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I didn't really understand. I want a plot I understand. But I don't. So I'm just gonna....go...

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When I browsed through the raws some time back, I figured this wouldn’t be the highest quality manga that ever existed. But sheesh, now that it’s being translated, the setup to this story is worse than I thought. Hope folks enjoy rapey-seme kohai with weak-willed uke senpai type scenarios.

Either way, kudos to the translator getting it started.

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I did'nt understand anything... but okay

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I can't tell if this went to far, or not far enough.

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I can't find the words for this, at the beginning I thought it was gonna be about some really passionate lovers or something, but then the rest happened, so Idk.

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Where are girls like this in my school??
If I accidentally see a girl crying I would get a glare and next day she would tell me to forget what happened :(

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just girly things~

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This was just bad. I personally think stories should have some level of logic, but maybe my standards are too high, idk.

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....? Things escalated quickly... I hope there's another chapter to elaborate why that just happened. The first page has me thingking maybe there's more?

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Okay. PWP.

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There's a lot oneshot Yuri that only lusting each other and didnt have story in it
Like this one

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This isn't actually a one shot if anyone was wondering. So bizarre that this is the first one being translated.

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exhentai has this named as chapter 1, so hopefully there's more to see, we're clearly missing quite a bit of what leads from where this ends to what we saw on the first page.

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wait what

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it feels like there's more to this...

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Sure seems like a lot of molestation and/or rape isn’t getting tagged around here lately. :-/

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It’s 5-6 chapters? But i have ony seen ch 5 so far and none of the others, so this wil be fun

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Read a couple pages and had to back out. I rarely ever do that. Too much harassment/rape with a weird rushed af storyline...not in the mood for pwp right now lol

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Can we have the what the fuck am I reading tag?

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sooooo... basically it's just shameless, plotless smut?!? Okay!! At least they both got laid...

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what is this porn w/o plot,, but i should still thank the translators and all bc yall have to put up with that lol

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