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joined Oct 30, 2021

Gotta say, all i all this series to me gave all it needed to give, i got floof, i got some laughs i got a bit of drama

Could have some more details like someone above said the "come out" scene with the parents and such... In regards of the seggs, meh its been quite noticeable that those 2 were not that horny so the little cuddles we got were enough

joined May 1, 2015

Needed more Wakana and Yuina.
Best couple overall

joined Sep 2, 2014

I'm gonna miss this one. I would love if it got licensed, supporting this author would be awesome!

Ps: I imagine it's a Japanese(Asian?) thing, but being in a relationship, living together and not sharing the bed? How shy!

joined Aug 17, 2019

What is this? Ending stuff in a slice of life sort of way... MORE ENDINGS LIKE THIS!!

joined Oct 29, 2020

and that's the finale! I've loved this series all the way through, so huge huge thanks to Kashikaze for creating it and all the scanlators who worked on it!

joined Apr 14, 2021

most wholesome yuri manga ive ever read, cant wait to come back and read it a hundred more times!

joined Dec 13, 2018

In the end, I did enjoy this series. But I won't lie, it started as something completely different, it then twice "changed" what it was trying to convey only to settle for tons of fluff which... In itself wasn't bad. But the fact that the series couldn't decide where it wanted to "land" with its mood was sometimes a bit jarring.

I'm also very disappointed we didn't have a "Coming out in front of parents" scene. Unless I missed that one. I mean I know it's implied they did it, but still... This made me think it's so rare to have that "on-screen"

I'm glad they did end up in the fluff zone, because the actual drama was not very good and if it focused on it this would have not been a very good manga

joined Jun 21, 2021

And all good things come to end, I’m gonna miss this series, but it has a very healthy run, and lots of fun dedicated to the the actual couple as a couple.

I still can’t believe it never got picked up for an English publication during its run

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joined Aug 19, 2021

Thanks, hope we see Kashikaze in a new long series soon.

joined Sep 5, 2019

Gahhhhhhu I’m gonna miss this series so much!!! It was something I thought that was going to be a non romantic manga initially but as the series progressed it became so much more! Thanks for the memories, fluff and drama and all!

joined Feb 1, 2021

With regular updates for over two years this series was kind of a fixture, there's going to be a small fluff-shaped hole in my Dynasty Reader experience now.

joined May 12, 2020

Kitchen kiss was achieved. Nothing else matters. Also it was great to read "For us, Graduation was not the end" The bane of the old Yuri Mangas. But not anymore thankfully

joined Sep 27, 2017

A very fluffy and sweet end, thanks for the translation! I absolutely adored this series and how it turned out. I'm also looking forward to seeing what the creator does next.

joined Feb 18, 2013

That was a lovely final(?) chapter! Especially falling asleep together and then the morning kiss... I squeed a bit!

joined Mar 23, 2022

noooooo it ended already!!T-T. and here I am still hoping for the author to give us a final giveaway seggs scene like in" bloom into you" T-T .. welp but still wholesome fluff vanilla at it's best.

joined Mar 23, 2022

damn that kitchen kiss is sooooo relationship goals

joined Oct 30, 2018

Bless translation team

joined Jan 6, 2018

Falling asleep while kissing? - rude!

joined Sep 11, 2020

This is... an absolutely adorable ending. Wraps it up so nice.

I loved this series. Really solid all the way through.

joined Apr 28, 2019

Needed more Wakana and Yuina.
Best couple overall


joined Jan 21, 2020

I am abit disappointed that we didnt get to see their first time, especially after they teased it once.

joined Dec 20, 2018

Just smiling happily throughout the chapter. ^_^

joined May 28, 2018

Ehhh, I keep reading this, hoping for some exclusive chapters of Wakana and Yuina but in the end it gave me none >:c

joined Oct 16, 2020

AWWWW that's nice but it feels a bit empty(?) considering it's the final chapter but hey I'll take it nontheless, at least all things ended well for everyone.

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