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Can't believe Yvonne defeated god with the power of lesbianism.

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She looks sorta like a homunculus in this panel.

I get making her shorter but sometimes the proportions are way off

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Imitation can only go so far. Super cute.

@SrNevik Aaaaah!! I see your profile pic!! Best Webtoon ever!!

Yes! Love it! Should be more popular, especially around here.

Well, come on then, drop the name.

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Well, that conversation went better than expected. Just Mei making it clear she wants a committed relationship and she's not conformable with poly, with no shaming.

It seems people don't have a strong grasp of what poly is. A polyamerous relationship is one with 3 or more people who all love and care for eachother equally.

What you are describing is an open relationship, where in two people either date or are married, but each mutually agree to allow the other to engage in usually sexual (but sometimes romantic) relationships with others, while staying in the relationship.

Poly would imply that every girl Karin has a fling with would be expected to have an intamite connection with Mei as well.

Poly relationships can be very committed, but Karin seems to enjoy her quick flings as a way to blow off steam.

Not to say I expect this story to go in a poly direction. Quite the opposite, actually, as it is clear that none of Mei's potential love interests are particularly interested in eachother, and infact seem to get jealous quite easily.

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And I think Yvonne's return to the past only helped create a loop leading to the present (saving Elsa as a child, a kiss between the two, Yvonne's mother is still alive,...) but did nothing to change the future, right? Calling the original world 0, the world where the plot takes place is 1 (the world is in danger of BE), then what Yvonne did was only change 0 into 1 but did not do anything to turn it into world 2 (the world there is HE) right?

I think Yvonne going back in time and remembering the promise was itself the thing to change the timeline, because there exists a world in which Yvonne never remembers her promise because a future Elsa doesn't send her back in time (which is the universe that the future Elsa came from).

Of course that doesn't make sense though because for there to have been a promise in the first place, Elsa would've had to send Yvonne back in time to take over her younger self, which means a universes in which Elsa remembers a promise but another Elsa doesn't send Yvonne back in time to remember it cannot exist.

But it doesn't really matter because there's magic in this universe anyway, so our laws of physics clearly don't apply anyway.

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Wonder why people here are calling Meiling the dense one when Sakuya spent 8 hours holding Meiling at knife-point asking her whether she thought she was cute and then went to the shrine to boast about it as a confession with completed confidence.

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I know scummy gap student in Japanese is "kuzu rouninsei" but I wonder, what exactly is it that Makino calls her mother and is translated as toxic mom?

I haven't read the Japanese version, but I'm guessing kuzu mama or kuzu haha.

meh, sounds too cutesy, like saying "shitty mommy" she probably calls her baba, meaning "old lady", but translated to "hag" in a negative context

edit: this question made me curious enough to watch an ad to read the raw chapter and she actually doesn't call her mom kuzu/scummy at all, she calls her 毒親: 毒 being the character for poison or toxin and 親 of course meaning parent.

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Y'know, this is actually a significant departure for Morinaga Milk. I mean, her characters have had anxieties, but only along the lines of "She's so awesome and I'm not (plus I'm a girl), so any hints I might be thinking I see of her maybe liking me must be wrong" kind of stuff. So self-deprecating, even a bit insecure, but nothing serious.

What we have here on the other hand, seems to be operating at an existential level--"Am I anything if she isn't looking at me? Is there a point to my existence?" This is not a kind of thinking Morinaga Milk characters have ever done before as far as I can remember. Living for the romantic partner, and maybe being supported by them to do . . . something, has always been more than sufficient for girls in Morinaga Milk stories. Often taking care of the partner has even been the basis of a character's career, going right back to Girl Friends--Mari became a nutritionist basically as an extension of cooking for her beloved Akko, and that was totally enough to make her happy and fulfilled. So yeah, this one is different.

I cosign this, pretty hard. Ignoring debates about the execution, I think it's nice to develop and investigate the normal internal issues that can happen within a relationship. Most stories are too "perfect" in the sense that any issues that do occur are external. Author's tend to be afraid to make their characters temporarily unlikeable or to have truly difficult aspects of their personality or mental space. The most internal issues we get are the "acceptable flaws" like "oh I'm not good enough," or "oh I'm too shy." Every other issues is external stuff like jealousy or a new character, work etc. I like that we get to follow her through these issues she's having and how she's hopefully work through them.

I think another problem is that when authors do make their characters be flawed, they're usually super petty, contrived, and unrelatable (Looking at you Singing You A Love Song), so seeing a story about adults dealing with realistic character flaws that aren't even necessarily their fault, its just oddly comforting and enjoyable to read.

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joined Nov 22, 2019 don't understand. These shots of Marisa and Reimu's feet, Zun...they're necessary to convey the story Zun...the reader just won't understand without them Zun...I have to draw them...

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What? This whole manga is called fucking "i wanna quite being a hitman." Rose literally had everything she wanted right in her hands: her girlfriend, Shirifune, a way out of the country, and the perfect cover to escape in, and then all of sudden she switches to "Actually being a hitman is no different than any other job (despite the fact that it puts my loved ones at risk), I can't quite now!"

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Kurumi doesn't seem to even remember the slap, which is an odd storytelling choice.

I mean, she had a reaction to the report on marital domestic violence on the news.

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This might be one of the most disturbing/scary pieces of media I've ever consumed. I don't know why, like most people who grew up on the internet, I've seen my fare share of gory fucked up shit, but when she dug up that grave, man. It was like the wind got knocked out of me. My body got cold and I genuinely started shivering, like, this manga scares me, in a way I don't think I've felt before.

Not to mention the black haired girl staring up at her window, at sunset, while she's home alone? Touches that primal part of my brain

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I beleive people are looking at this the wrong way. This manga is a piece of realism, and it expresses that realism beautifully and emotionally. However, that dosen't mean the author supports what they are depicting. When realist artists of the past painted picture of impoverished families, or men coming home from the war with a thousand yard stare, they weren't in support of their subjects condition, they wanted to show people the reality of their situation in hopes of invoking change.

Now, do I think this author planned on making this a realism piece? No. What I think happened is that they tried to make an escapism story, but accidently created a narrative that was too similar to their own. And overtime, the parallel between their real life and the story caused a pessimism which seeped into their work. However, I do think this manga has a lot of value if you view it through the realist lense, and look at this outside of the perspective of just a narrative: this is the overall narrative about how a happy story of escaping an abusive system based upon the authors own situation, was slowly corrupted as the reality set upon the author that the abusive system was inescapable, even in fiction.

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The vigilantes did nothing wrong. Don't stab people and you won't get beat, simple as

People don't commit crimes because they think it's a fun hobby to get into, they commit crimes because their pushed into a corner and feel they have to. Brutally punishing individual offenders without addressing the material conditions that forced them to commit the crime in the first place dosen't solve anything and only encourages more violence. You think a single mother stealing food for her starving children is going to stop just beside she took a beating? And on top of that, composing the justice force of other refugees creates animosity amongst the people and creates more violence, while also conveniently keeping the people's attention away from the government that is putting them in that situation. Don't be fooled, what is being shown in this chapter is not a sense of justice, but of a governments ability to manipulate its people to hate eachother, ignore the government, and keep working to fuel the factories to produce goods for the more lucrative tax payers.

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Jesus fucking christ

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Even without yuri a good touhou like this is a lot of fun :)
Wish there was still as much touhou being done as their used to be.

p.s Does Alice count as a yokai? I know she isnt human but the people in makai were devils i think- does that count as a type of yokai? And her mom was the godess so maybe she isnt a devil either - or half devil half god? who knows..

Yes, magicians who perform life extending rituals become youkai. Abandoning part of your humanity is viewed as a negative thing. Thus they are viewed as some form of evil.

Celestials and hermits had to abandon their desires first and live virtous. So they are immortal but they are not youkai.

I think it's funny though that because of this, Alice is considered a youkai while Seiga isnt, even though Alice is much more human than that necrophile.

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This story is interesting to me because a happy ending seems unlikely given the tone of manga so far, but I also don't see how Collin's situation could possibly get any worse. So narratively, i can't look away, because I genuinely have no idea where this is headed.

Plus, it's already started with so much shock value that there really isn't anything else that could happen that would invoke that much emotion in me. I mean, you have a child, burying their dead baby, that they conceived by copulating with their biological father. Now where, in the ever loving fuck, do you go from there?

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As much as there is something of a plot these last few chapters, I'm not surprised the formula of intro ch then sex ch is still going on. I mean really, did any of expect that she wouldn't fuck everyone in that picture before we got any answers?

She hasn't fucked anyone yet, she is currently in the running for biggest bottom of the decade

She literally ate a girl out last chapter

Yeah, after getting on her knees in front of her and waiting patiently until she was commanded too. And then not finishing herself until she was given permission.

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She couldn't of just....pushed her a way?

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I feel like maybe Tsukasa is the one who gets her girlfriends so dependent on her that they threaten to commit suicide if she leaves, not the other way around.

My prediction? Tsukasa and the main girl get together, Tsukasa continues to isolate the mc and tell her that she needs her, and then it ends up just how it started, with Tsukasa chatting up some other girl on the phone about how clingy the mc is, and leaving her after making her dependent on her.

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"You keep wanting me to think about "later on" or whatever, as if you guys can predict the future. But in the end, what you want is standing right here in front of you, and you can't even see it."

"People who think they're being the stupidest things."

Holy DAMM these lines.

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Jesus fucking christ that was... good lord. That was so hot. Absolutely perfect.

This is the one with the ASMR companion, right? Can anyone enlighten me on how can one get the thing? I think I really fucking want it.

It's on dlsite

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unpopped popcorn

You mean corn?

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We STAN an autism coded queen, who has real emotions but an inability to express them, and isn't just an emotionless cardboard cutout.

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