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yeaa finally someone's picked it upヽ(^。^)ノ

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Just reread the first chapter like two weeks ago, and now, the second one is out.

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Battle panties.

I fucking love Rikka, she's so thirsty at all times.

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Faces: Hilarious
Logic: Out of the window
Fourth wall: Thoroughly violated
Rikka's constant bottom desires: Relatable
This is a good manga

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omg we've waited for this for fricking 2 years pls next chap pls :(((
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Faces: Hilarious
Logic: Out of the window
Fourth wall: Thoroughly violated
Rikka's constant bottom desires: Relatable
This is a good manga

They broke the fourth wall so hard, I'm pretty sure there aren't any walls left in this manga.

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It was seriously hilarious. I was giggling every two panels.

Typical Arata Iri... so out of whack :)

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This manga has humour, 2-page explosions, Ponymatsus and Hornymis, hilarious banters and facial expressions/reactions, and a fairy godmother dressed up like Captain Harlock.

And I'm here like,


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I like the bits of serious introspection interwoven with the comedy, like the first three pages or Ponymatsu's dream. I hope future chapters can follow up on that.

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That last panel... Fucking Ao in the armageddon....... These lesbian have their priorities straight, man...

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This manga is so good~! I'm glad we didn't have to wait 2 years for another chapter.

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Finally a New chapter, love this manga and the artist

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Those priorities at the last page are the only straight thing in this manga.
Oh well, the world may end, but at least they fixed those useless fairies marriage.

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The pace of this manga is God-tier.

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how can a manga be so good??

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how can a manga be so good??

because was wrote by arara iri

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I love this artist a lot, their characters look so soft and huggable

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I laught so hard when I read "twitter" and, in the end, "chirp" in the first chapter. This is soooo absurd xDDD

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Rikka must be a freak in the sheets.

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Sweeet a new chapter already
Hah good thing I only discovered it and didn't have to wait two years like the rest of you lot.

Of course I'm waiting on every other series at the moment, but hey I'll take what I can get.

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And so they were both bottoms.

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I'm only surprised the world didn't end already.

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Hornymi does seem more and more like a very appropriate nickname for her.

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Sure are a lot of catfights going on here hahahahah-urgh.

I love how Rikka knows how dense Aoi is, so she goes out of her way to doom the world by making that thick skull explode in realization. Too bad the comedy got in the way of her actually addressing those feelings.

The fairy couple sure are getting along like cat and dog!! Ahahahaha! facepalms
I like these sober emotional moments that Arata Iri slips in between the madness. She really knows what makes people tick. In the end what she liked about her most is that vulnerable failure below all the bravado.

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while I am enjoying this I am going to be disappointed when there are no consequences for nearly destroying the world. that or there will be some jock about it not being the "world" ending in the literal seance but something else instead.

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