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joined Aug 28, 2018

The World always need more Vampire Yuri

joined Jun 27, 2014

Nami's such a tsundere. A kinky, kinky tsundere.

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joined Jun 3, 2014

This premise is prime territory for an eye ball licking scene to happen.

joined Apr 21, 2017

Gag manga is great, but it always leaves me wanting more

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joined Nov 9, 2017

I can’t get past the elf ears.

joined Jun 19, 2020

Its so good to see this here! cant wait for more tho...
joined Aug 15, 2020

not bad i guess..?

joined Apr 27, 2013

More depth than I expected from a silly fetish manga

joined Jun 27, 2014

Ouch, that last chapter (in more ways than one!)

joined Dec 3, 2019

The fuck did I just read?

joined May 20, 2013

Is this how they become step-sisters?

joined Nov 22, 2019

This is pretty sad. All she wants is intimacy but the vampire thinks shes into pain and shes too lonely and depressed to stop. At least she is adamant about controlling the boundaries, treating consent as a joke is far too common in yuri manga.

joined Apr 2, 2013

She’s a vampire but her tear radar isn’t working.
That last scene. Needs her to pop out and stop the depression.

joined May 3, 2020

i really thought she was a masochist but it's like self-harm :(

joined Mar 5, 2016

huh well this is going places

joined Jun 27, 2017

Hrrrm. Hopefully there'll be a reveal later on that shows she isn't just into it because she's already in pain anyway; that'd be disappointing.

joined Dec 20, 2013

3 years is a long time already to mourn ! you're being a bit selfish her girl...

joined Dec 13, 2017

Nice to see another vampire yuri. Although it's too early to judge it's actually good or not, I am enjoying the premise. The last time this genre was given proper justice imo was in Killing Me! by Akiyama. I was depressed for 2 months when I came to know that it was cancelled.

joined Mar 8, 2020

I feel like originally instead of tears... It's going to be something else.

joined Feb 22, 2019

I want moooooar!

joined Feb 27, 2018

3 years is a long time already to mourn ! you're being a bit selfish her girl...

Are you seriously calling a child selfish for not getting over their mother’s death? That’s messed up...

joined Dec 30, 2018

3 years is a long time already to mourn ! you're being a bit selfish her girl...

Someone has had a smooth life without struggles I see

joined Apr 3, 2018

Seems like partner abuse just masked with cute art and supernatural bs lol.

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That is clearly not a bamboo ladel. Disregarding the metallic sheen, you can see the fucken rivet.

joined Oct 17, 2018

Ever since killing me!! I've been trying to find a good vampire yuri it was so good and I was sad when they announced it was canceled but vampeerz is saving me at the moment!

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