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So all the other yuri schoolgirls in this cast will still marry older businessmen? They were all engaged like Mei if I remember correctly. And grandpa is suddenly okay with everything? Okay then.

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A better ending would've been Meitron losing control and Harumin coming from a window blowing off the crazy android head with a shotgun, and take Yuzu saying "The time has come, come with me... We're running out of time and she will recover soon, I must take you to safety"
Yuzu: W- What hell is going on?! Why is this happening, Harumi?!
Harumi: I'm not Harumi... I'm your daughter, Yuzuha.

I actually want this to happen.

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Finally, it's over and on such a meh finish

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The script for most of the silent panels on pages 21-23 has been found! (Not completely sure of some of these translations)

That's golden. I wouldn't mind seeing an edited version.

Man of the Year MVP right there.

There was speculation about which man will be needed to set the solution in motion. Maybe the fiancé was one of the candidates, behind the dad somewhere, but I'm still utterly disappointed by the implications. If it was the teacher from the beginning of the manga, Yuzu would have been sent away... Two people need to work for a good relationship and that's clearly not what happened, not to mention it just had to be a guy because two girls can't solve any problem on their own, even with a whole group of friends. I get that he's supposed to be a good guy and their friend (although I find him creepy), but this made the whole rushed ending even worse in my eyes.

I don't know what to expect from the spin-off... It would have potential if it left most of Citrus' themes behind, focused more on the solution of everyday problems instead of the forced drama, on more interesting characters, and if maybe someone helped writing it. It seems the main characters remain these two, though. It could complement the story that just ended, finally giving Mei and Yuzu a (deeper?) personality, but after all these volumes it's hard for me to trust the author not to just create more artificial drama with poor (at best) execution. Even its strongest point, the art, suffered at times during these years, and I'd really prefer if Saburouta tried something else (yuri, of course).

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Very cute :)
When Mei finally said she love Yuzu :)
Very cute, but not enought for really wet my eye to be honest... Also, the author should have asked to Miki Yoshikawa for some advice about time-skip and wedding... Personally, "Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches" is one of my reference in this field (a het supernatural manga I really recommand! One of the few one that managed to move me to tears).
Here, as everyone said, the wedding was way too rushed...
But, I have to say the happiness in the eyes of Mei at the last page were wonderfull. It was the eye of a person that accepted to go through sadness for the rest of her life, to the point of losing their light, and that finally light up like a newborn star in the darkness of the cosmos before a brighter futur full the happiness that she had previously given up.
Yep, truly wonderfull eyes. :')

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It's over?

...for reals?

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I think Mei has said more words this chapter than she did in the entire series. It's a miracle?

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Wait I just thought about something.
Did we just go through 41 chapters and not a single chapter hinted to Yuzu and Mei doing the beast with 2 backs?
.....3 years......3 years I wanted them to balled....

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Wow, a yuri wedding. I guess it "isn't just an all girl school thing" after all. Love and yuri to death do us part!

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I want follow up story. A dramody about there married live together. I really want a semi-serious look on how a lesbian married couple make their way in a heteronormative world.

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Given what Citrus plus' promo image looked like it will probably be set in high school and be a comedic slice of life series.

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Well that didn't felt rush at all!

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The rollercoaster is finally over, hoping the spin off has more of Matsuri and Harumin. Thanks for translating!

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10 years of waiting and saburouta finishs ALL the drama in a couple pages with ONE CONVERSATION AND APOLOGIES CJDIDKDKDK AjodjdokodkdoKAKAKAKKAKA AAAAAAAA

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I DON'T CARE IF ITS RUSHED! I'M JUST HAPPY WITH THE ENDING! CRIES IN HAPPY TEARS Now Saburo can start the spin off with Harumi and Matsuri~

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Lol. I fell off Citrus, read this chapter after skipping like 30, and Mei seems to be exactly the same character as ever. Come on Saburouta.

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I've been thinking about the ending and it feels very similar to Love Live Sunshine's KanaMari.

Spoilers for Sunshine: A case where a person loves the other too much. Kanan/Mei sacrificed their own happiness for the sake of Mari/Yuzu's other opportunities at happiness but clearly not communicating the intent while also failing to realize that the other did not want that.

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Mei gets a wife by doing absolutely nothing The Series:


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this made me so happy! rushed or not, this had me (a 20 year old guy) squealing like a teenage girl XD aint nothin wrong with that lol!! they are doing what they want with their lives and surrounding themselves with people who love and support them! i dont understand what yall were expecting XD but i could not have asked for a better ending for these two girls!!

also, i was literally squealing at page 22 where matsuri is obviously making a dirty comment about yuzu's long nails XD [img][/img]
priceless! cant wait for the spinoff! i need more of these characters especially matsuri XD

and a cute little detail i noticed: yuzu's middle school friends where at the wedding on the last page :') [img][/img]

also saborouta has drawn nsfw yuri before so maybe, just maybe she will give us a little somethin! i mean, after 5 years with this manga, i cant imagine she'd just completely drop the pairing, im hopeful

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I can't believe it is over, the ending was a little rushed but nontheless I am glad it endend with the wedding I would loved to see more about yuzu and mei's daily life as lovers but I am glad I followed this manga since the very beggining :')

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I can't believe they didn't have sex... I dont know how to feel, I'm happy about the end but I'm really pissed right now.

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OOF! couldn't ask for a better ending if I do say so myself.

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So, in the end I got the happy ending that I wanted. Still, I can't help but feel slightly cheated about the whole thing.
This does feel all sorts of rushed, I wonder if I would have felt this way if Bloom had ended at chapter 34.

100% agree with this. What bothers me is how Sabu uses timeskips to avoid dealing with real hurdles, which, had the manga focused on earlier chapters methodically, would've made a much better read. Instead, the causes of cheap drama like love triangles and lack of communication lingered on over the majority of the capters. It really seems like timeskip is Saburouta's nuclear solution to everything.

The story does give reasons for her to think all these factors would be a problem, but the fact that NONE of the problems turn out to be real really decrease her credibility as a character.

And this. I must say the author ruined Mei's character royally. She had so much potential to shine during earlier chapters (and especially after Ch 24), the way she turned out is a letdown of epic proportions.

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The ending was great because it's what people would dream off to happen in a yuri manga but the route leading to that in Citrus is honestly, just utterly disappointing. The story is filled with absolutely pointless drama on the way, and everything was magically fixed before the ending panel, in this single fucking last chapter. If you don't wanna scrap the shit, then why bother doing it in the first place? The only good character are Yuzu and Harumin, they should've been together instead. Mei is just a complete and utter abomination that isn't at all developed and deserved a ton of slaps in the face for her stupidity. In the end, Citrus is just overhyped and should've ended a long time ago but of course, some people just loves inserting some shitty drama in their work just because in an attempt to drag it to oblivion. If anything, all Citrus got going for it is the great art at least. That's one of its best points, would've been the only positivity, if it wasn't for the existence of Harumin.

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