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drpepperfan Admin
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Congrats on the first release Marigold.

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Alice Cheshire Moderator
joined Nov 7, 2014

Nice job Marigold, glad to see this released after all the work you've put into it.

joined May 11, 2015

plot summery and first chapter are already awesome! I'll definitely keep up with this. :)

Norainhere Uploader
joined Jun 27, 2014

I like how the main character was complaining about the lack of boys at the school, then immediately ogled at the first pretty girl she sees. Anyways, this seems interesting so far, it might even turn into a harem for her, depending on how things go. The student council president seems a bit creepy, but that's nothing new. Thanks for your hard work!

joined Oct 28, 2015

Nice job Marigold. Keep it up, proud of you.

joined Nov 19, 2014

I'm hooked!

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Nice. Good begin. She will be in no time a pro lesbian if the president is done with her haha.

joined Mar 15, 2016

Airheads are cute, yeah.

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I dunno guys, her bio says she's straight. Who knows what could happen?

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holy fuck that ending
ive got shivers too

joined Mar 23, 2014

"self proclaimed straight"
Sounds like a few girls I know XD

joined Feb 18, 2015

Looks like a promising series. I look forward to more...

joined May 20, 2013

Interesting, indeed.

joined Jun 14, 2013

The art is pretty and satisfying, wish I can say the same about the plot writing. It's pretty decent for yuri comedy nbd manga. Just left me with low expectations for any future updates.

joined Sep 16, 2014

wow this series is hella trope-ish

joined Feb 11, 2014

Mmmh, dunno, that first chapter is decent, but doesn't really click with me for some reason. Guess I'll see how further chapters are shaping up.

joined Mar 28, 2015

Well, it escalated in almost-NSFW quickly. So much for the romance.

And yeah, "Oh noes, no boys in my new school!" and then getting wet for the council president at first sight.

Then starts a yuri harem, with childhood friend, student council president, tomboy and energetic touchy-feely middle-school acquaintance.

Author didn't really rack their brains.

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It's only 7 chapters long? Will see what will become of this.

joined Oct 16, 2013

Once I saw that panty flash, I knew I absolutely couldn't take this seriously. Sad that the student council pres is such a creep. The presidents are usually my favorite :(

From the cover, it looks like it might end with stalker kendo chick?

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Good goood please keep going!
Thanks for translating

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Good first release! I'll be looking forward to more!

Alice Cheshire Moderator
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Nya-chan posted:

And yeah, "Oh noes, no boys in my new school!" and then getting wet for the council president at first sight.

Could be in denial about being interested in girls. Isn't exactly unheard of, especially in places where homosexuality isn't commonly accepted.

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But she totally says she's straight, guys

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i have a impression of"deja-vu'' but seem to be funny so i will wait for it.

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