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Long-time lurker that only recently decided to make an account here. I have a large number of images for a relatively underposted fandom and I'm wanting to know whether I should request them all at once or limit it to so many a day.

Limit it even more, I would say. If it is just one single fandom, I would advise sending only one, maybe two images every three or four days. That is how long it takes on average between two batches of uploads when it comes to images. A single batch of 36 images at a time is uploaded, and the rule of thumb is that it will have a variety of fandoms and pairings. More popular fandoms, like vtubers, might get 4, 5, even 6 slots in a single batch (but even then the accent will usually be on variety, so these will mostly be different pairings, for example), while a more obscure fandom will usually only get a single slot.

Variety of fandoms, and for each fandom a variety of pairings, only one or two images per fandom/pairing for each batch (every two to four days) would be my advice. Anything more than that and the vast majority of your requests will never make it onto here.

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History and traditions aren't justification for bad tagging.

And you have no authority to make tag changes based on your own opinions, unless it is for your own scanlations, which this is not, or if the scanlator in question asked you to do it for them, which I highly doubt is the case here. You do realise you are just a regular user, right?

Edit: In any case, I notified an Admin, because this is getting ridiculous. By which I mean you specifically, other tag-related discussion was fine.

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Personally, I never quite understood the purpose of this tag. It is also exceedingly rarely used, if you take a look at the list of one-shots that have it, it is a very short list. But what I can tell you for certain is that the tag was never meant as a stand-in for one-sided feelings, that much was clearly established.

If the definition is so flawed that one cannot actually explain a scenario in which the tag is to be used, then yes, the tag itself is redundant. So instead of making it a useless non-tag, it would be far more useful to give it a purpose. A purpose that the term "yuri crush" itself implies, but somehow is denied by its nonsensical definition.
One-sided feelings (whether they be one-sided due to a lack of acknowledgement by the love interest or due to rejection) would easily fall within what almost anyone would understand by the term yuri crush.

I would actually be against repurposing the tag. Yuri crush also seems to convey less serious emotional investment, which looks out of place and low-key demeaning if the story depicts deep romantic feelings. Looking at the full tag description, I am left thinking the whole thing was first introduced as a joke (and we do have a number of genuine joke tags on this site).

I think a better solution is a new dedicated tag (as I outlined in the edit to my previous post).

The yuri tag has historically been used on this site to encompass one-sided feelings and was stated multiple times whenever these discussions erupted that if a woman has romantic feelings for another woman, it is all that matters when it comes to tagging. Whether the feelings are returned or not, whether the love interest even knows of these feelings or not has never been deemed relevant. I honestly do not see it as being complicated.

It is not complicated if you establish such a rule within the definition of the tag. Alas, the Yuri tag does not have that kind of loose definition, so the matter is bound to get messy. The yuri tag merely claims that the tag is for relationships between two women. Not one-sided feelings in non-relationships.

I agree, which is why I put emphasis on the historical usage in my reply. The definition of the Yuri tag does indeed emphasise relationships, and it is also something that should be addressed and aligned with the actual usage (bonus points for none of these issues being new, complaints about unrequited feelings being tagged as yuri are one of those old eternal points of contention).

Ema is in love with Ayame, that much is conveyed pretty clearly, and that is all that matters when it comes to whether it should be tagged as yuri or not.

You see, if you wish to go this far, then you have to acknowledge too that the story does not directly tell you that Ema has a crush on Ayame, factually. It is to be infered and perhaps the most logical conclusion, but even then it is not explicit. I am aware that this is splitting hairs, but the idea that we decide definitions based on what we feel like causes the issues that we are facing right now.

I disagree, because if an explicit, verbal confirmation is needed then we can safely remove the yuri tag from thousands of works on this site. There are some genuine borderline cases where the implication is so subtle as to genuinely be a point of contention, but most of the time the messaging is pretty clear and it is so in this case as well. I do not think it is an issue for this story.

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From the description of the Yuri crush tag: "This tag is meant particularly for non-yuri series, and should not be used in any story with a yuri tag, nor as another name for one-sided love."

It has been stated multiple times that one-sided yuri is still yuri and should be tagged as such.

The description by itself is contradictory. What application does it have in your mind? Is it a character having a crush on another girl in a het series? Then is that only applicable when the crush is... requited eventually? Or is it, by chance, for unrequited crushes too? If you claim that every and all crushes in stories without lesbian romance automatically turn the work into a yuri work, then there is literally no place to actually use the Yuri Crush tag.

Personally, I never quite understood the purpose of this tag. It is also exceedingly rarely used, if you take a look at the list of one-shots that have it, it is a very short list. But what I can tell you for certain is that the tag was never meant as a stand-in for one-sided feelings, that much was clearly established.

This story has no yuri romance in it and if that does not matter to tagging something yuri then the tag may be used far too loosely.

The yuri tag has historically been used on this site to encompass one-sided feelings and was stated multiple times whenever these discussions erupted that if a woman has romantic feelings for another woman, it is all that matters when it comes to tagging. Whether the feelings are returned or not, whether the love interest even knows of these feelings or not has never been deemed relevant. I honestly do not see it as being complicated.

Ema is in love with Ayame, that much is conveyed pretty clearly, and that is all that matters when it comes to whether it should be tagged as yuri or not.

Edit: Maybe having an actual One-sided feelings tag would be a good idea (which could then be used alongside the yuri tag, not instead; because I actually agree with the position that unrequited yuri feelings should still be tagged as yuri). So far the best way to filter such works is to look for stories that have both the Yuri tag and the Aaaaaangst one, but it is obviously far from a perfect solution. A dedicated tag would be a good idea, I am just pointing out that Yuri crush was never meant as such.

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I went and fixed the tags. I removed "yuri", "bisexual" and "crossdressing" and put "Yuri crush".

I removed crossdressing because while it's in the English title, in the Japanese title it's just " a girl dressed as a man". She doesn't try to pass as a man, she just tries to fit the tastes of the girl.

There's no Yuri, the blond looks very heterosexual and wants to make kids to fit in society and there's no bisexuals either.

Doesn't mean it couldn't turn yuri in the future, but such is the nature of oneshots that we have to look at what we have and leave the rest as headcanon.

It was my understanding that only staff members, and designated Uploaders that are also staff members (only such ones being Norainhere and Gendolkari), can fiddle with tags in this manner, and that your Uploader sticker is primarily meant for you to manage your own scanlations (which this is not, as I fail to see you anywhere on the credit page). You also got at least one tag completely wrong.

From the description of the Yuri crush tag: "This tag is meant particularly for non-yuri series, and should not be used in any story with a yuri tag, nor as another name for one-sided love."

It has been stated multiple times that one-sided yuri is still yuri and should be tagged as such.

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Sayu formerly Zaion finally responded

Hm, this is definitely a biased take. I doubt there's much in the way of outright lies, but the fact that it never addresses the biggest issue I saw people have with her (the rape jokes) makes me think that she's spinning this pretty hard

She addressed it, though. Did you read the statement in full? She took responsibility and apologised, I do not know what more do you expect. Plus she clearly stated that the joke in question and the stream in which it happened were not amongst Niji's reasons for termination, making it decidedly not the "biggest issue", at least from the corporate side of things (the fact the joke was in poor taste notwithstanding).

Edit: Also, there not being "much in the way of outright lies" is an understatement, since I am pretty confident there are no lies there at all. If there were, Niji could and would sue her for defamation. We are talking about a company that heavily abused YouTube's copyright system to silence any negative news coverage of their agency (not coincidentally they started all of this after going public and releasing their stocks onto the market, first vtuber agency to do that), public image is something they are very aggressive about.

If Zaion made them look bad by outright lying in her account, they would sue her and they would have an easy time winning. However, if she is not lying they will leave her alone since you can not claim legal defamation if the other party is telling the truth.

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^ the name is necessary for story-type works (series, oneshot), so it's obligatory field. For images you can just put in whatever, it's not shown once the image is approved anyway, but try being a bit descriptive to invite the reviewer.

As for author/artist name, it's best to put in romaji for Japanese names, GTrans can help with that most of the times, Chinese names are more tricky so I usually copy it wholesale and leave it the reviewer's discretion. Pixiv usually contains links to the artist's other social network pages, you can also garner more info there (like how the artist transliterates their name, or what is their preferred penname). Sometimes it's also useful to directly google the name, even in kanji, to search such info. Alternatively, use their username on twitter, if that applies. Including the links to the artist's social network pages in the Artist field really helps. Kind of the same for Scanlator field.

The Link field is for the link to image that you want to request upload, like the link to twitter thread/tumblr post/pixiv post/etc that contains the image, though in the case of pixiv albums, it's better to put the link to album plus an indication to which picture you want instead of direct link to that image, since I find that link doesn't always work when I copy it into a new tab. Check the link in a new tab before submitting.

You can simplify this. For example, I only fill out the Name and Link sections. Link is self-explanatory, while under Name I put the franchise and the pairing (or just write "original" if it is the artist's original characters). I never bother with other sections. I know that dpf prefers to have the franchise + pairing clearly stated in the Name section, it allows him to go through the submitted images faster.

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SIKE! sorry but you won't get of me !

Jesus Christ, I was genuinely shocked when I saw the thread bumped and the name... well played, well played.

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Porrima and Doctor _Hoot's suggestion of het in source


Personally I'd rather be able to blacklist or identify the tag so I wouldn't see the work and accidentally check out the source. Or worst yet, not see the source link because it was removed (for reasons unaware) and look it up for myself.

So wait, you want the tag in order to blacklist it? Like, so that you do not see normal yuri images on Dynasty because that same author might have het works on another website?? You will be missing on a lot of images then, plenty of artists here are not doing yuri exclusively, but you do you, I guess.

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The rationale is that because the position of power in a monarchy is heredity, to ensure the end of it, the immediate inheritors must be eliminated.

It doesn't fucking work though.

Pretty much, yeah. It is because that rationale is not much of a rationale to begin with, it is instead basically a thin excuse applied retroactively to events which were fuelled by anger, bloodlust, and a thirst for vengeance and violence, in an effort to make those events appear more palatable. You know, "we did not commit horrible deeds because we are horrible people, no, we actually had a rational reason guiding us", that kind of nonsense. Even though most people who actually partook in such atrocities only started seeking these "rational" reasons after the fact.

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when we all could live that well if they did not exist.

Most of the world got rid of monarchs and hereditary classes, yet I can not think of one single solitary example where that led to the commoners living in royal luxury. What always happens is that either new elites replace the old elites (essentially changing nothing), or communists take over and make everyone equally miserable while hoarding power and privileges for the higher-ups within the Party.

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The rationale is that because the position of power in a monarchy is heredity, to ensure the end of it, the immediate inheritors must be eliminated. Any surviving possible successor could be made into the standard around which the revolution's enemies will gather. Even harmless dumb kid princes or duchesses, as long as they could be propped on a horse by some manipulators, they are dangerous to the revolution, since the enemies may claim some sort of legitimacy and complicate a lot of things on top of the challenges of managing the country the revolution just grabbed.

That is the rationale, yeah, but at the same time most of the violence that happened in the real world that is closely paralleled by this doujin (the most obvious inspiration being the French Revolution) was only partially orchestrated and was just as often, if not even more often, simply the result of pent-up anger and mob mentality, with the masses taking out their frustrations on anyone they could get their hands on, guilty or innocent. I liked the quote from HBO's Rome, though.

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You know just because you make fun of the exposition, that doesn't make it good.

Speak for yourself, I liked that part, it actually made me laugh out loud. "I will answer your question" ---> "I wasn't really gonna.." ---> proceeds to talk over her regardless, boring her into falling asleep. It is in line with both the tone of this manga as a whole, and with Ichika's character.

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...oh well abolish the monarchy
I don't get common people's fascination with royalty and creating stuff like this that sanitizes the ruling class while demonizing the peasant/worker class.

You must have missed the part where the princess acknowledges that her father was a tyrant who made things unbearable for the common people. You also must have missed the part where the princess talks about being depressed and shunned, as many royals who were born with disabilities often were, usually treated pretty horrendously by their own family, because they could not maintain the proper image that was expected of them. Nothing was sanitised here.

You also seem to have missed a lot of real world history, you should read up on that. From the Great Peasants' War, to the Jacobins, to the Bolsheviks, revolting masses sure carried out a lot of atrocities that just as often fell on people who personally did them no harm, including upper class children. It is almost like both sides can be horrendous, I know, shocking. Imagine that, nuance.

Like was I supposed to feel bad or something?

If you are a sociopath that evaluates people solely and exclusively based on which class they belong to, then no, I suppose not.

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That said, anybody who hasn't picked up on all the foreshadowing that Aki's temporarily embarrassed wolf royalty is reading a different manga than the one I've been reading.

If they need it spelled out, look to ch.23 p.17 top panel.

Yeah, that's a total normie family living in a total normie house.

Easy to forget in the time between chapters, but yeah, having just re-read this, it's one of the two moments I pointed out on the previous page that may indeed point in that direction, the other being the queen's reaction to her last name.

Wouldn't call it "all the foreshadowing", but there certainly are clues that support this reading.

I completely forgot about those scenes, I would definitely not call two or three panels scattered amongst 25 chapters to be "all the foreshadowing". That said, it is definitely there, and to be honest, I am actually kind of disappointed. It seems to me to be a rather cheap solution, "surprise, the servant turns out to be of royal bloodline, all problems solved in a single stroke".

In this case, since this storyworld doesn’t seem to have science babies, a female-female marriage would seem to be acceptable for the younger royals (helping to solidify the connections between two countries without endangering the lines of succession). The whole procreation aspect might well be ignored or handwaved away, though.

I expect it probably will be handwaved away. My reasoning is that Aki was worried back in chapter 13 that Kunya was gunning for Momo and treated such a possibility seriously, without any hint of heterosexual expectations being the norm. I doubt it would even make any difference if Momo was heir apparent, the story never actually focuses on sexuality or producing offspring.

But the queen and the dressmaker are going to keep living their happy forced heterosexual / single life, the queen possibly have yet more sex with the husband she didn't want because the kingdom needs more heirs.

As Lilisionnach pointed out, the dressmaker is not single, she is married herself and has a family of her own. I think that a lot of your misplaced anger stems from you reading your own ideas into the manga. For example, it seems to have never dawned on you that the Queen and the dressmaker might not even be in love anymore. Love is not eternal, love fades, people fall out of love, people fall in love again with somebody else, it happens every day all over the place.

At no point was the Queen, whose point of view we got in chapter 25, shown to be still carrying a torch for the dressmaker, instead what we got was some nostalgic reminiscence. And the dressmaker herself is not royalty, so presumably she was not arranged to marry anyone out of any sense of obligation, yet she married anyway at some point and had a family of her own - not only did it not occur to you that she might have simply fallen in love with someone else, but you were reading your own personal pet-peeves into the story so hard you did not even notice that the dressmaker was not, in fact, single.

So basically, what you are proposing is that two happy families (one of which is not even a product of an arranged marriage) should be split apart so that the Queen and the dressmaker can pursue romantic love from their teenage years that neither is shown to still actually harbour. The fact you want this to be a tragedy and that you would be more satisfied if they were depicted as being miserable and still pinning after one another is quite frankly more messed up than any arranged marriage shown in this manga.

Yet further problem you have is that you keep assigning some sort of moral messaging to the author using these tropes. This is just a tale of two lovers separating due to circumstances, both later finding happiness with other people while also remaining friends. It is a story, not an essay on morality.

This take might be what is most likely to happen, but doesn't really make sense. The whole counter-reaction argument is "this comp-het for the queen shouldn't go away, because she is happy in the end". After you trim down the why and how around it, it's all that remains : it happens, and the characters should accept it, and we should move on.

No, that is just one part of the counter-reaction. The other part, as I explained in my previous post, is that it is a political marriage. It is how politics is conducted when you base your setting on such social structures. Those political reasons for why the Queen married are still there. Your reasoning does not make sense within the presented setting. Like, at this point I have to ask you, did you pay any attention whatsoever to the actual worldbuilding across these 4 volumes?

So... if we take that at face value, why put so much emphasis on the fact that it will definitely not happen to Momo ? She is also royalty, she is no more in love with Aki than the queen and Juju were. Their situations are pretty much identical.

Except they are not. The dressmaker was a commoner, while Aki, as people brought up, is likely royalty herself. The author has consistently put emphasis on inequality between social classes as being the main and basically only obstacle.

Then the author inserted a character who was forced to give up on her lover and sexual preferences...

Did you ever consider the possibility that she might be bi? Honestly, I can not remember any characters here actually discussing sexuality, be it regarding Aki and Momo's relationship or the Queen going down the memory lane of her own marriage.

And if you disagree and think the author meant to show that this is not okay for the queen, please point where you saw that to me; showing her happiness with the current situation very strongly points in the other direction.

So, your own life is nothing but moral virtue? Everything that has happened to you and everything you ever did had a clear moral dimension? When bad things happened to you, you never once found some unforeseen happiness as a result? When good things happened to you it never led to something bad further down the line? I wish I had such a life, it sounds very straightforward and simple, good only ever results in good, bad in bad.

If you paid attention, you would have noticed that not only were both the Queen and her husband talking freely about how bad they felt initially about their own marriage, but Momo's father actually muses that it might be better if they did not do the same to their own daughter. In other words, they are not using the fact they ended up in a happy relationship as meaning that it would automatically play out like that for everyone.

When you think about it for even a moment, you realise that the author is not saying arranged marriages are fine and dandy, quite the opposite. I provided links for all of this in my first reply to you, so it was pointed out, you just chose to ignore it.

And as for the Queen's happiness, that is just how life turned out for her. It is not in any way, shape, or form a statement saying "arranged marriages lead to happiness".

I do not think the "comp-het is a bit sad but okay in the long run" is an acceptable statement for the author to make.

You are putting entirely too much emphasis on the het part. Again, at no point does sexuality get discussed here, all any characters bring up are differences in social classes. It was not the fact that the reindeer prince was a guy that was truly important here, but that he was royalty. When Princess Kunya expressed interest in Momo, Aki actually got worried, clearly indicating that Kunya had a chance as an actual suitor for Momo, despite being a girl. I do not think this setting cares all that much about gender or sexuality, as it is never brought up as a point in anything.

I mean, if the plot line end up with the queen and Juju actually being freed of their forced separation and having a chance to become lover again, I will happily take back my complaints

So, two adult women being "freed" from their families, whom they love and cherish (and bonus points for the dressmaker, who was not pressured by others into marriage and who thus likely married out of love) in order to pursue a romance they shared as teenagers, despite there being no indications they even have romantic feelings for one another in the present, would make you happily take your complaints back. As I said before, messed up. Seriously, seriously messed up.

They were both victims of their forced marriage and seem to be pretty much on the same line of thought, "you're a good person, but I don't feel love towards you", while also having the power to choose to divorce and marry out of love if they want to.

First of all, "I don't feel love towards you" is something you read into the story (kind of amazing, the sheer quantity of stuff you are projecting into all of this). What we were shown of the Queen and her husband points pretty clearly to them loving one another, even if it is not an earthshattering love that only Shakespeare could put into words.

Secondly, no, they do not have the power to choose to divorce and marry out of love if they want to. That is not how arranged political marriages work. That is not how politics within hereditary social structures works. That is not how this setting works. Marriages are done for political reasons in these societies, those political reasons do not go away once you succeed to the throne. Say a princess marries a prince to secure an alliance or prevent a war. Then she becomes queen and divorces him, because now she "has the power". What do you think happens next?

To illustrate this point, Mark Antony was married to Octavian's sister. It was a political marriage linking the two triumvirs. Mark Antony then allowed "power" to get to his head, divorced Octavian's sister, married Cleopatra and had children with her. Guess what pretext Octavian gave to the Senate and the Roman people for why war was needed. That Mark Antony divorced his Roman wife and then married a foreigner was a grave insult in the eyes of ordinary Romans and helped greatly for Octavian to justify going to war against Antony and Cleopatra.

Yikes, you're sure making a lot of excuses for a woman who has only shown same sex attraction being forced to marry a man and pro create with him. She is very clearly still in love with her dress maker, who she makes promise to stay beside her even in her old age. And while she does care for her husband, a nice man who she has shared the better half of her life with, there is no evidence that she romantically loves him or is attracted to him.

"She is very clearly still in love with her dress maker", I would like you to point me to the scene or scenes that very clearly show this. "...who she makes promise to stay beside her even in her old age", because only lovers do that. Friendship is for losers. As for her husband, there is also no evidence that she is not romantically interested or attracted to him. Those same scenes that you interpret as "caring" I interpret as "maybe even loving" and I would like to know what conclusive evidence could you provide me to change my mind.

Also, it is kind of amusing how so many people are making such a big deal out of sexuality, when this aspect was literally never brought up in the story. Personally, I think this was written as "everyone can be attracted to everyone", seeing that nobody bats so much as a single eyelash at two girls being together and foreign princesses are treated as serious contenders for Momo's hand.

The theme here is a woman being forced to marry a man and pro create with him with no option to say no. Anyone who is not opposed to that idea does have a lapse in ethical judgment, period. The question isn't whether the story endorses arranged marriage, because there is no message being conveyed aside from a telling of events. The question is whether or not you grieve for the queen who was forced into her relationship, animal girl or not. Seeing fictional characters in tragic situations and being unable to evoke emotions over them is definitely a sign of something wrong.

You were on such a good trail here with the part I bolded, but alas. The Queen is not miserable with her life (and you are right, there is no message in that, it is simply a telling of the events). The dressmaker is also happy, seeing that she is also married but without the whole "arranged" part. The two of them are close friends. Why in the world would we grieve if the characters themselves are not?? The tragic situation depicted here is in the distant past and everyone found some measure of happiness afterwards.

Also, no one here expressed support for arranged marriages, so I have no idea whom you are even addressing with your second sentence.

The theme is see the groundwork being layed out for, and the theme I see constantly with this trope, is the idea of the second generation being strong and brave enough to break out of the social confines that held their parents and find a greater happiness...
...where older generations look at younger generations as being outspoken and brave, and able to break down social structures that older people thought were concrete.

If Aki really turns out to be royalty herself, then no social structures will be broken down, in fact, it will be the epitome of maintaining status quo. I would actually prefer if she is not royalty, as that would produce exactly the kind of struggle you are talking about, which is something I would enjoy more.

All that nonsense about "forced marriage" I will not even touch upon, Blastaar and luinthoron covered that rather well.

Aaand as I scrolled further and further I basically gave up. Blastaar addressed most of the points quite well anyway, so I will quit the topic of the arranged marriage now. It is abundantly clear that no matter how many times one points out the gaping flaws in the arguments of the complainers, they just come back and repeat their original points almost verbatim.

In short, no, the author was not making any sort of a positive message about arranged marriages (if anything, the Queen and her husband being so scared when they were engaged and the fact the husband is openly musing about not subjecting their daughter to that same practice would indicate the message about arranged marriages, if there is any to be found, is actually negative, but I guess unless printed out in bold all-caps it will go completely over the heads of some people). These specific characters finding some measure of happiness in this specific example are not an endorsement of the practice of arranged marriages, it is just a story.

As a side note, I got desensitised to the word "tragedy" after reading it so many times during this discussion. If a broken teenage romance that people involved have actually managed to move forward from is your definition of a "tragedy", then you must live one hell of a sheltered life.

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Those doujins and magazines also are produced solely in Japanese, with no way for non-Japanese-speaking individuals to read them even if they were to jump through the hoops to obtain them. We're talking about an artist who specifically wrote in English to please not repost their work. I also think it seems extremely disrespectful to ignore their request.

Then your argument should be about sales and royalties, not respect or disrespect. The only reason the site is not flooded with takedown request from Japanese artists without English releases is because they are unaware of its existence. The moment they become aware, they do what Nekomura just did. Fact is, you are disrespecting those same Japanese artists just as much, you are only using the language barrier as a thin excuse. The vast majority of those artists are decidedly not fine with sites such as Dynasty hosting their art, regardless of the availability or lack thereof of official English releases of their works. If it is really about respecting them, you should not be on a pirate site to begin with.

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Nekomura discussion 10 Feb 14:24
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A lot of websites like these rely on legal loopholes or specific interpretations of local law in order to be left alone by governments. Kind of like AO3 and the whole concept of "transformative works".

Fanfiction is fundamentally different than manga scanlation, though. The equivalent to scanlation in this case would be taking a book, The Hobbit for example, and making an unlicensed translation rather than any kind of a fan work based on the characters or the setting. There are many who argue that fanfiction is illegal anyway, as it is using copyrighted characters and settings, but it is certainly a more grey area than just outright making a 1-on-1 translation of the original work into a different language.

I do not know of any scanlated manga site that could be said operates legally, even in some grey sense. You can have a legally scanlated manga, though, if the author gives you permission (it is the author who is the important factor here, as in Japan the authors generally keep copyright and do not relinquish it to publishers), and there are examples even on this site of such cases, but I do not know of a dedicated website that hosts solely such scanlations.

Since Dynasty has a general rule of taking down works licensed for English language release, I wondered whether this might be the case here.

This is done to encourage the purchase of legal copies, in order to support the authors (as they generally get royalties on sales - not much, mind you, but something nonetheless). And even then, this rule is not strictly enforced, you will find plenty of licensed works that are still on Dynasty, they generally stay here unless directly DMCA'ed.

It is essentially a nicety, rather than being done for any legal reasons. Whether manga is licensed in English or not is generally irrelevant in regards to the illegality of scanlation. And mind you, this is something that people should be kept aware of, as many incidents were had over western fans openly posting on social media about scanlated manga they are following, leading to DMCA's when authors discover such tweets (which is also what happened in this particular case). Be smart, people.

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Anyone know how to block certain tags so that don’t show up in searches? Reading all the comments and I guess admin is just going to let hetero stuff be uploaded here? Thought that kinda defeated the purpose but whatever. So can I filter the tags/ searches somehow?

For someone who is on the site since 2014 you seem strangely ignorant of the fact that Dynasty always hosted het and was never a yuri exclusive site, so the "purpose" you are talking about never existed but whatever. You have the option to blacklist tags under Manage Profile.

Edit: Never mind, I checked your (thankfully) small post history, I can see you never read these replies and just complain for complaining's sake.

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I would suggest downloading while you still can. While most of this stuff can be found elsewhere on the internet, some things are solely on Dynasty (like Akaga Short Comic).

Not sure how the rules apply here (or the law, for that matter).

How the law applies to a manga pirate site?? As for the rules, as BlueDsc said, Dynasty honours takedown requests without much issue.

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AngelsDoNotCry posted:

Personally don't really understand the need for the "cancer plot point" but hoping she beats it and get to live out her life.

Also, obligatory Fuck Cancer.

The "cancer plot point" is to give her an impetus and the motivation to go for broke.

"If I don't do it now, I may never be able to".

It actually explained so much, as I was reading the beginning I kept wondering why she went for such a skimpy outfit when she was clearly uncomfortable with it. I kept wondering why not start with something less revealing and then just gradually work your way through different fashions if you feel like it. Also "based on true events", so the story elements may not have been chosen entirely for plot convenience.

Edit: I also completely... well, I read the title but for some reason the word "cancer" did not register... hence my puzzlement on why she was pushing herself.

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i miss the artist's green tea bitch series, why suddenly no chapters?

Tragically axed due to unspecified personal circumstances

I believe the scanlators said this was not the case. The series was originally planned by the author to only run for roughly a year, if memory serves, and she always intended to end it more or less the way she did. It was just that she posted on her social media about some personal issues unrelated to anything here which simply coincided with the manhua ending anyway. Fans on Dynasty then took that coincidence and made wrong assumptions. The series was not axed.

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According to Shou's fanbox, chapter 46 will be the end. Savour these last few chapters, folks.

I cannot find the info from fanbox, link please? or you have to be a patron on a certain level? I am told this is the post, though you have to be a patron in order to actually see it.

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According to Shou's fanbox, chapter 46 will be the end. Savour these last few chapters, folks. Regarding the plot thus far, I must confess, I am not a fan of the whole "can not bring myself to kill her" shtick that Aria has for Al-Kamil. We are talking about someone who not only killed countless innocent humans across thousands of years, but also literally eradicated Aria's entire tribe, wiping out everyone she cared about for most of her existence. I just can not find it believable that Aria would still hold enough warmth in her heart for Al-Kamil to be literally incapable of killing her at this point.

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The fact that the queen was forced to break up her relationship with the tailor was a tragedy, but wishing to have her current relationship crumble yet again seems counterproductive to me. That would just be yet another tragedy and wouldn't actually "fix" anything.

Because, in the current state, the author is making a statement that a good story (in the happy romance genre at least, as drama and tragedies would follow different rules) can use forced marriage (with all the heteronormativity associated, and the dark implications of being forced to bear someone's children without having a say) and it is perfectly fine for the characters to follow that plot line. It's also directly supporting that forcing someone to break up with their beloved and become the wife and mate of someone they never met is fine, "as long as they are happy in the end".

You seem to not understand that an author using certain tropes in fiction does not mean they support those same tropes in real life. There is no "statement" here.

You also completely missed the point, it is not about gender, it is about social class. Kunya was also interested in Momo and it was never implied that such a relationship would have been impossible. Note that in the linked scene Aki at no point thinks that Kunya does not have a chance on account of being a woman. And immediately afterwards when Kunya confronts Aki over the relationship between Aki and Momo, she lists Aki's social status as the obstacle, the fact Aki is a girl is not brought up at all.

When the Queen catches her daughter with Aki her only source of worry is the disparity between their status. "A love between social standings", I do not know how the author could have made it any clearer.

Honestly, I find the inclusion, and in particular portraying in a good light, of that situation highly problematic and disturbing. That's why I'm suggesting a divorce plot direction would correct this - it doesn't have to be a tragedy, just both characters agreeing that their marriage was not out of love but political interests, and that they would both be happier if they separated and were free to pursue their true love. Considering the queen and the dressmaker still see each other and, indeed, seem to still love each other, that would be a perfect solution to get a happy ending for everyone in-universe; while narratively, the story would distance itself from the positive portrayal of forced marriage, without shifting its tone by hurting the characters.

You also misread the portrayal of the arranged marriage in this specific example. Both the Queen and her husband express they were scared of marrying a stranger chosen for them by their parents. It is portrayed more like a "thank gods it turned out not horrible in the end". Plus, Momo's father is openly musing whether they should maybe not force an arranged marriage on their own daughter. In other words, not only is the "statement" you imagined the author made about the "positivity" of arranged marriages nowhere to be found, but what is implied in the text is actually exactly the opposite.

If anything, despite the Queen being adamant about Momo doing her duty towards the realm, the backstory we were now provided is actually more likely to make her sympathetic towards her daughter's love interest.

You also seem to have serious issues about understanding the setting itself. "...both characters agreeing that their marriage was not out of love but political interests, and that they would both be happier if they separated and were free to pursue their true love." Even though this is a fantasy setting, it operates on pretty clearly established principles of hereditary social classes and monarchical governance. I hate to break it to you, but marriages under these circumstances are made for political interest, it is how politics is conducted when you have such social structures. It is the duty of royal children to secure the future of their country through marriage. "Pursuing their true love" could realistically lead to war.

In other words, your idea is unrealistic within the confines of this setting and clashes horribly with it, forcing decidedly modern concepts on a story set in markedly different times. I have no doubt that Momo and Aki will make their own relationship work, but they will obviously have to fight for it. Expecting not only that, but that every other character should now throw all logic that the setting is based on into the wind and just start divorcing willy-nilly is pushing it too far, though.

But as I said, I'm not holding out on hope. I feel that the author is making this situation seem okay, and that the queen will just continue to accept her role as a victim of abusive authority. I'd love to be proven wrong, obviously. But right now, it's making me very uncomfortable, and I'm actually considering whether I should support an author writing such stories, even if the rest of the story (e.g., regarding Momo) is happier.

You are reading this on a pirate site, I am fairly confident the author is not being supported by default.

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Well, that felt incomplete... good art, though.