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bro this shit got me emotional

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Dang, this is good. Very powerful (and the art's great too).

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I haven't cried at a manga in such a long time, but this one got me. Goddamn this is a good story.

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I have a feeling that the opening is just a red herring and the ending will be a happy one. I kinda hope it isn't, as a bittersweet or tragic ending might be more powerful in the provided context. Either way, I've learned that endings are almost always the worst parts of manga; the story has been wonderful so far, so I can't let myself be taken by the ending in whichever direction it goes.

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Well fuck.

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Oof here comes ze tears

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I’ve read a LOT of series over the covid pandemic, but this one just stands out above almost everything I’ve seen. Even though it releases a chapter every two months or so, it still pops into my head every few weeks or so. After chapter 10, I’m kinda scared to keep reading. I was holding out some hope that this might have a happy ending but now I’m bracing myself for the worst.

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I was waiting for the allusion from the first chapter to show up

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Aww the end credit page made me happy

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So after all she is sick. I wonder why Asaka didn't tell Hoshikawa about her illness. I get that it could make her stop writing, but if u asking someone to be honest with you i think u should be the same. Can u imagine what kind of shock it will be for Hoshikawa when she find out Asaka probably dying, this can be the real reason to make her stop writing novel again

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Aw man this is going to hurt like a bi***. She's sick and for all we know she might not get better. I'm honestly nervous for the next couple chapters that going to be coming out

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This is a longshot, but I hope they hand hold before Kaori dies.

EDIT: How obscene

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Those credits are cheating!

(That's amazing)

Starving Jiangshi
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Given the end of the first chapter, I was worried that something like this would happen.

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Does this have a tragic ending? Your legally required to warn me if this has a tragic ending. Like an undercover cop is legally required to tell you he's a cop if you ask.

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That's just mean...

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Lots of manga have depressing/cryptic headers and life threatening medical conditions but still have happy or hopeful endings.

Let's just.. calm down and cross our fingers that we'll be taking the sunny path.

Takasaki Reika
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Y'all felt a pinch in your heart when you saw her suffering, as if a deja vu? Like man, saw this before, don't hurt me the same way the other story did? Same

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Lying about her condition was the right thing to do, of course. /s

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Oh man no no no i knew this would happen yet i hoped it won't oof poor asaka :((

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Still no drama tog on, so maybe we can hope! But ... I'm scared right now. :(

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I'm extremely dissatisfied with where this is going

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I'm extremely dissatisfied with where this is going

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