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Now that you mentioned it, I had to look it up. But it is not water, her name consists of
睡 sui - drowsy, sleep and
蓮 ren - lotus

睡蓮 - water lily

Shame. Thought it might mean something, but this is clearly just random coincidence.

ah okay, so that's it. Thanks. I just looked up the kanji seperately without knowing japanese that much^^

After rereading this I am so reminded of xxxHolic. Anyone? Yuko is also tall, has percing eyes and smokes nonstop. So that's why I instantly liked Suiren.

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This was really good

never wheat shredded eat
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She's a snake woman surrounded by fish guards, if anything this is definitely Not Lizard

Mods confirm: Not Lizard

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That's a lot of characters on the last page. Are there gonna be more stories from this author?

You should check out their pixiv. There's an entire cinematic universe of big older woman x small young woman. One of them, not shown on that page, even has a harem of tall ladies she is living with. Her name is Ema.

Harem of tall ladies

Living the fucking dream

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the raws look so amazing. i wonder if anyone is currently working on them O.o

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It's just one of those mangas that you don't want a chapter to end and when it does you just crave for more

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Tiny jealous snake is so cute.

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I adore this. Nobody does seductive flirts like Nagori.

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Wow, I'm captivated.

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Wouldn't it be hilarious if the last chapter had a vore tag? :)

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Wouldn't it be hilarious if the last chapter had a vore tag? :)

Please noooo

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Food for my sooooouuuuuulll

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She kis
She pat
But most importantly
She protec from attac

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yaay, another one, had to re read the first chapter, felt like it had been so long

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Can we have a Insane Amounts Of Fluff tag?

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Wouldn't it be hilarious if the last chapter had a vore tag? :)

I would be up for mock vore, where Suiren swallows Suzu, only for the "stomach" to instead be more or less a den of lesbian serpentine tentacles that Suiren uses to give the utmost of pleasure to her lover, before eventually regurgitating her.

And yes, lesbian tentacles are now a thing.

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This is so cute!!

It will end in Vore and Tragedy, though.

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I love this... Thank you so much Sexy Aikaba Detectives for picking it up <33333

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Suiren is good snek

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Kept you waiting, huh?

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"I shant hear it"
She's one smooth snek

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Yeeeees ! I need more of this in my life. Mooooore.
Thank you Sexy Akiba Detective (your team name always makes me sneer stupidly, by the way. it sound like something from some wacky anime)

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The ear blowing thing... Hoo boy. There's a certain way in which normally sexual boundaries can be crossed that, when sex isn't on the table, just become extremely sensual, and that's basically this whole manga.

I need to go cool myself off. Hope there's more to come!

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