 2020

Oh, I hope that there's more tickling in later chapters.

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I'm more of a werewolf kinda guy but this vamp is alright.

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Not gonna lie but 'pinching to the point of tears' got me really uncomfortable. By chapter 4 or so I was like "why not just tickle her??"

So I'm glad they're being more inventive than pseudo-ryona

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It seems like Nami knows she is gay but is closeted, and that's her secret.

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(Ch. 8) S&M yuri is truly a gift. This is a very horny story and I like it. But seriously, what I think is really cool about this is how blurred the lines are between something routine and sort of platonic and something clearly thirsty (lmao) and romantic, plus how this daily routine for them seems constantly on the verge of turning into pretext-less making out or a shift in their relationship.

I love how the thing anchoring this story in its (currently) stable episodic format is Nami’s pride and shame to admit the she gets off on the pain, it’s like there’s this one emotional loadbearing bolt that we get to see twist around and start to worry loose, and that really fits with the BDSM theme.

It’s also really cool that the past couple chapters have been showing a much deeper emotional circumstance underlying the story—it’s not just a gag manga where they’ve just set up this scenario, it gets into how Nami’s life is pretty fucked and like some masochists the pain is a relief from the much scarier and deeper emotional pain of her home life. Similarly, seeing how she agreed to their arrangement without even really believing Kotono was a vampire makes the stuff she’s agreed to stand out even more, as, from a reader perspective, it gets rid of a lot of plausible deniability for why she’s doing this.

I hope we can get a little more on Kotono in the next couple chapters!

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Shipper on deck. Seems the serious moments are appearing more often. Still overall lighthearted but perhaps soon Nami will have to face her insecurities. Wonder if we will get any info on Kotono's backstory.

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This whole series is BDSM to be honest

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"Just lick me already" - Nami, best girl

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kokomo that was kinda low i mean, nami's feelings were genuinely hurt

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I guess all of them kinda have big ears so Kokono’s don’t seem that weird

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I wonder if the odd expressions kokono makes are hinting in a yuri feel or something more akin to her looking at nami as food

excited to see how this plays out

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