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Okay, Miko NEEDS TO DIE NOW. Can't have two Chads lesbians after the same girl. There's probably a third party at play here and we won't get see them or it probably in a few chapters.

Also scalies over furries any day, lmfao. FIGHT ME

Shiori isnt a lesbian, she is a Terminator

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Doesn't the "childhood friend never wins" meme mostly apply to het rom-coms? The childhood friend is rarely a romantic rival anyway in yuri.

But more importantly, I just don't see the relevance here, as there's more at stake than Hinako's romantic preferences. A "win" for Shiori would mean Hinako's demise, which seems to me like a bigger issue than Miko's "loss" to Shiori.

I'm still rooting for Miko here, but it's not entirely impossible that Shiori just might in the future decide that she has better things to do than eating Hinako.

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These are all some very good relationships.

Now, I'm rooting for Miko not to be killed here because that'll be a type of depressing I'm not sure this series intends to go for, but I may be wrong. Also, because her relationship with Hinako is very wholesome and I'm looking forward to the drama and angst of her finding out she wants to be eaten by Shiori.

As for Shiori, she's my best girl and I want all the things to happen to her. I can't help but love the monster who doesn't try to pretend she is not a monster.

Sidenote: Even if it gets to a point when Hinako would taste sublime but Shiori can't bring herself to eat her, would Hinako be happy about that?

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I feel a knot on my throat, this is getting so good???

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Miko pls protect the mc, giving her all my power by lifting my arms up in the air, do a genkidama and beat up this hoe.

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Interesting to see how Hinako and Miko's friendship dynamics go when Hinaki learns how Miko couldn't save her parents and little bro.

Plenty of drama llama no doubt.

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Say, weren't pages 128-129 combined before? I swear I remember them being combined when I first read the chapter, so seeing that panel of distorted Miko split in half threw me off for a bit. Was it a side effect of adding the missing page back?

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Pretty good. The art is great. The way we never see Miko's full body in monster form, which makes her seem limitless.
Looking forward to volume 3.

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Sarah of the Night
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im glad shioris assessment of miko wasnt exactly correct.

im sure she'll be alive by the next chapter..i hope..wonder how the dynamic will evolve after that though.

now these waits will be even more painful v_v

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Ok what :/ i thought the friend was cool tf

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Well, it’s been a fun series yall, looking forward to the author’s next work

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Man, it is always good to see the power of friendship so clearly displayed

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Saw that coming

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That twist infuriated me ngl

Edit: it did just occur to me that when Miko said "some evil monster is going to take advantage of you" on the second last page, she could be referring to Shiori and is actually going to attack her. Her going in to bite Hinako may just be a subversion. At least I hope so, because they've established such an interesting character and if her whole backstory is a lie then that was just a complete waste of time.

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That twist infuriated me ngl

Yeah I’m gonna be pretty mad if Miko really does try to eat her after all this, I don’t wanna see Shiori be the one to save Hinako here

I hope she actually turns back into a human and the bite turns into a kiss/hickey

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... oh.

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I want more than anything for Miko to live but it just feel like there would be too much conflict if she did, since Shiori wants to eat Hinako and all. I just get the feeling with the story that one of the monster characters needs to die to continue with the plot, and since Shiori has clearly been established more as the other main character to Hinako, that just leaves Miko...

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That twist infuriated me ngl

Yeah I’m gonna be pretty mad if Miko really does try to eat her after all this, I don’t wanna see Shiori be the one to save Hinako here

I hope she actually turns back into a human and the bite turns into a kiss/hickey

It's certainly a manga where you should always doubt that what we believe to see/hear is what's actually going on.
I'm looking very much forward to how this continues.

Also note that, while we might see Shiori as being deliberately dismissive of Miko being actually benevolent so that she can get rid of her without scarring Hinako too much, she never fully transformed into a human during the entire chapter. Her left arm (mostly hidden) always remained in monster shape, before and after we're shown it. Could be that she was actually not trusting Miko's words or that she was just really looking for a chance to off her.
Also that gash on her cheek is still there, so I guess she can't easily regenerate wounds inflicted by a fox spirit?

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Oh man Miko's soo dead. Most probably she's baiting Shiori to kill her because... reasons, since I think it would be a huge cop out if she actually does suddenly want to eat Hinako after all these flashbacks and holding back all this time. But yeah regardless of that, I'm 99.5% certain she's dead next chapter.

Gotta make a mental note to remember this mangaka's name for my future sanity if that happens.

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Miko literally says she used to eat people, and has had to restrain herself from eating Hinako, so this doesn't contradict anything. It's not a twist at all.

Besides, Hinako can't die yet. Even if we assume volume 3 is the last, Hinako spending over half of it dead seems unlikely.

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Imagine the two monsters are together and they both just eat the main girl

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I feel like this is gonna play out like a scene in attack on titan s2 where ymir "ate" historia but was really just running off with her

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Nice. We are getting to the monster eating human part of the story, which will most likely end up with someone getting killed.

As for the rest, I love how much of a dick Shiori is: "Praying for protection is useless as shown by your terrible results as a guardian". I like how it manages to insult Miko, Hinako and Hinako's dead family at the same time. Also, Miko is a great tortured soul. Hope she survives.

Btw, I'm kinda surprised it wasn't revealed the one who said "at least you have to live" to Hinako was Miko, but it seemed she only found out about her family being dead when they brought Hinako back.

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Imagine the two monsters are together and they both just eat the main girl

Not yet, Shiori won't lay a finger on Hinako until she really wants to keep living, and I don't think Miko's confession has achieved that quite yet.

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