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Is there a group already translating the light novel? I can download the raws, but idk how to translate them.

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Well, this has yuri tag, so fingers' crossed.

How common is it in the Japanese entertainment industry to act completely differently at work and at home? Like, everyone does that to some extent, but is it common for the difference to be so stark?

Probably no less common than other actors, imo.

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I can imagine someone making a NSFW with these girls in angry sex.

... Heavy breathing noises...

I'm just going to take it as read that these girls are fucking like rabbits offscreen.

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So is Pyxis doing a reading voice over or even better than that?

Itou Miku with another work yes!!!!
Will be interesting to see how Moe Toyota voices Watanabe. Hearing a gloomy version of Moe’s voice is going to be a huge contrast to all the fuee’s I know from Kanon from Bang Dream! Hello Happy World!

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The file size hurts

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that blush though

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It's not tagged as yuri on comic-walker.

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This reminds me of Gal and Otaku, what with the gyaru secretly being a fan of the quiet girl's alter ego.

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This looks like it could be pretty entertaining.

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Love it already.

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Maaaaan wow this is so good. Even if it doesn't turn out being Yuri I don't care, is already really good.

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It's not tagged as yuri on comic-walker.

Jokes on you it is now

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It's not tagged as yuri on comic-walker.

Jokes on you it is now

No it's not.

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All aboard the crack ship! I love when two people start hating each other for things that eventually drive them crazy for each other.

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Whoa. This caught my interest immediately. I love enemies-to-lovers yuri.

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How, I wonder, can anyone read this story and question whether it's yuri?

If it was plain vanilla hetero shoujo stuff, there would be hunky boys around Satou -- acting all cool and catching her eye -- from the very first chapter.

And Watanabe would most certainly be a MALE.

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Someone know where to read the light novel version?

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Great job, Arite. As always.

This is, for me, a pretty impressive and strong start. I immediately fell in love with the dynamics between the girls.

Which means... Yes, like all the cultured members in this forum I, too, am looking forward to the angry, I mean, passionate lovemaking that hopefully will commence as soon as their love for each other has been figured out along with the emotional baggage they carry.

If not that, then resolving issues with a kiss on the forehead and handholding are very much appreciated too.

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Whoa. This caught my interest immediately. I love enemies-to-lovers yuri.


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Loving the story! Loving the art! Can't wait for more chapters.
ps. I also shipped my seiyuu's irl lol XD

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ooh, looks interesting

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I smell trouble.

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Oh god...I lost it when she told her that "there's no way someone as gloomy as you has any friends who'll stand in line with her."

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Page 8 "segment introducing* yourselves"

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