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The script for most of the silent panels on pages 21-23 has been found! (Not completely sure of some of these translations):

Page 21: tier 2, right hand panel:
“Udagawa-san, we’re sorry, but we really want to be together.”
“That’s fine—I’m just relieved that I’ll now have a chance to go explore my own sexuality. Call me if you guys ever need anything!”

Left hand panel:
“Gramps-sama, we’re sorry, but the marriage is off because reasons.”

Next tier, right:
“Harumin, you have been promoted from Mayor to Queen of the Friendzone.”
“Baka—I knew that before you did.”

Left-hand panel:
“Grandma-san, you look like you need Matsuri’s special nuru massage. Let’s go get comfy.”

Page 22, Top right:
“Girls, as usual Mom is really, really drunk. Tell me this news again in the morning.”

“God, those two are so boring—and I still don’t like the way Drill-Curls looks at Mei!”

Middle tier, Right:
Matsuri: “Yuzu, do you realize what these nails will do to Mei’s mucus membranes?”
Harumin: “Matsuri, you are so disgusting!”

“Shipping computer attempting to calculate square root of pi—core stack failure!”

Bottom right:
“Wait, when you said you needed a “sugar daddy” I thought you meant in the confectionary sense.”

“Good news, my friends—two sisters can have sex!”

Page 23, Top right:
“Back off, old man! Or should I show everyone the secret dossier that made me throw over the whole school thing in the first place?”

Left: (caption): “Aihara DNA prevents the expression of joy.”

Middle tier, right:
Shirapon: “So, Himeko-san, I observe that you’re not wearing any underwear.”
Himeko: “As of course I knew you would.”

Middle panel: (thought balloons from both): “So, two girls CAN have sex . . . .”

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I went through 4 relationships, messed around with 6 diff. people (one night stand and one date type of thing) through these years and finally the end of Citrus comes...and boy was it boring AF. Yuzu steps up, asks Mei to marry her, and Mei says yes yes, a thousand times yes, then says I love you, then the writer recklessly marries them all in one chapter, without explanation of how long they had to waited to marry, the process of their marriage, where they married, where they are now?
But you know what I am more disappointed about... WHERE IS OUR LEWD SCENE?! Even Kase-san the fluffy manga that we all know and love gave us a lewd scene!!

I will say this once more, Kase-san was the one that truly deserves the 12-13 episode animation, not just some rushed movie. It deserves more recognition than this overhyped and prolonged series.

Glad its freaking over, angry that the writer wants to make a "spin-off" series, because I am soooo sick of these characters and with the way the mangaka finished this it looks like they are sick of it too.

End of Rant.

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I can't believe it's actally over...
I'm not sure how I feel about the final chapter... It just felt somewhat rushed.

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Well I got a joyous squee from the necklace scene, so I can rest easy now.

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The best part is where the father confronts the grandfather. . . At last and forced by the little sister it seems.

Honestly that really was the best part and saved this ending.

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Loved every bit of it, yes even the stupid ass drama, looking forward for the spin-off, I only have one question...

How long was that time skip at the very end? 3 years,6? 1 month? lol someone please enlighten me

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I can't believe it's actally over...
I'm not sure how I feel about the final chapter... It just felt somewhat rushed.

Man... I could've been so much better. I wanted for once - JUST ONCE - for Mei to be the one running after Yuzu. But our delightful blonde spent the entire of the series chasing after Mei. I mean, she caught her eventually, but it would be nice to have something different in the end. How was this final scene any different than the other thousands of times Yuzu had to try her best to bring down one of Mei's emotional walls before? The only difference is that this time it worked? Come on...

The ending was... Good, I guess? But was way below what I was expecting... I would love to defend Saburouta-sama, but she really needs to polish her writting skills...

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I have so much to say but to keep it short, the ending was blatantly rushed. Ugh, i expected a more definitive wrap up. It felt like i played a game passionately and at the end i used a cheat code to complete the final stage.

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... It's finally over... all that hype and still no hanky panky?! Meh well maybe you'll give us some ecchi in the spin off. Thanks for all the hard work Saburo Uta, it's been a beautiful ride (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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How long was that time skip at the very end? 3 years,6? 1 month? lol someone please enlighten me

That's the thing, nobody knows.

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Well that was underwhelming.

yaaayyy finallyyyyy.....

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This day apparently will never come but here we are.
Damn, Citrus is over and I still don´t graduate...

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I was pleasantly surprised with the full color wedding spread. Thinking back on it I guess I shouldn't be since they hinted at it a lot, but it was really beautiful.

Too bad the ending was rushed af after creating all that ruckus with their drama. I liked how Yuzu's lesson for the story is "if we have problems, we should communicate" cuz godfuckin yes please communicate, but even til the end Mei just didn't get it and we get thrown a deus ex machina.

Ah well in the end my thoughts:
-Mei is one of the worst characters ever.
-I hope spin off is about Matsuri/Harumin.
-Thank fuckin god we can finally RIP.

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Siento vacío importante

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IM CRYING uuuuugh this was such a ride...

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Godd there was so much going on and now, in one--only one chapter has Yuzu charged in and forced her way in the residence like a d@#$ blessed battering ram. That guy, Mei-meis supposed fiance was cool about all of it. Man of the Year MVP right there. Do you see him with that cake? He doesnt have to do that but you can see that hes riding the waves and taking in all the bliss...even if Yuzu stole his girl. I love this so much...even if there were leaks that came out warning me they were about to do this ending it here on ch 41, but I was like 'no waiii Saburou wouldnt do this to me... and 41 is an odd number anyway, who would end their freakin manga on chapter 41??!' -and then what the f@#$% happens??!

Mei-meiiiiiiiiiii.... How can something so stunning be such an asshole? <3

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Did they bang or? Cus I’ve been waiting months for the final chapter and I don’t see them banging. Also, is another anime season coming out? I’m curious. Ily keep up the good work, Mei and Yuzu forever tbh. :)

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Gald the trash that is citrus is over it was dragon ball super levels of bad but at less dbs was enjoyable at times this was just bad what was the point of all the drama if it did nothing in people say ntr was bad ntr was great compared to this trash ntr writing was great not the all times but man did it make all drama wroth it in the end yea if her new series is going to be like this then i will not be reading our buying stuff form her again i hope some one else does the story in she just does the art it clear the Arthur is not a good writer at all

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Punctuation is overrated nowadays...

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Punctuation is overrated nowadays...

I thought you were over-exaggerating, dawg. Then I saw that there was literally not a comma or period in sight, damn.

Anyway, this end ain't doing it for me yo. I wanted to see them two go at it like rabbits at the end, kind of like an answer to that chapter when Mei was offering herself to Yuzu, but this time it would be because they actually love each other.

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I don't like the ending (ง︡'-'︠)ง

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I love this manga.. sad it ended. But happy for the ending. Thank you.

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A trivial point, but who is flying where in the airplane toward the end?

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Punctuation is overrated nowadays...
you are right its the internet no one cares about it

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