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Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking; we’ll be turning the “crazy” up to 9 to help balance out the “web of lies” trope you’ve been experiencing. You will feel some slight discomfort, but that’s to be expected. Please remain in your seat with your belts fastened. sniff

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And thus depression spawns another monster...

can one of u explain how this works out in the end, is he just gonna fuck him in drag?

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And, going off a bit on my opinion, whether Gin identifies as male or female, the girl (I can't be bothered to look up her name real quick) thinks that Gin is biologically female. Gin hiding the fact that there's a little Gin hiding in their shorts, making is deceptive if the other party is assuming she's hitting on a female partner. Also, imagine the backlash from that. It could be possible that Gin is seen as an even bigger pervert if its found out before Gin has a chance to say it themselves.

If you're seeking a same sex partner and you're cool if said partner is trans, that's all fine and dandy. All I'm saying is there's gotta be some open honesty so everybody is in the know and knows it's all good.

Sooooo, nope. Nope nope nope. I get that you don't mean anything bad by this, I understand why it sounds reasonable to you, but it's very problematic. As has been mentioned, Gin didn't do anything wrong here. Leave aside the fact that Gin is being blackmailed to even be there in drag, Gin is also -not seeking any sexual activity- here. Gin just agreed to dance lessons, had an unintentional physical response to an attractive girl, and was then seductively approached by said girl.

No person is obligated to share what's in their pants with a stranger, even if that stranger is making sexual advances. She took Gin's hand and put it on her breast without permission, and she has no right to complain if and when she finds out the truth.

Trans people face threats to their -lives- if the wrong person finds out that they're trans. They don't have to tell anybody anything unless they have decided they trust that person. If they want to have a serious, committed, sexual relationship built on trust, they are eventually going to have to trust their partner with that information, but that's -their choice-, and they don't have an obligation to anyone. Gin may or may not turn out to be trans in the end, but I will absolutely not let comments like this slide by without commentary regardless.

So, for the most part, I'm gunna respectfully agree to disagree. Not speaking in general, all I've ever given are my own opinions, but yuri's, depending on sfw or nsfw, are how I fill the need of my own lacking romance life. But past bad experiences have given the addition of penises in a yuri tag a sort of "ugh" feeling. And that's not to say that trans women with their born plumbing are "bad," just that under the yuri tag, I expect to see vaginas and vaginas I can work with.

But seriously, you, KawaiiSuika, and everybody else so high on your "defend trans rights" high horse need to actually listen the first time around. Never once did I ever imply "show your junk to strangers." If you were actually listening, I was talking about healthy romantic relationships because not everyone's past experiences (the way they grew up and how they were raised) or the way they were born (what the brain defines as attractive and not attractive) makes them okay with having a trans romantic partner and that is a reality of the world.

And, yes, there would be backlash because women can be that cruel. They can be the one to hit on a person, touch them inappropriately, and when it doesn't work out for them, they'll spin it so the victim look like the bad guy.

Let me get one last thing straight here: I'm NOT reading this manga. I tried it, saw that the yuri being tagged was not my kind of yuri (well, there was one instance in the earlier tagged yuri chapter but that was so brief and fleeting it felt unsatisfying), came to the forums, saw people shared my opinion that it wasn't classifiable as yuri (period, not making it any more specific) and wanted to put my theory why I agreed that I didn't see is as yuri because it a forum discussion board and that's what you do. But then I got people skipping over what I was actually saying to have an excuse to defend trans rights to me and that pisses me off.

Before you start going on a tangent feeling like the trans community's honor has been sullied, read the comments carefully. Make sure you're reading what's been wrote and not what you want to read and think "Did this person mean it this way or did this person mean it that way?" If there's any questions about it, ask, or hope, for clarification, but don't go assuming the worse because that's what you want.

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I think it's time to show yourself out from this thread, LilLegalLoli94. There seems to be nothing fruitful about you continuing the discussion.

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@Nezchan if you wanna keep from having an open minded, critical conversation, I will gladly show myself out.

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Yes, yes. Off you go, now.

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The yandere are revealed quicker than i think, which is very good (^o^), too much drama will ruin the mood.
Yuki-chan's character depicted as an easy-come-easy-go playgirl totally strikes my comfort zone, but well... She's HOT so who care!
A love-pentagone is always better than a love-triangle~~~

ur crime is thinking and writing too much xd

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I could tell you to keep my name out of your mouth

Sorry, but isn't that a threat?

Just kidding, but I kinda agree with you though since I'm not sure if I would be very comfortable with a guy crossdressing as a girl while I think I have a new love interest on my hands.

Although I'm really not the type to jump on someone like what the black haired girl did, but I guess it would be a very different story if Gin advanced on the black haired girl.

So yeah, the right answer is by an individual's preference, but unfortunately everyone has different preferences so there really can't be any agreement on this,

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Come on... It needs aaaangst now... gay-angst to be exact.

Also, the Moth reminds me of this.

Seiji has the potential to turn into a serial killer.

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Bye, LilLegalLoli94. See you in a month.

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I was thinking of dropping this but the drama was so interesting that now I'm 100% in for whatever crazy shit will happen in this ride

thanks Hachimitsu

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I love this manga. I probably am the only one in this forum, haha. But what can I say? It pushes all my right buttons. It has pretty boy crossdressers, lez girls, bi girls, a whole array of lgbt characters, all sorts of sexy situations, gorgeous art in a realistic style I totally like... I guess the one thing that kinda disturbs me is Seiji's recent character development, but it's obviously meant to be disturbing so it should be ok. On the other hand, that Yuki... what is she doing going after Akira and Gin when she clearly has a chance with Asa, who is, like, the hottest babe in the universe??? I don't understand what's she's thinking at all. Even Gin realizes the explosive allure of Asa/Yuki, geez.

Hachimitsu Scans is releasing at full speed, as usual, so we will probably get two-three more chapters in a few days. Looking forward to it!

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This manga is absolutely out of control in every sense but I literally can’t stop laughing so I’ll stick with it for the time being.

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This ain't gonna end well

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Is it just me, or have these last couple of chapters been more obvious than usual about the author setting up the characters as models in ComiPo and tracing over them? I feel like it always looked like the author was using it as a reference, but this is the first time I had to stop and wonder if it was a screenshot or not.

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Is it just me, or have these last couple of chapters been more obvious than usual about the author setting up the characters as models in ComiPo and tracing over them? I feel like it always looked like the author was using it as a reference, but this is the first time I had to stop and wonder if it was a screenshot or not.

Is ComiPo a quick application for creating manga? Can you link the model reference please? That might be the reason why i always found the character's drawing a little bit 'cripple'. Even though lighting effect and texture are very well done and sometime quite realistic. Thank you !

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Dammit Seiji...

So damn close to just being a bit of a creeper with some heavy gay dude angst.

Assault crosses the line for me though. I kinda hope he gets what's coming to him in as nasty a way possible.

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Lol... this manga is so edgy.

Sorry, but I just can't care about the characters.

this shit scares me

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That sniffing visual is something.

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I just can't read this as a serious attempt at dealing with LGBT people. It's more like ... I don't know. On the level of porn lesbians or something.

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this manga keeps getting worse, and yet, i cant look away

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rofl. seiji's personaa is called dark lust.

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