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I have been a member here for many years and the site has always been marketed as a mainly yuri/gl site with the only HET was that which was relative to a yuri or gl story.

The site was literally never marketed as such. Ever. Anywhere. I am talking specifically about the "only HET was that which was relative to a yuri or gl story". This was never stated by any site staffer in any thread. This is literally something you made up and then head-canoned it as true because it sounded true to you or some such.

A commenter named "none" posted that Dynasty was never a yuri site.

This is disingenuous in the extreme. What none actually said was that "Dynasty was never a yuri site, just a site with lots of yuri". The other part of the quote makes it more than clear, plus, in a follow-up post none explicitly stated that "no mod ever "marketed" it as a yuri- only site", which is completely true. Dynasty was never a yuri-only site.

You yourself call Dynasty a "mainly yuri site", which is absolutely correct. Your problem, however, seems to be that you are using the term "mainly" as a synonym for "only", which should go without saying is blatantly wrong.

Peko has provided actual statistics, so I will simply give an example in regards to tags. The list of individual chapters tagged with Het is currently 93 pages long, the list of Yaoi chapters is 15 pages long, and the Yuri list is 718 pages long.

This is not a yuri- only site. This never was a yuri-only site. This is a mostly-yuri site, and there are no indications of this status changing. The problem you are seeing literally does not exist.

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...the implications should tell you coming in that the story is going this way.

Reading the title also works.

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Despairyuri posted:

Just why??
Dam author
This manga really good until you bring some toys into
it's like saying they're interested a fat dick and just want to sex with this thing.
I really disappointed when read this chapter.
I really have a bad feeling for this manga

Dude. It's porn.

Not to mention that "it's like saying they're interested a fat dick" is complete and utter nonsense (bonus points for it being openly and genuinely denied by the character in question). Plenty of real life lesbians use toys. The "purity" that some people apply to lesbian fiction just boggles the mind.

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I'm tired of yuri manga being consumed mostly by men and not sapphic women

Isn't it like 50/50?

It is. There was actually a Dynasty-specific survey conducted.

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All these people saying "The mom is unrealistic!"

Like, yeah, clearly, the mom who literally just fucked off after her divorce and left her teenage daughter to live by herself and fend for herself, to the point that she was just skipping school entirely at the start of the series....That parent is a bad parent? What shock! What stunning and contrived drama! Why I can't believe it at all! /s

Guys. Sora's mom was always going to be awful. She was visibly neglectful with her mere absence. She abandoned her kid and left her to live alone, without supervision. If Ayaka hadn't come to get her, she'd have flunked the year and been about to be held back a year by now. At best.

She was -already- an abusive parent, this just cemented that that abuse is also physical.

If you think it's contrived, I have news for you. You know someone with an abusive parent. Some of you may not know you do, because they don't talk about it, but they're there, participating in your daily life. And given that Honda's mom was visibly abusive, she was always going to be a natural impediment to their relationship in one way or another. The seeds for this "sudden twist" were in chapter one.

That doesn't mean you gotta like it! You can dislike the twist, you can not want to see that kind of content. If you just don't like it, I don't have a problem with that. But it's not unrealistic, it's not unlikely, it's not even contrived, and it is definitely not sudden. Some tropes are common because the events they depict are also common.

Sora was -introduced- as a character with visibly awful parents, that's why when mom showed back up, a lot of us knew she was going to be an obstacle, because we already knew she was awful.

Writing this wall after a whole page of people saying it's realistic is very bad timing.

Which is funny, since that is exactly what people were complaining about in regards to the mother. With good cause. Because this wall of text is wrong in one particular aspect, the mother is contrived. The contrivance arises from her timing, not her actual depiction. She is a realistic character, yes. Her sudden appearance in and of itself is also not a problem. Her sudden appearance at exactly this point in the story? Contrived.

And people pointed this out several times already, but the wall of text above chose to ignore that point completely. Why did she not suddenly appear sooner? Or why did she not suddenly appear after the girls have been together for a while? Instead, she suddenly appeared at exactly this point in the story, just when the main couple had finally worked through their communication problems and connected. Literally the same day the girls managed to overcome the barrier between them, the mother appears.

In other words, previous issues got resolved and there was no more drama, no more conflict, and immediately we get the mother. She was not even needed as a story element to progress the narrative. Imagine for a moment if she appeared before the girls solved their issues. Her appearance could then have had a purpose, to spur the main couple to reach out to one another and get over the barrier in their communication, because they would now be faced with the prospect of being separated for good, before they even had a chance to fully realise and express what they mean to each other.

But nope, all of that gets resolved and then literally on the same day, bam! Mother is home. And an entirely new and separate conflict thus begins.

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This manga was never meant to be yuri. Author and editor said that from the start. I don't know why anyone expected anything.

That's what we're told, but it just doesn't jive with what we're presented with. The manga, when taken at face value, starts out as a fragile love story between two awkward teenagers, and either the author did not consciously do this and tried to weasel her way of out this by changing direction, or she got told off by her editor to cut it out in order not to hurt sales. Of course this could also have been a deliberate decision from the start, which would make it even worse.

It's a shame how this charming tale of teenage love gets dropped half-way and veers off into a vague narrative about depression because one girl feels lonely because she doesn't see the other as much anymore, or whatever that nonsense was supposed to be. Unfortunately this type of development is not uncommon in Japanese media, which seems to be fascinated by same-sex romance but can't seem to get over the hurdle of institutionalized homophobia.

Literally nothing in your post is correct in any way, shape, or form. Both BeanBeanKingdom and Palmfire already adequately covered the actual points, so I will not waste time on repeating them. I will however draw attention to something that I personally find hilarious. The "author and editor said that from the start" part is not even new information. Scanlators themselves clearly stated this on their website ages ago. In fact, I pointed this out and even linked said webpage in this thread three years ago or some such. A couple other people also tried pointing this out. But we got blasted by the "lololol it is obviously yuri lololol are you blind lololol the story elements are more than clear" crowd.

I am guessing people mistook our attempts as... trying to supress yuri? Trying to ruin people's hype? When in point of fact we were just trying to caution people against doing what you obviously did in the end. Which is building wrong expectations despite clear and direct warnings, and then later shitting on the story when it inevitably does not deliver what it never intended to deliver in the first place. The problem is with you, and not with the story.

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I knew what would happen since I saw the mother appearing at the end of the last chapter. I did not know how over-the-top it will be. Brutal slap on page 3, provoked by literally two short sentences on the part of Sora...

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Girlfriend cheated —> DUMP her
There’s a big chance she will do it again.
There’s really no excuse for having full on sex with her ex while she’s in a relationship with Maki. Then she felt horrible after doing it and plays the victim. Like WTF! Is Maki a joke to her?

Maki doesn't know that Liz cheated, she thinks she was acting strange because she was risking her job over their relationship.
When the "revelation" chapter drops, oh boy...

If the story of Maki's previous relationship is anything to go by, there will be no "oh boy". She caught her former grillfriend red-handed and still took her back. In the end, that cheating grillfriend was the one who dumped Maki, not the other way around.

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There were basically two issues with the previous "ending", the ambiguity and the lack of context as to how we got there (them being a couple). Someone just pointed out to me, and it is a good observation and a plausible scenario, that the author probably tried addressing both of these issues with this chapter. If so, it was a bad idea. Addressing one point could have been done relatively well, that point being the ambiguity.

For example, when Risako asked if they were dating, Uta could have started panicking ("oh no, she figured it out, what do I say???") and then a drunk Kaoru kisses her or blurts something out, basically proving that the two are together. That way the implication of the previous chapter would have been confirmed and any uncertainty over whether or not they are together would have been removed.

The other point, the complete lack of context, is basically unsolvable in the format of a single chapter. It is something that would require either a rewrite of significant portions of the manga, or numerous additional chapters. As such, it was better left alone. But the author seems to have chosen to tackle this as well and not only confirm the status of the main couple, but also show us how they got together, and it is just... contrived and out-of-nowhere. For all intents and purposes, this epilogue could have been a stand-alone doujin and you would hardly feel like there was context missing, that is how much bearing the previous 37 chapters have on this ending.

Edit: Oof! Well, I did say the idea was not mine... you were just slower on the draw, Nev.

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deuxyeon posted:

There's still an epilogue

You mean there's epilogue to epilogue? Yea, they totally didn't add it last minute!

The last chapter was never called an epilogue. Also it's not their fault that people like you couldn't understand that they did get together at the end. Look at the damn necklace and they even move in together. Yet people like you complained about the ending and now that we get a nice epilogue you bitch and moan again. just read the damn chapter and shut up yeah?

This is sheer nonsense. Everyone understood that they got together—people were just disgusted that, after years of dicking around in the plot, the author couldn’t be bothered to show how, why, or under what conditions they got together.

And now it turns out they actually were not together.

"Also it's not their fault that people like you couldn't understand that they did get together at the end. Look at the damn necklace and they even move in together." I already covered the necklace in a previous post (it is not even the same necklace), but apparently people who "couldn't understand that they got together at the end" were onto something. Because, as it turns out, they really were not together. Of course, this actually feels like a retcon, and the previous chapter probably did intend to imply they were a couple now, but the fact the author chose to essentially retcon that in favour of a more clear (and also more contrived) ending also speaks volumes about the writing quality here.

I included deuxyeon's post in full this time because it is yet another marvellous example of the "shut up with the criticism" argument, if you can call that an argument. It has been somewhat thematic here that people who try to defend the writing on this fall in one of two camps; they either invent elaborate fanfics that explain the plotholes and the inconsistencies, or they just straight up tell you to shut up with the negative criticism. It is telling that no one is actually using the work itself to try and convince others it is well written.

As for this chapter, I actually think it made a disservice to the narrative. It was better, in my opinion, to just leave the story where the previous chapter ended, even with the somewhat ambiguous situation between Kaoru and Uta.

Here is the thing, the only reason this chapter exists is to show people that yes, they are together now. As Blastaar's post clearly shows, enough people already inferred this from the end of the penultimate chapter, so from that point of view the actual last chapter is redundant and basically pointless.
The problem was not whether or not they got together, but how they got together, which this new chapter does show, but in the worst possible way. The "how" is basically the entire point of this manga, or at least one of its central themes (will they or will they not, and if yes, how). It is not something that can be crammed into a single chapter haphazardly tacked on at the end.

Previous chapter at least showed that a lot of time has passed, and the implication was that the experiences they had over that time resulted in them being together. There was still the problem of not showing any of those experiences, but at least you could make a plausible fanfiction scenario in your head.
But as it turns out, they got together only just now, after Kaoru has apparently been realising her feelings for some time (not actually shown, of course), got drunk one evening, and confessed. The end. It is literally shown and explained in a couple of pages. In a 38-chapter manga such a development feels incredibly contrived. I just think that the previous chapter functioned better in this regard, even if it was somewhat ambiguous.

And of course, the existence of this chapter renders the ending of the previous one completely pointless, since it retcons the biggest implication the previous chapter had, namely that they were together. And I do believe it is a retcon. I think chapter 37 was meant as an actual ending, strongly implying they were now a couple, but after getting negative responses the author decided to add this epilogue.

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It feels like a lot of people in the comment section are out of touch , and have no empathy. Creating chapters for this story is not the decision of the manga artist itself. She could have wanted 10 more chapters 10 more books it's still not up to her it's up to her publisher. Yuri is also considered a niche manga genre in Japan as well, and a lot of amazing yuri mangas get axed. The feelings of westerners reading a translated version for free is meaningless as you are giving them no capital for their work and people should honestly just appreciate what they can get and show some respect . But that's just my take.

Your take basically boils down to "bad writing is excusable because of this list of at best tangentially related reasons". Here is the thing, real life circumstances certainly can and do influence the writing quality to an extent, but bad writing is still bad writing and people are free to criticise it as such. A car speeding by you and hitting a puddle splashes you with mud, head to toe. The driver may have had good reasons for speeding, maybe someone in their family had a medical emergency. Fine and dandy, but it does not change the fact you are now covered in mud.

And that is just regarding the publishing aspects you brought up, those are the tangentially related reasons. Your next argument, "you are not paying so you should not criticise", has no relation to anything whatsoever and essentially amounts to "shut up and appreciate this, your opinion is meaningless". I hope you understand this is not going to happen.

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^ Wow, the person waited 7 years for a reply and that is all you gave them?? Wow...

On a more serious note, you were not entirely correct. Marseille is from Strike Witches. The "Star of Africa", she is a Karlsland ace with a mostly one-sided rivalry with Hartmann and openly hostile towards Barkhorn.

Krupinski is from Brave Witches, a spin-off series. The "Countess", she is also a Karlsland ace, enjoys alcohol and women.

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Also, on the topic of this series, not a fan, I must say. The "impossible" grill is just too much over the top with her "naaaah, two girls would never go out together" attitude. Like, on the one hand, she categorically states that lesbian relationships are literally "impossible", but later shows signs she is aware lesbians do, in fact, exist. So which one is it? Because one of these points literally defeats the other.

Plus, her ego and her preoccupation with popularity and hogging all the attention, engineering her personality and talking points on the basis of "what will please people/earn me the most points", it all just annoys me, I can not stand people like that. So the prospects her falling for the rich grill honestly do not interest me. Bonus points for the other protagonist being the polar opposite and the vapid popular grill not being able to deal with her on the account of that.

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Speaking of dumb girls, her whole group is worrying, like that girl who brought up the sugar daddy topic in the first place and the fact that they think is just going to eat fancy dinner and compliments, how DUMB can these girls be?

I've heard a lot of "compensated dating" in Japan is in fact like that? $100 is low for any actual sex in a developed country.

A lot of compensated dating really is like that, involving simply going to restaurants or karaoke clubs and just spending time together, chatting, without anything sexual happening. It is essentially men paying for a cute girl to talk to them, listen to their woes, and be charming for an hour. It can involve sex but that is not a given, and when it does involve sexual services prices are higher than $100. So it is not nearly as DUMB as Serenata seems to think. In fact, some people even draw a line between compensated dating and outright sexual prostitution.

This doujin portrays it well, with the girl engaging in compensated dating essentially for free meals and some cash, without anything sexual going on.

That being said, I actually have a harder time understanding compensated dating than I do outright prostitution. Paying for sex is pretty straigh-forward, but paying for someone to essentially just hang out with you for an hour or two kind of baffles me. Sure, she laughs at your jokes, listens to your problems, compliments you, but like, of course she does, you are paying her for it. It is kind of like "be my friend for an hour, I will pay you." Not judging, mind you, it s just something I never understood the appeal of.

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^ It is not even a recent trend. We have periodic shifts when more GuP is being uploaded, followed by periods where there is less of it, but it has been here constantly for the better part of the decade.

It is a show with a huge all-girls cast, colourful teams and personalities, and national stereotypes (or rather, roleplaying national stereotypes, all the girls are Japanese, except Pravda's Klara) that also provide additional avenues for shipping (it is basically what made Kay/Darjeeling so popular, the two of them have canonically like, one actual scene where they are in the same room - the tent meeting in the movie - and they do not exchange a single word on-screen).

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^ You do realise that the site staff are the ones who dictate what is or is not acceptable, right? Contrary to popular belief, this is not a public space, it is a private site. And I have no idea how Nora would be "implicated" in this scenario of yours at all.

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^ "ok" was sarcastic. It is that scene where another person goes completely off the rails, and you listen to them vent it all out, and then just go "ok then..."

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Look at the damn necklace and they even move in together.


Apparently, you failed to actually look at the damn necklace. It. Is. Not. The. Same. Necklace. This was already pointed out to you ages ago. I will grant you that it was probably meant to be the same necklace, but as with so much in this manga, the author screwed up.

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^^ I mean, Maho seems to have scored with her own mom as well~

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So.. what happens next?

I mean, the title is "My First Kiss With Senpai", not "My Kiss With Senpai". waggles eyebrows

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I can't fathom the reasons someone does that kind of job.

Even when people who do that job tell you their reasons. You do understand that those studies were made by actually talking to sex workers themselves, right?

I am not going to go into prostitution in countries where it is illegal, because such places legitimately are rife with problems, and I am not disputing that. But when it comes to legal prostitution, most of those dark stereotypes do not seem to apply.

Primary reason why people go into legal prostitution is money, but not in the sense "I am desperate for cash and this was the only thing available to me", instead it is "this pays really well". If the Australian example is anything to go by, sex work is basically in the top 9% of best payed professions and many of the women in it have college degrees (meaning, they have other options, they just do not want to take those options).

I don't believe the bullshit of people who say it's just like any other job. In my opinion, our body isn't something that can be sold.

Again, you apparently do not believe it even when it comes from those who do it.


Because I think you can find "official studies and scientific surveys" that go both ways, or a little more nuanced than "prostitution good" or "prostitution bad".

How about providing those studies that point to the contrary? I am not even baiting, I think an interesting discussion could be had if you actually provided something to go on.

Here is the thing, over the years you have made it abundantly clear in this Forum that you have a visceral hatred for prostitution. You always make it explicit that you do not judge those who are in said line of work (even though such takes are then almost without fail followed by "but", bonus points for you literally doing it here as well, verbatim), but you obviously hate the profession itself.

That is fine, it is your opinion, and to be honest, I do not really care about it. What does pique my interest, though, is that anytime someone provides a positive take, you dismiss it entirely. When someone actually bothers to provide studies on the subject, you dismiss those as well, and here is the point: you do so without providing any sources of your own that would run contrary to those studies, you just state that such sources must exist. That is what makes it so easy to write off your takes, because all anyone basically sees is "I hate this, I really hate this, I do not care what anyone says, including the people in the actual profession, this is wrong."

In my opinion, our body isn't something that can be sold.

And this is the root of it all. Technically, it is not even selling, it is renting. But the point is, you do understand this is just your personal opinion, right? I mean, you even said as much yourself. You do understand that other people, including those who work in prostitution, do not necessarily share your viewpoint?

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Well said^ regardless if there's no shady stuff going behind the scenes, most of the time there is, it still isn't all too great, as most sex workers are doing said type of work because they have no other options or thought they had no other options for money. Can't really see that being something positive.

You might want to read this post. Some interesting titbits from that comment pertaining to the study made in Queensland:

More sex workers had college degrees than the average Australian.
They had lower rates of STDs than others
Street workers tended to be paying for drugs (75%) but few of others (2% brothel, 8.5% escorts) [An important note here that the original poster neglected to make: street workers accounted for only 2% of all sex workers in Queensland.]

"half of the prostitute sample earned on average as much as the highest earning two per cent of the Australian
population, or as much as the highest earning 0.4 per cent of females in Australia. Over three-quarters of the prostitutes earned as much as the highest earning 9 per cent of Australians"

"Many prostitutes will leave the sex industry if they cannot earn at least twice the salary they would earn in "straight"
employment because they have a value on what it is worth to work as a prostitute"

Prostitution has many problems, but most of the darkest stereotypes are applicable primarily in countries where sex work is illegal. By contrast, in places where it is legal (such as the Australian example above), most of these negative stereotypes seem to apply primarily to street workers, who comprise a tiny percentage of the overall profession in these countries.

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^ Nicely spotted. The right hand seen in the first image belongs to the blonde grill, but I only realised this after reading your comment, I mistook it for the black-haired grill's right hand, and thus incorrectly took this as masturbation (the lack of tag should also have been a giveaway, come to think of it).

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What's the round thing below Kirara's left breast?

The bra part of her costume, coming loose and falling.

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I am sensing a pattern with this author.