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Playing the long game I see.

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This should be interesting to read.

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Sera is a bit of an airhead and spends most of her focus on art, but Ruriko had the patience to indulge her friend and wait a whole 5 years (one fifth of her life up to that point) to proceed with the plan, now they are married, she has ample chance to build up. I believe in her.

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When you don't realize that you love your friend until the "Oh shit" moment

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Kurumi-san sure seems ~friendly~. I'd honestly be more interested in a manga about genuinely just a pair of friends trying out marriage rather than one of them already being serious from the start.
Oh well. Usui Shio's always great. I'll take anything.

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Cute???? Definitely following this. Wonder how their dynamic will change along the way

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Spoiler for next chapter's title: "Trying out iPS cells with my female friend"

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This looks cute! Also shout out to Knight Heron for the extra info in the credit pages in their releases, always a fun learning experience :)

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What kind of a name is Kitabebbu. Does she work for a Sumerian deity or what.

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Getting officially married to your friend, but is actually just your fRiEnD
Anime logic

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Shio wanted so hard to write a cozy domestic cohabitation story that after she realized that it wouldn't fit the pace of Crescent Moon and Doughnuts, she invented a wholeass new manga. Absolute madlass, full marks.

This seems like it'll be a fun, cozy ride. I like stories where characters question the nature of the relationships they end up in rather than relentlessly questing for labels like girlfriend or wife, and Shio has always excelled at quiet, subtle introspection. As long as we get some decent internal monologues and cuddling on the couch at eight in the night with glasses of wine before the TV, I'll be satisfied.

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This is a whole other level of gals being pals.

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Actually read the entire credits page... never thought sliced bread thickness could be interesting yet here we are.

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No one would do this.. XD But its cute!

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I've heard a couple of stories about friends doing the "if we're still single by ____, then lets get married" deal, this one seems like it'll be fun.

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What is it with this author making me feel an impending sense of dread?
Like, I feel like something bad (not apocalyptic mind you) will happen...

As if a red flag was raised from the get go.

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Why do the rings swap hands on Kurumi, it distracted me so much lol

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Why do the rings swap hands on Kurumi, it distracted me so much lol

Yeah, both of them have it on their right on pages 14 and 15, quite odd.

Actually read the entire credits page... never thought sliced bread thickness could be interesting yet here we are.

If more of knight heron's uploads start coming to dynasty, get used to it.

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how many layers of meta is this lol, a mangaka drawing a story about a girl who marries her friend writing a story about a girl who marries her female friend

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The setup is highly reminiscent of the "I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up" manga. I always love these kinds of plots.

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This bring the term "useless lesbian" to the whole new level xD

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When I came to page 16 I was like wtf.

I mean, "we're married but we're just friends, not lovers?" Seriously wtf.

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Ah, I sort of understand the bread slices thing now. Neat!

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