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Utoptia posted:

Sevensoulz posted:

Read the first comment in case it's a sad or bad story, seems fine, Read the story, seems cute, finish the story, wha the it end just like that whaaaatf wha kinda ending was that T. T

Read this and treat it as sequel. You're welcome.

Eh, if only ...

Works just fine for me. Same author and uncanny similarity with characters and setting.

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I'm getting trolled.
I really wasting my time.
Remove the yuri tag please.

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deviledge posted:

I'm getting trolled.
Remove the yuri tag please.

Why? It is yuri. One of main character is in love with other girl. Doesn't matter if it they end up togheter or not. Yuri doesn't mean "series contain 2 girls becoming a couple at some point."

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I wanted a bit more.. yea you know

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Ohh, so Main girl ended up with a boyfriend? Who's Mashibo?

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Faust posted:

free_crab posted:

the rare case where the extra just would have been better not existing....
but pretty good

There is "sequel" to it though.

Hmm how are they connected? As far as I know, it's just another one shot by the same author

Yes, but resemblance to main characters and setting is uncanny. You can easly head-cannon that it is after MC divorced the brother of the other girl and they ended up together after all. The fact it is by the same author doesn't hurt as well for that theory.

The main characters in that look kind of like the main character in this one's SISTER and the younger girl. Not the two main characters in this one. So it totally doesn't work as s pretend sequel.

I personally don't have too big of a problem with the ending as it is. When you consider the age gap, Natsuki would probably refuse to take Michiko seriously at this point in any case. She's still in high school. I also didn't see any indication in the story that she was at all serious about the guy from work, just that he was persistent. The person she pursued in order to make sure she stayed in her life was Michiko and the person she spends personal time with outside of work is Michiko. I'd say that, in the long run, she'll admit her feelings, because she clearly had them during the story.

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Hmmmmm not gay ebough. But I enjoyed reading it again :)

Lomographic Colored Past
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The problem with this manga is that the author can't decide if this will be yuri focused or coming of age type, it's like 80% of the story is yuri but in the end the author decided to drop the hetero path for one of the main characters in the After Story. It makes the whole story somewhat a dissapointment. Maybe this manga will be tagged as Best Friends, Best Friends Forever, Platonic Love, Friend Zoned, Friendship Goals or whatever deemed appropriate.

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What the fuck was that "after" for? It would have been better if ir never existed.

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Hm, not sure if I would label it as yuri since the two chicks don't seem to be in love with each other. I got the impression they were but that doesn't seem the case. Sigh.

I wouldn't call it Yuri, because one of the girls literally gets with a guy at the end and there's no indication that either of them want to be romantically involved with the other

Meh never mind, was still a good read

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The omake was a slap in the face. Why.


I'm just gonna pretend that omake never happened and created my own omake where they're happily gay together

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All that buildup for such a trash ending. The tags are full of lies. Why I am here? Just to suffer?

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Hmm.. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it wasn't yuri, I feel proud for being a bit of a yuri expert

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Having just read this for the first time, while I was enjoying it for most of it, the ending left me unsatisfied.

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The tag het should be added because the main girl is het, it's clearly missing and would have avoided many disappointments

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Yuri crush is the most appropriate tag here. It didn't exist at the time this story was posted I think.

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