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I'm a bit conflicted on this ending. I mean, yeah, it's a very true message that I can get behind, but on the other hand, you spend 30+ chapters just for half the cast to not get together is kinda irritating when you were rooting for them. I'm the type who uses manga as escapism so for some of these "couples" to have a bittersweet ending is a bit of a downer.

On the other OTHER hand, Aya pouting there at the end was super adorable!

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I think everything ended as it supposed to be. Nozomi and Miyu was never meant to be, we never saw Nozomi being interested in Miyu, it was one sided from the start.

Same with the other het girl. It started out as a fun way to cope with her then bf being a married man, it ended with her looking at their relationship as just fun and friendly. I dont think she gave romantic indications for the other girl. So not really disappointed, ended well in my book.

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I don't know why Nozomi having a boyfriend is hitting me harder than the marriage. Maybe it's because there were hints that Moe and Hikari's love were mutual at a point but not acted on (completely). But then Miyu's is one sided which hurts a bit coz I spent the entire time cheering for her because Nozomi might just feel the same! But I guess not or she just never thought about it. Ahhhh :(

I'm not complining. This makes sense. It just hurts. I'm just glad my favorite couple was in the last page. IwashitaXTsubasa close second so I'm a little cushioned from these sunken ships.

Nozomi's feelings can be interpreted either way. Her whole arc was that she was really oblivious as a person, so even if she did have these feelings or the potential to have these feelings, it wasn't realized. Plus that chapter of her acting all weird when she found out the manager was dating a woman. Unless she was hit hard with bricks, it would never occur to her to think of Asama this way, but that doesn't mean the potential or even unrealized feelings weren't there. So I personally don't put that on the unrequited love, because given the circumstances, Nozomi could have developed these feelings too.
I on the other hand was more bothered by Hikari and Moe, precisely for the reason that you mentioned lol.
Like, if someone doesn't like you then you don't lose anything anyway. But it's more tragic if feelings are mutual but situations force it to not happen. It's interesting to see how the same stuff hit people differently.

Also I agree, best couple for last frame at least and even Risa was her usual teasing/idiot self with Aya. I was always excited for their chapters, but even them can't salvage the rest of this ending for me.

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Both Iwashita and Tsubasa, and Risa and Aya made it out together, so I'm good... those were the only couples I was really rooting for... and while the others might feel bittersweet, each person seems content.

Which IS the ideal... but it's quite often seen as a failure.

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Nonbinary rights

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I think the most annoying thing in this is that Asama and Moe both did not come out to their friends. I don't mean like "I love you, babe", but "You know, I've come to realize I'm not straight".

It's especially wexing with Nozomi, who specifically had a chapter where she came to realize that there are far more non-heterosexuals in the world than she thought there were, even in her workplace, only for Asama to never tell Nozomi about her own real nature. Or it was left out, but that's equals to same thing as far as readers are concerned.

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gotta watch catradora moments to purify my soul

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2 years for this? Give me back my time.

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By far not the worst ending I've seen. Relatively good. But maaan that felt weak. Maybe it needed to be a bit longer?

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I WANTED MORE. It ends on such a low note which is kinda fine, but there is so much potential for all the relationships to be fleshed out. They could have dived into the endings a little more and showed more of the reactions and how everyone took the start or end of the relationship. I'm kinda disappointed, but I still enjoyed the series as a whole. I look forward to seeing what the author does in the future but I feel like that the only relationships that they cared about was the ones that were going to be actual canon, I would have loved to see how all the characters were not just the canon relationships >:[. Oh well

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noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! wtf bro the two pairings that i shipped the most didn’t even- what. lol time to cry. :’

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Can't say I enjoyed this ending. This was one of my favourite series until the last two chapters. Thing is that I don't think I would have minded this ending...without the time skip. This way it feels like about 40% of the story is left unresolved, we don't see Asama and Moe deal with their feelings. We're just told they moved on, it's unsatisfying.

Oh well, fate of an axed series I guess.

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Man what a way to go out :(
If Japan cared about sales overseas, maybe the ending wouldn't be so abrupt
I'm happy at least Aya and Risa got together

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NooOoOooo!! Miyuuuu T_T Yeah, knew my fear in seeing the Miyu x Nozomi ending was valid per my last comment lol... Well fck, I'm so disappointed they didn't get together. I mean, yeah I half expected this to happen but I was hoping I'd get a pleasant surprise like my Tsubasa x Iwashita ship. Would've hurt less if there was no mention of Nozomi having a boyfriend ughhhhh T_T Glad Risa x Aya were at the very end to somewhat cushion the Miyu x Nozomi disaster but GDI if Nozomi has a bf, why couldn't Miyu have also been happy with someone else? FFS! sigh Ah well, it is what it is.

Still enjoyed the manga as a whole (bar the rushed ending) and I'm still sad to see it go T_T Hoping the author continues putting out more Yuri goodness in the world and I look forward to their future works :)

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2 out 4 had a happy ending

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My second CP is AyaxRisa, but my first is MoexHikari.

I want my time back.

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my 2 otp didn't end up together. is there a potion that could erase my memories related to this? ugh.

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It was ok, but GEEZE what a rushed ending. -_-

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You see guys. Both moe and miyu never confessed their feelings and instead they hid it away and just gave up. They both feel uncertain and disheartened which led them to not confess their feelings. That is the lesson from the two characters moe and miyu. We all know that feeling, right? Having someone we like but afraid to confess.

But I'm still dissapointed.

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"All kinds of things are in the process of changing. Even gender isn't restricted to being just male and female."
That was one of the most important statements ever made in manga, at least for the current state of things in Japan, rivaling the speech made by Kazama's brother at his wedding in at the end of Sasameki Koto. This manga was basically loaded with realistic storylines.

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Really bugs me that Risa says "This is thanks to your mom". It's true, but what a weird thing to say before kissing your partner. Also still salty that Aya wouldn't have confessed if not for that conversation with her mom.

I did wanna see Moe and Hikari together but for this series suddenly getting cancelled, I'll take what I can get. Bye, Lily Marble!!

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Such a spiteful way to end things. It could have been beautiful...

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Idk why but im bummed out about it. I feel empty

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"There are tons of lesbian couples that don't work out just because each of them are women"
This statement feels odd or off for some reason

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