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This manga is such an emotional ride

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Time for volume 2 cliffhanger hell

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Dammit, I hate that glasses girl!

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dude at first i thought it was just gonna be a softcore-kinky-episodical manga but the fact that now they've been exposed by an unknown person who clearly knows them personally, shifted this into a drama. its gonna be cool finally seeing a kind of plot on figuring out who it was.

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Does anyone know when more chapters will be released?

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I mean, what was Airi expecting? Doing stuff like that in school? Girl, be creepy somewhere else

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reads recently added chapters...
intensity intensifies
It went from kinda kink smut to plot real smoothly! And Holly fuck that cliff hanger!!!! Hyped for vol.3

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I mean, what was Airi expecting? Doing stuff like that in school? Girl, be creepy somewhere else

Let she who has never choked out another girl at school be the first to cast the stone

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I see 2 (stretching a point) points in Airi's favor. She let go of her stranglehold when she saw signs of Hina passing out. (Though she fails to realize that just that much is plenty dangerous.) And she swabs Hina's stomach with alcohol before piercing it. (But was that piercing tool sterilized?) In other words, she is at least trying to avoid causing Hina real harm. (But what about emotional trauma?)

My predictions have been pretty far off lately, but I predict that as soon as Hina realizes what's going on, she will leap up and do her level best to defend/protect Airi.

Edit: Self debunking your own comment can be kind of fun.

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I'm deriving more satisfaction from this than I thought I would

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I was expecting the last two pages. If they'll be on equal ground, I won't mind anything they consent to and stays between them... There is still the blackmailing, though, so probably some more twists can be expected.

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Tag: Reversal

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I'm really liking the incoming reversal

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Hmm... I want to sympathize with Airi but it's so hard for me to. It feels if she were a dom her first questions would be "what are your limits" instead of "what do you like" and that sends off giant warning bells in my head.

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Anyway, Airi's attitude, will being despicable, is totally understandable. Most people will try to defend themselves even if they are guilty, especially when the proofs aren't very solid. I don't really think Airi will have a redemption anytime soon and in an ironic turn of events, Hina start to have a twisted mind, t hing that happen because of Glasses-chan's blackmail, which was the opposite of what she wanted.

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I sense a reversal incoming...

In all honesty, I found Airi's actions in this chapter very realistic. Her forthright denial of all the accusations is something I think a lot of people have done as kids--I remember the desperation that accompanied similar actions and it really makes Airi's own situation hit home. Unfortunately, and equally relatably, Airi is only digging herself deeper by lying, and eventually there'll be a price to pay, whether it be a tangible price or a purely emotional one. I think it's important to remember that as shitty as they might be at times, these characters are still immature kids in the process of growing up, and I feel for her.

That being said, Airi's actions make a healthier relationship with Hina seem pretty far off, and this definitely feels like it's heading for a bad end. Right now I feel like Airi might end up mind-broken and we might finish with a reversal of Hina/Airi's original dynamic. Personally I'd like to see Airi admit her faults and form something genuine with Hina, but at this point who knows...

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I'm deriving more satisfaction from this than I thought I would

And I'm discovering new fetishes :/

Like my guro fetish wasn't already enough

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First I thought “bitch” then I thought “oh shit” these were my only thoughts throughout this chapter. Like I can understand airis actions but that doesn’t excuse them. Well it’s not like she’s doing anything terrible at the moment. But she should really take responsibility for her actions. Especially with her friends. They know, which just makes it worse. Also they could totally disprove the fact that she never spoke to hina. All that was regarding the “bitch” though. The “oh shit” was for hina. I wonder if this is actually in Nina’s nature and birds of a feather flock together or if airi’s actions have affected her.

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no no no Hina can still be saved.. someone get her a therapist pls. Its funny how Ai keeps saying she’s a victim

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i've not read many manga, but what this reminds me of is Death Note, where you're watching the tense, mental struggles and calculations of a villain protagonist.

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed such a thing.

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Oh, so their relationship is one of those things where they love to see each other in pain and despair...

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Guess my hunch was right, she threw up, in front of everyone too which is even worse, I'm actually starting to feel bad for her now, maybe it's because it hits home or whatever, but she's finally starting to pay the huge consequences of her actions, I wonder how it's gonna turn out from now on, last page was a shocker, might have just been Hina being happy that Airi is finally calling her back, but with all the things she made her go through, she might've finally snapped. I can't wait for the next chapter to come out.

Also mad props to her friends for being real ones and sticking by her side.

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Oh, so their relationship is one of those things where they love to see each other in pain and despair...

Yeah it's making Hina seem less like the consenting sub who was enjoying what was happening to her. Why react with glee when Airi has a panic attack and pukes in public? I'm just hoping we don't get dueling yandere stereotypes

Also, this appears caught up to the raws! Hopefully this is coming out monthly in yuri hime, since the earlier chapters were from the tankobons, it's been hard to track. Another yuri hime series on the site that goes unlisted :'(

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Is the blondie..Hina, happy cos Airi called her or...happy cos she is losing her shit and even threw up? Like others said, someone, play that reversal music if there's any.

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Oh. Might there be a role reversal in the future? (I hope so)
Things are getting interesting....

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