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Terrific. Now I'm going to have to stop reading people's theories here.

Same here. It would be wise to wait at least until chapter 14 is released before we read the discussions again.

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All that (again, at this point, pending some further revelation) involves a great deal of direct contradiction of what we know from the text.

Koto says she never saw Aya at the festival.

Aya says she doesn’t recall the entire day of the festival.

Erika says she talked to Aya the day of the festival, but makes no mention of the festival itself, nor does she tell anyone that she saw Aya during or after the festival.

How are they contradict? I implied "In young Erika's view", which means "Erika in the past (at the moment she was asking Koto "Did something happen between you and Aya at the Tanabata Festival") thought so", not "these things actually happened". It's like this:

  1. Aya and Koto dating in Tanabata festival. => Erika thought so, not actually happened.
  2. Something happened between Aya and Koto during the festival. => Erika thought so, not actually happened.
  3. Aya met Erika and told her something really weird. => Actually happened, Erika thought it was because of (2), but it wasn't.
  4. Aya stop coming to school. => Actually happened, at this moment, Erika didn't know about Aya's disappearance yet.

I'm sorry if my explanation is hard to understand, my English isn't good.

One open question perhaps related to your theory is: “How did Erika know that Koto and Aya were dating before Aya told her after her return?”

Immediately after the “Aya can’t remember” scene Aya announces that back then she and Koto had started dating, and Erika says, “I already knew.” But when Erika later meets Koto, Koto is surprised that Erika knew the two were dating, which Erika explains by saying that Aya told her. So Koto obviously never told Erika, and, assuming Erika wasn’t lying to Aya, Erika somehow found out that they were dating. But Erika seeing the two of them together at the festival implies either that Koto also has a memory lapse, or that there’s an alternate timeline where they were all at the festival that Koto and Aya don’t remember but Erika does.

In chapter 1:
Unless you're assuming the person in this page isn't Erika, it's enough for Erika to find out they're dating, if not, how about Aya told her in that mysterious conversation? I don't recall Erika seeing Koto and Aya at the festival, is it somewhere in the manga?

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If my response makes you uncomfortable, l apologize.
It may seems like an excuse but l'm not a native English speaker so sometimes l can't choose words properly.
Being offensive is never my intention.

I also sorry if my reply sounds defensive.

This whole “Aya ping-ponging back and forth in time” theory is an enormous stretch given the evidence we have in the text

Could you elaborate, what was the "evidence we have in the text"?

The ping-pong thing is just to fill in the gap of Aya's memory where she doesn't recall any conversation, because I honestly can't come up with anything else, lol. I mean, I still believe the Aya who had a conversation with Erika in the Tanabata day is the future Aya, but where the future Aya go after that, I couldn't come up with anything good, going back to the future is just a vague idea. But there must be a better reason for Aya not remembering her conversation with Erika than just forgetting it and conveniently remembering it when the author sees fit.

→②chapter 11, asked Koto "Did something happen between you and Aya at the Tanabata Festival"

That’s perfectly explicable in the context of that flashback as an attempt to figure out what’s up with Aya when she first was absent from school; they only realize that Aya has actually disappeared after Koto finds Aya’s grandfather unconscious on the floor.

Re-reading this makes me wonder, did the conversation between Aya and Erika happen before or after the Tanabata festival? If after, then in young Erika's view, things would have happened in this order:

  1. Aya and Koto dating in Tanabata festival.
  2. Something happened between Aya and Koto during the festival.
  3. Because of (2), Aya met Erika and told her something really weird.
  4. Aya disappeared.

Then the conversation between them might be related to Koto.

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I'm not really asking for a better Mtl here lol.

Yeah, please give me permission to share my experience of using a MTL when people are discussing about it, not particularly asking for it.

The first night when Aya is staying with Erika, Erika asks her about what happened to her on the day of the Tanabata festival, “after our conversation.” But Aya not only doesn’t recall the conversation, she doesn’t recall anything from that day at all.

This is what bothers me the most. It'd be boring if Aya just forgot everything from that day. So I'm going for this ridiculous idea: Aya already got spirited away to the present world the day before. And then later, she travel back to the original world just to have a very important conversation with Erika (which could like, save someone's life), then again travel back to the present world. Idk, just some shower thoughts.

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I have to say unless you can read Japanese.
It's unavoidable that even high quality translation have its own comprehension from the translator sometimes. (Which is understandable)

But l do agree google translation is trash lol.

I found a really good AI translator called Ichigo. I tried it and several auto-translation tools on the same Manhua, and Ichigo is heavily superior. I don't know Chinese, so of course, I can't tell if it's accurate or not, but the translated dialogues at least make sense (you can actually understand what they're saying, and they fit the chapter's context, characters' expressions, etc.).

If you want to try it, find it on Chrome extension store. But beware, it allows you to translate only once (a page of the browser, so don't refresh your browser), then it'll ask for money.

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Erika's fans only see Aya as an OBSTACLE and all they fucking cares is when is Aya going to fuck off so Erika can finally have a chance.

Erika's fans: Koto is the worst, Aya should run away from her as fast as she can.
Also Erika's fans: Why couldn't Koto realize Erika's feelings and give her a chance? I'm so mad at Koto.

Since, it's implied that Aya was either being abused or at the very least had a bad home life. Even if Erika had something to do with her time skip and Aya found out, I think Aya might actually be thankful that Erika "saved" her from that situation. That's just a possible guess, in my opinion.

It's possible, but I doubt it. Her home life is the only good thing in this world. In her original world, she was the star of the school, having the upper hand over her rival (Erika) was a given, and she had a nice girlfriend. Now, most of the people she knows have become strangers, she is just a child compared to Erika, and her girlfriend became like... this.

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Ehhh this headcanon that Erika a) has in some way the power to make someone disappear and reappear and b) can be blamed for using it feels really off and not fitting how she's characterized. Even if she did make a Tanabata wish for Aya to go away, she'd feel guilty but rationalize it as an awful coincidence, because that's just how people deal with one-off supernatural-seeming experiences. And if she made a second wish for Aya to come back seven years later and THAT worked? I think it would be dominating her internal monologue over whatever else she could be thinking of, especially since Aya's unchanging age makes this hard to explain away. Since she's not going around thinking "what the fuck why do my wishes come true am I like a witch or something oh my God I ruined someone's life with magic powers oh god aaaaaaaaaa" I wouldn't expect her to have anything in particular to do with Aya's weird happening.

Yeah, which is why I have to state it everytime I make a comment about Erika: "IF that Tanbata theory were true". Again, she could still had done it and actually went around thinking of herself having magic, the author just chose not to show us yet for the plot twist sake, like how we know that Aya had a little meeting with Erika right before the festival, but what the meeting was about? Erika knows it, but we don't, it's not the time for us to know yet.

Tanbata theory aside, my opinion about how little Erika think of Aya still stands.

I really don't think this story has any sort of villain, nor any sort of actual culpability. Just three people with flaws and traits, trying to do their best.

I agree.

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You're giving Erika's negative self talk way too much credit wrt her feelings about Aya. She's very good friends with her, absolutely a better friend to her than Koto, she just also feels guilty about being in 'competition' with her because she's a "winning feels bad if it means someone else had to lose :(" kind of person.

Erika's negative self talk is actually what make her a little more likeable to me, and I don't talk about it. I'm talking about how Erika only tried to bring Aya back when she realized that Koto couldn't move on (give that the Tanbata theory were true). And also, when Aya disappeared, Erika only care about how Koto feels, she doesn't really think of Aya's safety. To her, Aya only serves the purpose to have Koto move on, she doesn't care about Aya as a person.

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I think there’s a reason for that self loathing still. I’m still suspicious that Erika was somehow responsible for Aya disappearing in the first place. Not in like an active way, but I strongly suspect she made a tanbata wish for Aya to disappear…and it worked. She then, possibly, wished her back when she saw Koto couldn’t move on.

Same here, and if that were true, it'd say quite a lot about Erika. I mean, I'd expect she'd wish Aya back right when she realized these Tanabata work, not only when it's convenient for her.

I get why people love Erika so much, but it's such an ick for me looking at how she thinks of Aya. A lot of horrible things happened to Aya, but all she can think of is Koto. Aya is her rival, but they're still friends, it's not like they're enemy, but Erika has very little concern for her. It's sad Aya thinks of Erika as such a good friend, but for Erika, not that much.

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I think the ending is fitting, but I wish that there had been a few more chapters building up to the conclusion. I also really really want to know what happens afterwards too, maybe an extra (optional) volume detailing how they found the two girls, the rest of the cast's reactions, as well as Ichika's conclusion. (No, that one-shot spinoff doesn't count, it just shows the thoughts of a new girl which is nice, but I want to see the others)

True. Also, when I see this extra, I hoped for Ichika/Yoshimi (glasses girl)/Yuko's part (Where Ichika was about to expose Yoshimi), too bad it didn't happen.

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I don't give a fuck about Nanao or Mai. Sayaka is best girl and deserves to win Asumi.

I absolutely agreed.

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So the EpiPen is gone, which caused bug girl's death. I wonder if the girl who hates Seo so much has stolen it to do something to her.

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Everything seems to be hitting the fan I wonder if this series is almost over. Huge shame if it is love the art and I've very much enjoyed the story.

This entire thing is odd because the reason the monsters attacked her at the start of the series was because she smelled so good and they wanted to eat her. Or was that all a lie that our cute fishwomen told us. Because if their blood is mixed and disgusting why would all of those things attack Hinako really then?

I think what makes the blood disgusting is if it's mixed with YOUR OWN blood. So Hinako is only disgusting to the fish, any other monster (like the fox) still find her tasty.

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Ehhh, I keep reading this, hoping for some exclusive chapters of Wakana and Yuina but in the end it gave me none >:c

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I wonder why the teacher was also involved with that bully. Kids bully each other because they're stupid, but why the teacher too?

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M Night Shamalamadingdong twist is that Hitomi is her same-age (adult) sister/cousin/childhood friend who is playing along with her to help recover her memories.

The story would be hilarious if this was real.

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Dynasty readers: her character setting isn't realistic
also Dynasty readers:

While this is probably just a joke, I'd like to state that I never complain about Mai being unrealistic at all, I mean she is, but I love that and every bit of this series

I don't get the joke at all. I must be daft. Explain it to me?

Well I mean I think the person replied to me wasn't hostile, that's all. I'm sorry if I caused misunderstanding.

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I was thinking about amnesia or secret bodyguard theory for a while, but that isekai adult woman is good too.

Dynasty readers: her character setting isn't realistic
also Dynasty readers:

While your reply is probably just telling a joke, I'd like to state that I never complain about Mai being unrealistic at all, I mean she is, but I love that and every bit of this series

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lol that"spoken in falceto" I want to imagine the grade schooler just had a mind of an isekaid adult woman"period. I'm glad it's back looking forward for this to be licensed in english*cough*hello seven seas entertainment and yen press*

I was thinking about amnesia or secret bodyguard theory for a while, but that isekai adult woman is good too.

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By the way, there seem to be several who disagree with my opinion that Tongtong's mother is a whore, disregarding the fact that she almost had her daughter abused by a degenerate. Shit, if he had really raped her the situation would have been much worse. I think the manga treats that situation too lightly.

"Tong tong almost got raped, it's her mother's fault. It's all because she chose to date assholes. If she had given nice guys like me a chance, that would have never happened at all!"

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Distortion discussion 20 Feb 06:09
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dunno if it was the script or the translation but the dialogue felt quite unnatural and almost hard to follow at times. premise seems interesting though, will see where it goes

Can you tell me which part feel unnatural to you? Just asking genuinely since I'm curious.

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I initially noped out of here after 7 chapters, but then I saw there was a new chapter update yesterday, and now I'm fully caught up and completely hooked. I thought the pattern from the first few chapters was just going to continue so I was pleasantly surprised when that was not what happened at all. Glad I gave this one a second chance. Excited but scared about what happens next...

I mean chapter 8 is exactly where the real plot begins, so yes, glad you gave this a second chance lol.

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tbh i love ichika due to her procistence on wanting drama and shit. i meannnn she is just so fun as a character cousing all of this problems and stuff. i am rooting for her .

btw who do you belive is the vilain of the story? (by that i mean antagonist)

and don't start a bad guy does not exist ! an antagonist doesn't need to be "bad" to be an antagonist. look at death note literly the worse of the bunch was the MC himself lol

I love Ichika too. When her secret hadn't yet revealed, I loved her as an innocent kind heart girl. Now I love her as a fucked up but really fun character haha.

If I have to pick, I think Ichika is the most evil one here. Yoshimi, Airi, Hina all are fucked up, but they at least have some little thing that can justify their action a bit: Yoshimi wants to "protect" the one she loves, Airi wants to feel wanted (e.g. see how far Hina can do for her), Hina wants to have the one she loves all for herself. Ichika on the other hand wants to see people dramatically suffer purely for entertainment, some girl only want to watch the world burns I guess.

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I highly doubt that's gonna be it. It's been discussed before but she's literally in a class with other 10 year old's, both at the pool and in school. Mai being an actual adult who somehow managed to set all that up without any suspicions would be pretty unbelievable

That's why the twist has to be "clever" enough to be believable with all the information already given to the readers. Also, I only said that it's "more fun" that way, not "more possible", because a time skip, while "more possible", is lazy and boring as hell in my opinion. So yeah, I hope the author can think of something that blow our mind instead of just going for a lazy time skip that almost everyone predicted.

It's still fine if time skip is the way, because if it isn't a 10/10, it's still a 9/10 as I already love this manga a lot. I really considered it one of the best yuri mangas I've read :P

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I predict a "separation-timeskip-reunion" type conclusion for this one. But who knows, we'll see where this goes in the end

A plot twist revealing that she is actually an adult is more fun in my opinion. But it has to be a clever plot twist, given that Mai already told Tae and the readers that she is 10 years old.

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