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Hmm... Yeah, didn't much care for this one.

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Binged this for tag purposes. Rape tag applied to chapter 5. While it may be more like Murky Consent or Manipulative Sex, or Abuse, we often use Rape to tag such situations in porn. Further, whatever Chiho's feelings and thoughts immediately afterwards, she both physically resisted and inwardly expressed feelings of disgust and aversion. In order to serve our purposes for tagging in general, we attempt to apply a rather broad use of the term that should include situations involving the above.

As for the story, the artist didn't effectively communicate nearly as well as a more experienced writer may have been able to, but I do admire the attempt to do something different. I'm also curious as to what the artist was actually trying to achieve from the outset, given that chapters 1-3 function primarily as character intro hi-jinks that don't make a lot of sense given where the story went. On the positive side I don't think it was an attempt at deconstruction of yuri/romance tropes, but it could nearly work as one. Really interesting read (and I actually hated the beginning, so).

And of course a huge congrats to marigold! It was really cool to see your improvement throughout the series! Hopefully we can chat again sometime!

I really love how it built up Chiho learning to take Midorikawa's feelings and potential as a partner seriously because she was the one who was there for her in the way she needed during a moment that was way more serious than I would have expected. It's a neat way to follow how she was so oblivious that she outright didn't understand Midorikawa's feelings when she outright confessed, but she came to understand them now after she decided not to confess and to just be there for her friend. I'm really happy with that arc.

Best girl truly won. Although it ended up not even being a real harem thing, haha.

Yeah, true. I don't think it was done in a stellar manner, but there was a lot to like about her arc. This really had a lot of the elements I long for in childhood friend stories that is all-too-rarely addressed in a serious manner.

Buuuut vice president is still too enamored to break out from the president's carrot-and-stick manipulation thing. That's a bittersweet end to it. Ouch.

There seems to be a lot of people reading it as a happy end for the Prez x VP, but I'm definitely with you. Don't think it's meant to be read that way and I certainly felt a bitter pang over it.

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You know, as much as I love happy endings, I like cathartic endings way more. If there's a villain, especially one that has no reasonable justification or isn't sympathetic/relatable, I want to see them suffer. What I would have done for the ending is have the vice-president get over her feelings and distance herself from the class president, leaving the latter with no friends, no support, completely abandoned and alone like she deserves. Because how many other girls did she hurt like the MC? She didn't earn the ending she got.

Looking at the plot as a whole, I get the impression that the artist began wanting to make a light-hearted generic rom-com, then said "You know what? This just sucks. How about I change this to a story about how actions have consequences?" (When will you learn?!) And they got really gung-ho about that, until they heard everything was getting axed (per what Arckuno said). Then they threw up their hands and said "There's no way I can properly depict the emotional weight of this situation in the space I have left, so I'm gonna gloss over it all and punch out early."
So it goes, I guess.

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After reading a lot of manwha lately, i can honestly say that it's simply nice to be able to follow the dialogue so easily.
Which is a little embarrassing because it feels like th translators put more effort into this than the mangaka.

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man this kinda sucked ass

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