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I am just completely stymied, looking at these montage panels. I guess we can think Wanko's friend made it for real as a voice actor, and the bunny lady is... still there being a bunny lady. But what are Nemori and Oumi doing? Are we supposed to infer anything from that image, there? Did anyone ever figure out what "Let me know if you want to play again" actually means?

And there's something both hilarious and extremely sad about the fact that Ataru's ending is "She's still just so incredibly miserable, I mean christ, look at her."

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It's the end

Of something.

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not a very natural feeling ending? really hit me out of the blue that just... yep that's it! shows over! i mean the chapters were cute and the little glimpses were fine in that whole "yeah the world keeps on spinning and people live their lives" kind of way but just... felt like there was more that could have happened? eh, i'm not a writer so maybe i'm just missing something deeper. sad to see this series come to an end though, an amazing read all the way through.

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Well I'm sad this ended and especially in the way it did. I was hoping for more daily adventures and to learn more about the side characters but alas... This manga felt real to me and that's a big part of what I'll miss. I hope we see Elly and Wanko again some day :(

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what do you mean it's over

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I've become impervious to sudden axes since the Act-age disaster, but this is certainly one of the most random I've ever seen.

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Slice of life ends with a slice

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Thanks for the TL! this was a long and fun ride!

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Man, that was a brutal axing. Pretty disappointing.

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I’m sad this ended, but I’m happy I got to spend 104 chapters of their lives with them.

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Yeesh, literally none of the plot points got wrapped up at all. We didn't even get to see Wanko and Sakuma's wedding. Honestly one of the most disappointing axing I have ever seen.

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I wanted to see some kind of resolution to the side romance the punk girl was in and the issues the transgender boy in the same complex was having. It really feels like this series just got cancelled out of nowhere with the only major indicator of the future is the random whispered marriage proposal in her sleep.

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What a shame, gonna miss this. Ending felt lackluster.

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I'm surprised it's over.
If it's any consolation, since this is a Slice of Life, we can think of the untied loose ends as simply suggesting that although our time with their lives is at an end, their own stories are still ongoing.
Only slight Copium.

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Wow, that ending came completely out of the blue. Not that a slice of life manga like this can really wrap up story lines neatly, but it ending so suddenly was still unexpected

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That's sad. I wanted to get some development of Nemori and Oumi's relationship.
But maybe it's for the better that the author knows when to stop and doesn't continue his manga forever just to get money from one old idea.

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It got axed, wasn't it?

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I’m very sad that it’s ending.

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shitty ending

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Such a shame, i had such affection for this manga and it's characters and this was no way to say goodbye to them.

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The end is kind of a piece with the ethos of the series, which was in general pretty unfocused, and such plot arcs as it had were kind of intermittently developed. Overall I thought that was a strength of the series, making it more like the (now nearly obsolete) technical literary definition of "slice of life," as showing nearly random moments of mundane everyday life.

But even so, to me the ending did come off as rather rushed and incomplete; I'll be interested to see if it still seems that way after a full re-read of the whole thing.

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There are so many open plot threads that they didn't even attempt or hint at concluding any of them.

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I'd say the conclusions do exist. They're just either really subtle in what they were concluding (eg. Kita coming to terms with who they want to be) or just not what many of you were likely hoping for (eg. the resolution between Kyouko and Mirei). They're just pretty much like that. (Admittedly the typesetter putting these out as a double release so there wasn't fair warning to anyone who doesn't lurk the forums probably didn't help matters).

As for me, I'm just in the slightly bitter "this should've gotten an anime first" camp, like with many of the series that have recently ended/are coming to an end soon.

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I mean, this series DID have plots that went along as plots; it was just sometimes really confusing what was happening.

Like, look at chapter 71. SOME kind of plotline is definitely moving forward there, but it's completely incomprehensible. "Let me know if you want to play again" is extremely ambiguous, and the imagery is baffling. But then you look at chapter 78 (which is I think the last time we see them?) and... SOMETHING happened, because of chapter 71. It was a meaningful, dynamic change in... something. But I certainly could not tell you if they're dating now or what.

Sanya Juutilainen
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I'll be honest here - compared to most comments, I really lost the interest in this one over time. I still read it, but it felt like it was the strongest in its early chapters and then it just... whittled away? And it's not the issue with the format, I still love every chapter of Futaribeya, which is almost as long (longer by page count).

It's just that... all the tries to cram in some development felt really obvious and unnatural to me. Don't even know why, because it was pretty natural life events that "could" actually happen. Maybe Sakuma felt like a watching bystander as of late, even over the tries to give her her own plot? Maybe Wanko felt like she didn't ever change, because each her development was closed by the same celebration (which made it felt like the same old Wanko, even though the chapter was all about development)? I know these are partly stupid reasons, but it really made it felt like every advancement and development was crammed in, loudly announced and then it amounted to nothing... in the end they have a role as a seiyuu and a role as a writer, but didn't they do that at the start as well, just on smaller scale? Maybe the feeling of development it meant for them was somehow not transferred enough for me to understand it, dissolved by side events and side plots?

Don't know. But in the end, the later chapters were just a miss with me, sorry, Ikeda-sensei.

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