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I just can't take this "art" style seriously. May as well draw stick figures.

Very 'simple' art styles can still be used to tell very powerful and moving stories

Exactly this, and it's also super insulting for anyone to say the artist might as well just "draw stick figures".

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By No-chi Au Lain't

But like much of first page of this comments thread, I was expecting M.A.L and let out an audible "Wait wuht?!" when it turned out to be a different name.

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What kind of 4d chess are they playing

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On the last page was it Uso da or Uso tsuki?

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Phew, you had us in the first half.

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Comments are gold. So is the one-shot, thanks for sharing!

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This is how 4d chess player communicate with each other

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Most used line in this comic: “I knew that”

Most used line in these comments: “MOCHI”

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Tsugi ni omae wa,

To iu!

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Tried to work my vocabulary as much as I could to sound remotely positive, can't come up with anything other than "Mochi Bootleg". Art was similar but highly unexpressive, story was similar but it's pretty uninteresting, and the dialogues are so stiff in order to push it's premise. But then again, beggars can't be choosers.

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They know a lot of things.

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I can't believe it's not mochi

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Reject society, bang sister, profit

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Art ist fine, not sure about the dialogues though.

Nevrilicious Scans
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I enjoyed it a lot. I liked how you really could feel they have a lot of chemistry and especially younger sister had few cute moments. And yes, I also got "mochi vibes" from it, though I knew it wasn't drawn by them. Art is simple and nothing special, but to me it was premise and writing that carried this one.

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Well, I guess they both really do know all about it.

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They sure know each other well.

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I need a term for “stupid but in a sorta good way.”
(The art would need to be more lively and expressive to merit ‘goofy.’)

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This is what an omniscient couple looks like

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the more you know

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I'm not particularly into incest stuff, but this was cute.

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Mochi would proud, silly pumpkins.

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Adorable material! thanks 4 TL <3!!

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Is this "You may have outsmarted me, but I have outsmarted your outsmarting"?

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