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Surprisingly wholesome for a manga with a heavy emphasis on prostitution.

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Just now I realized the tag is called "pay for gay" and not "gay for pay" lol, complete different meanings

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oh wow its refreshing to read a manga with a lesbian who has been out for a while

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Just now I realized the tag is called "pay for gay" and not "gay for pay" lol, complete different meanings

To be fair, it was Gay for Pay for the longest time and was only recently changed. Pay for Gay is more accurate for the most of the series/one-shots on Dynasty Scans anyways.

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This is kinda like this food manga, but instead of new restaurants, we will see new love hotel/brothel every chapter xD

Not like I'm complaining :D

I think the love hotels in Japan would be sending in their advertising material to the mangaka by the pallets of junk mail if the mangaka took that route.

If the mangaka does so, it will be like Dave Attel’s “Insomniac” series done some twenty years ago. The mangaka would eventually have enough brochures to start a bonfire or fill up her phone’s memory space... hey, internet these days saves the trees.

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It would be hilarious for the MC encountering every fetish before finally meeting up with her long lost friend from her youth.

This manga has some serious potential despite the suspension in reality for the story to happen.

May the campiness continue!

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I always welcome wholesome depictions of prostitution. Also on page 34, I know she just spat her drink, but just the panel, it looks like she's salivating at getting another appointment.

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I like how the senpai and her are shown to be friends, even though they're both queer. I hope it stays that way. I would love to see a good friendship between two queer women, devoid of any romantic or sexual connotations. It probably won't stay this way, but one can hope, right?

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Deprived of fulfilling the BDSM fantasies she came up with
For now

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I like that she's not completely innocent and passive about everything.

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I know it probably won't happen but I honestly want Mai to be the one to have to work for this relationship instead of Asumi. She kissed young Asumi, then left her, then became a prostitute and you know that in most stories like this when Asumi finds her she'll be the one begging Mai like a puppy to be with her until she accepts and happily ever after ensues. I kinda want that formula to be flipped on it's head.

I want Mai to find out that her old love Asumi has been pining for her all these years, that Asumi started seeing prostitutes just to find her, that she even lost her virginity to Mai's best friend and I want that to hit Mai in the feels a bit. I want Mai to feel she missed her opportunity to have that classic fairytale romance because she never went back for Asumi who she left an alone and confused child and she has to live with that choice.

On the other hand I want Asumi to grow into a secure and powerful woman that has options beyond swoon for the childhood friend by the time she comes face to face with Mai. Also I want Asumi to maybe become just a little bit bitter that Mai says she still cares for her so much when instead of going back for her she disappeared and is now working this type of job and that hey, maybe Asumi now feels she can do a little better than Mai with that new self-confidence of hers. Make Mai earn her happy ending with Asumi instead of just waiting for Asumi to come to her.

In these types of stories where the protagonist has to win their madam of the evenings heart girls like Mai usually have all the power, they are secure, never jealous and can pick and chose the outcome of the story on a whim while your Asumi types are desperate, come hat in hand and have to win her heart as the dreaming "pure girl" in love. It's already a good subversion that Asumi has already lost her cliche purity and Mai is shown to still have feelings for her. This tale can easily turn into just a fun lewd game of find the childhood friend with no stakes and that is fine but I want it to go down a bit of a emotional road for Mai and Asumi with a few twists and turns.

Anyway I'll be watching this one with interest.

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So on board for Asumi going there everytime with a different girl to find her childhood love AMAZING

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So, is she gonna fuck everyone in the brothel?

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This seems so fun. I'm really looking forward to more. The comedy bits were hilarious, and more importantly for me, it doesn't seem to be looking down on sex work.

I'm glad Piranhaplant picked it up, too. They do fantastic work.

(Oh, and side note, am I the only immature one here that saw the "Pooped..." sfx and giggled?)

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Man this is some GOOD SHIT.

Like I mean that in the most wholesome and pure way possible, too.

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The comedy bits were hilarious, and more importantly for me, it doesn't seem to be looking down on sex work.

I like that too.

It's as far as we've seen healthy, non coerced, consensual sex work presumably by people who aren't desperate to make ends meet but are doing this because it's the career they chose which is nice.

Sayaka is such a breath of fresh air for this type of character, she is fun, talkative, comforting and wants to genuinely give Asumi a safe, comfortable experience. People kind of forget the social aspect of professional prostitution, it isn't just sex but also a fulfilling emotional experience which this manga portrays. I want lot's of new girls but I hope we get to see more of Sayaka.

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So, is she gonna fuck everyone in the brothel?


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I am so on board.

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This is gold.
Also, this is definitely going for the poly rout

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Cmon man don't tease me with 1 chapter

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C3PO: There are a million ways this could end badly and only 69 ways it could end right

Amazing Despair
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This is gold.
Also, this is definitely going for the poly rout

Not gonna lie, I'm kinda starving for more manga like this. Both poly and sex work deserve a lot of good material that it still lacks in comparison with other kinds of yuri. I love how wholesome and positive it is and I hope it stays like that.

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Going the poly and open relationship route it seems.

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Asumi's going to find her friend, and she's ready and willing to bang every woman in Japan to do it.

Such a noble sacrifice but it must be done

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