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I am disappointed, I am hurt, I feel betrayed.
I've been reading this for 2 years now, and this is how it ends? Really?
* crying noises *
And the time skip makes it worst! I hope this doesn't happen to me anymore, or any of us!
We need to fight together over things like this! We can't accept our yuri becoming like this!
It's like having a baby, raising the baby and then losing the baby.
* crying noises *

So, when's next manga?

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Seriously though, I'm really mad.
A het marriage at the ending of a yuri manga, with no yuri couples left.

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feeling a lot of biphobic vibes here but I'm also sad they never got a chance to act on their feelings (yes i think it was mutual)

but congratulations to iwashita-san! the real winner here! it only took "several years later"

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I remember when people were saying that this manga was like the adult version of Virgins Empire. LMFAO, what a train wreck.

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Welp, talk about having the couple I was rooting most for not ending up together. And barely having a proper ending. What a letdown. :C

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Wow what? that was it? that time skip, its clear this was axed, damn.

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Well, it's not often a manga ends this badly. I guess it's impressive in its own right.

It was a fun series until this disastrous ending, but oh well.

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Oh my, I'm disappointed

never again

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I cannot believe this manga actually managed to get a real tear out of me, that rarely happens, it's highly upsetting that things ended up this way especially after sticking through with the series for quite a while, but hey, that's life, it ended pretty realistically imo, although I'm still kinda confused though, what does she mean by "nothing has changed" I really hope it's not some unrequited love or something because ouch that would fucking suck.

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Pretty rough ending. At least Iwashita and Tsubasa got together and Asa and Risa stayed a couple.

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If these were the intended outcome and conclusion all along, I wish it ended sooner. At least now it did and Yuri Ichigo may work on other manga.

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Sweet Dangus McGee
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Man some of yall gotta chill. Disappointing and frustrating and rushed as this end is it's pretty clear this was damage control for a pretty consistent and nice series that got cancelled way too quick and before half of its established characters could finish their arcs. The disappointment is valid but don't get all up in arms about the series as a whole or the author about it, blame whoever it is that got it cancelled to begin with

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terrible ending damn...

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I guess only in this place is "everyone happy with their lives and moving on" considered a bad end, heh. It is too bad this was axed though because the ending did indeed feel abrupt. There seems to be a lot of posts implying "things did not go the way I wanted, thus terrible writing", and it is great when you can get so emotionally invested into characters, but the author having different ideas than you did is certainly not some kind of a crime or a sin. I am not going to pretend I think this was the ideal ending of course, but eh, it did fit the feel of this series more or less.

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So real, it's like I'm hit with a ton of bricks.

Still a lovely manga with a good end.

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knowing that this was axed... i'm not entirely disappointed. it could have been a lot worse, and i think the author did well with what they were given. defs a series to remember

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Moe and Hikari's end feel too real man. My heart hurts.

Maybe this was always the end they would have gotten, maybe there was hope for more. I feel sad for Moe, the 2 had great chemistry and it was starting to feel like it was going down that path.

However, rather than feeling sad cuz it felt like bait I feel more sad because this situation is probably super common in less tolerant countries. Some girls just don't realize their feelings because its not spoken about or actively shamed.

Good manga, wish it could have gone on for 50 more chapters but still a good read.

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I expected this, so not too disappointed.

Welp, no wonder the author is doing het works now. I hope they stick to their het bullshit and stay away from making yuri mangas in the future.

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This thread, seriously.

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I got excited for a moment because I thought it was already over, so now I'm more sad than I was last chapter. dang. At least the gym premise was neat, enjoyed it while it lasted

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I read the raws yesterday and thought Miyu and Nozomi actually got a happy ending...
I was prepared to be disappointed yesterday, then it was a nice surprise (because I assumed they ended up together) and I let my guard down, so this sucks more lol....

Regarding Risa and Aya, I remember a conversation I had with someone here who was saying how Aya only confessed because her mom happened to find that photo, and that it seemed like she was about to break up with Risa. Well, considering this epilogue "we are together because of your mom" it seems like Aya was indeed planning to break up with Risa that day. Like wow...

The morale author wants to make here is clear: A lot of fxf couples don't end up together only because they are both female. This isn't news for most, but what the author manages to do is pass that reality for manga stories as well, which is very original on its own and kudos for being so creative.

As for the very last scene of Risa and Aya planning to go back, it feels like it was making a setup for a sequel. After this ending I wouldn't be excited for that and I'll be pretty content putting this manga behind, but only a sequel could make it salvageable and there are a lot of things left to be said even for the couples that ended up together, like Aya's dad.
Either way, how it ended is very disappointing for multiple reasons and that's a shame because it was doing great a few chapters ago.

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I mean, at least two couples managed to work out though. I see that this Manga had taken a more "realistic" approach, but it didn't handle it so well..

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Welp it is time for my eye bleach yet again.

starts rereading Virgins Empire for the tenth time

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A little random but I saw this get released at the same time as Nothing But Thieves's video for Real Love Song. So I quote, "I cried so hard I died sad."

Personally, I don't care much about how rushed it is coz it got axed so it was just inevitable. Clearly the author didn't intend the pace to be like this so I'm more sad than angry about it.

I don't know why Nozomi having a boyfriend is hitting me harder than the marriage. Maybe it's because there were hints that Moe and Hikari's love were mutual at a point but not acted on (completely). But then Miyu's is one sided which hurts a bit coz I spent the entire time cheering for her because Nozomi might just feel the same! But I guess not or she just never thought about it. Ahhhh :(

I'm not complining. This makes sense. It just hurts. I'm just glad my favorite couple was in the last page. IwashitaXTsubasa close second so I'm a little cushioned from these sunken ships.

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I don't know why but this ending is just too real. Like usually thing is not gonna be the way we want it to in real life, but anyway i'm glad that iwashita and tsubasa is dating

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