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this went from adorable to heartbreaking very fast

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im SURPRISED i didnt cry, but got to heavy breathing. aint even ashamed to admit it, these fictional characters strike deep

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im SURPRISED i didnt cry, but got to heavy breathing. aint even ashamed to admit it, these fictional characters strike deep

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;o; ............................

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this is heartrending

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God damn trunk

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former:"Nothing can ever hurts me"
now: ;o;

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Damn,that blood report revelation hits harder then a truck for sure,no longer a "might",she definitely could've but she was still just a wee lass whose ass would in danger herself.

Also,considering that it appears that it hasn't affected her much,there must've been little to no scarring left after that carving.

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Aww this poor girl if only she wasn't smol she could have tried to save her. This author just wants to crush us and just keep putting us deeper and deeper huh. That blood type result was unnecessary like they weren't making this damn story sad enough as it was :(

So does this end with her killing herself as well or does she find some light at the end of the tunnel? Because I have no idea where it's headed right now lol.

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Mmm, yes, love having my heart and soul crushed into a fine powder and blown away with the summer breeze

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This made me feel shit bro I feel tears coming straight to my eyes I feel so sad, it hurts imagining that someone really important to me will pass away eventually

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Ch6 is the formal end of the series, and the extra was a bonus adapted from the web novel that was written later. The web novel is gay, being translated, and can be read at: It's unknown if there will be more extras in the future.

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and that is that, I do think it's interesting that despite this being a story entirely told in flashbacks by Wu Xiaorong as she's reminiscing about Song of The Sea and her relationship to Kewei before she goes off to get married. We sure do not get to see anything about her current relationship and partner, aside from them showing up in exactly two panels far enough away in the background that you can barely tell any of their features.

I rather like it, this is ultimately the story of Kewei and Xiaorong after all and while Xiaorong is going to live her best life it really does seem like she sees it as the time she'll be waiting until she and Kewei reunite in the afterlife.

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At least she seemed to find some measure of happiness as time wore on

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Wait this is the same author that wrote Pink Ribbon??? That's impressive.

Only the same artist. the writer of the story is someone else

Ooh, thanks for the clarification. I read new chapters of this series even knowing it was going to make me sad, so I think the writer really made a great story, enhanced even further by the art.

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well that was just depressing... meh nothing really particuliar about this one.

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it really does seem like she sees it as the time she'll be waiting until she and Kewei reunite in the afterlife.

With the last line about how she just might finish her unfinished stories on the other side, I do wanna believe that couple be the case

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(I am in a great terrible pain. The darkness consume me and yet, I find my heart calm and quiet. It is serene and patient, waiting for two souls to reunite at the other side of the sea. :'3)

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I came in expecting to get hurt but I didn't think I was gonna need a hospital visit. The grief and pain and fear and anger was so beautifully portrayed, especially from the perspective of a child. It can be hard to capture the emotional distance between children and adults, but it was done incredibly skillfully.

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yeah after reading that extra now I'm in denial

What do you mean Kewei died? Kewei's fine and these two are gay and happy together forever!!

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hhhh this one hurt. i'm glad i waited to read it all in one go bc i'm not sure i could've kept going if i had to wait after certain chapters. woof.

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Don't know why, but seeing her get back on her feet made me wanna cry a bit.
Good shit! Thanks for the translation!

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it's a very beautifully written story, no wonder it won an award!
but i don't understand why Xiaorong didn't ask Kewei's parents about the comic... she didn't have to ask right away, but at least at some point... the comic probably wasn't finished but Kewei surely started it...
ps: maybe i'm a nitpicker, but isn't a masquerade more like a costume party, preferably with masks, instead of just a dance-ball with nice clothes?

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This brought me pain in many different ways. It's amazing how Xiaorong's rage and sadness had me go through the same feelings throughout each page. Love this story.

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