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i've not read many manga, but what this reminds me of is Death Note, where you're watching the tense, mental struggles and calculations of a villain protagonist.

I thought so too, I find Airi and Light to be very somewhat similar characters, both honor students, they have everything, good grades, are athletic, good looking, popular, and have "kind" personalities.

However they can both be evil, greedy, selfish, manipulative, calculative, and will do anything even if it means stepping on others to win once their true colors start to show, that passion and desire to win and have control over everything, also turned out to be their greatest weakness in the end, they both got too caught up, and ended up digging their own graves in the process without even realizing it.

I wonder if the Author likes Death Note.

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I hope Airi figures out its Yoshimi... They can battle for most twisted. Plot is thickening and so is the kink! I wonder if Hina is going to assert her self a little more now? She seems to like that little display of 'vulnerability' from Airi. Perhaps they will venture onto a healthy and mutually beneficial BDSM relationship but it seems like it'll be a while before they'll continue with their sessions.

Airi's friends are really going out on the limb for her, especially twin tails. I mean people are already assuming they're in on it but twin tails is still holding out hope on denial train. The other two seem like they're scared to say any thing which is understandable, they did see Airi choke a girl.

I hope we're shown how Yuu reacts to this, whether or not she'll be on the side who thinks Hina's being bullied or that she's into it.

Honestly, Yoshimi should have taken a video so it'll be more concrete and indisputable. She was stalking them long enough and had plenty of opportunity.

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The real sadist is coming out. It's been mentioned already, but wow, Airi's friends seem to be legitimately good friends. Airi does not deserve them.

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I wonder if she just barfed it all out like the characters of her own story.....jk.

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Why the bullying? Can't we all just puke together ?

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The comments are also as good as the story drama

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The last page... COuld it be the tables are turning?

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Puking Reversal

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"I did nawt hit her, I DID NAWT!... oh hi mark"

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I honestly don’t have any sympathy for Airi, she’s a grade A psychopath. Not once so far has she shown even the tiniest bit of concern for Hina or for anyone else. I’m glad to see her face consequences for how she’s been treating Hina.

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Could it be that the innocent little Hina is..not so innocent :O??

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When two psychopaths find each other...
Hina would never smile and agree on all of this if she is also not some kind of psycho. She made the photoes, maybe hide her phones before the meets (not remember and I am lazy to check how the meets happened), or she has an accomplice who helps her to f* Airi's mind till she has nervous breakdown. In this case Hina is a much more dangerous psychopath than Airi. Why I am satisfied with this thoughts now? :D

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Oh..... time to switch I see.... Ganbare Hina! Become a sadist that can keep private the weird shit they're into from the other students!

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It really might turn out that Hina enjoys Airi being vulnerable and reliant on her. She did make it clear she'll put up with Airi's gross and weird requests in order to be "wanted". That concession leaves her as the only one Airi can trust with her more intimate desires, and thus allows her to be someone "special" who Airi "loves" and "needs" most. It would also mean Hina is being just as selfish as Airi in her own twisted way.

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I thought volume 3 hasn't come out yet.

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ch11 was hard to read, took some effort to push through it.

I'm really curious about how this will develop though. Might skip next few chapters to push it through all at once

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The other pictures show Airis face, how tf is she going to explain the baby picture lol. Glasses can destroy Airi whenever she wants. Tf was she thinking doing all that shit in the classroom anyway

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Was a bit skeptical of this series at first but things are starting to get interesting now! Could some mutual sadism be developing between the main two, Airi starting to rub off on Hina perhaps?

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Wouldn't mind a sadistic Hina

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The funny thing is, technically they are the victims. Most of it was done with consent. They both have weird kinks, and were exposed because of them. I mean, it wasnt smart to be doing that stuff in school, but...glasses girl should have just asked "her friend" if she was being bullied unless....she has a weird kink of causing public humiliation as well and she is getting off by it.

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hina??? WHAT?? YALL THIS IS GETTING TOO SPICY! also do we have confermation that glasses is the one that spread the pics?? im kinda into the theory that hina is the one fabricating this whole thing just to fuck with airi!! like, TWIST?? but whn its revealed airi is literally gonna go berserk and kill hina for real and maybe? thats what hina actually wants?? idk i just need more

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I came back after I said I was done..Just couldn't stay away.

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The funny thing is, technically they are the victims. Most of it was done with consent.

What consent you baboon, did you not notice Hina saying "stop" 50 times? Fucking clueless moron. No means no and Airi is just abusing her for her sadistic pleasure. Degenerates like you actually make me sick, please I hope this thought process is only for manga and not real life

It's just disgusting in general how the entire point of the manga until now was that Hina's feelings are strong enough to endure the sadistic abuse from Airi. But noo, you have to confuse this with "Hina's fetish" or whatever, freaks.

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This manga is legit so good
The development has been amazing, I was scared it was just gonna end up being another one of those manga where basically each chapter is episodic and they highlight a new fetish each time, but no — it got chapters about them living their normal life, other cast getting a good setting, focus of the story changing from fetishes to charcters

This has some great development, I'm so excited everytime I read a new chapter
Ngl, if Airi is a sociopath, her skills are working on me, I did start feeling bad for her

I just want to really thank the scanlation team, love you guys

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