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Is Asumi the most powerfull botton in the universe?


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AHHHH When she held her wrists uppppp- shit got me nervyyyy ^_^^^^^

BRUH I had to look away. How do I get me a Nanao?

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Senpai finally making her move. You can always count on her to get the plot moving

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OMG the page in which Nanao held down Asumi is sooo hotttt. That look of Nanao made me fall for her even more. Now I can only look forward to chapters that have Nanao trying different kinds of kink with Asumi....

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I'm a bit surprised that we still are going with the Moderate amounts of sex tag.

This manga has "moderate" amounts of sex?!?!?!?

I'd love to meet the taggers who made that choice and ask them exactly what it is that they call lots and heaps and truckloads of sex.

I think the "moderate" is used since not their full body is shown during the r-18 scenes (the most important part is usually out of frame or pseudo-censored). I don't mind this at all though

This is just guesswork, but I think that the difference between "moderate amounts of sex" and "lots of sex" is what proportion of the work is dedicated to sex scenes versus non-sex scenes. There are definitely manga on this site where the majority of pages feature sex acts. Whereas this chapter had 17 pages of nudity out of 36, which is (just barely) less than half, so the majority of the chapter is not sex.

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Lost all interest in this.

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She also has the ability to contact Asumi but is being very lax about the whole thing.

Does she? How?

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She also has the ability to contact Asumi but is being very lax about the whole thing.

Does she? How?

Mai knows that Asumi has been seeing the girls at her job. In one chapter she follows them and sees Asumi right before her but hides, remembering her friend's advice: "If you just wait she'll book you eventually."

She has the means to find her or let her know that she's there, with the help of the girls, but chooses to wait for Asumi to find her instead. Plus, Mai is friends with the girls, who know she's looking for Asumi (based on their conversations). Rather than wait to be booked, she could ask them to let Asumi know that Mai is looking for her. None of the girls seem like that would be an issue for them and she knows Asumi is in the area.

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I know it's like already so old but, I am rereading and I still think the manager is beautiful.

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As much as I love Nanao and wish for her to be happy, Asumis too high on the getting done by a bunch of pretty ladies scott and commitment free for Nanao's subconscious desire for a monogamous loving relationship to work out. Hope Nanao gets herself a gf wholl love her with as much passion as she loves Asumi umu

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